Woodbury Wandering: Carla Nichols Boutique

Carla Nichols Boutique in Woodbury

I’ve passed by Carla Nichols Boutique many times since they opened their pink doors last October, and every time I think, “Oh! I need to go in there!” Finally, the day before Suzi’s birthday, I did! {And I picked up a few awesome birthday/housewarming presents ~ right, Suzi?}

Carla Nichols Boutique table

It was even lovelier than I had imagined. A beautiful round table with a bouquet of fresh roses welcomed me in, and offered a great selection of skinny jeans. And where would skinny jeans be without the face that inspired their comeback? Large photos of Audrey Hepburn hang just above shelves that hold clutch purses and vanities draped with jewelry and handmade hair accessories.

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Woodbury Wandering: El Camion taco truck

It did not take me very long to add the El Camion taco truck to my list of favorite places in my new hometown {you’ll remember that Dairy De-lite aka Charlie’s recently made that list}. Conveniently, they park right next to Dairy De-lite, at the intersection of routes 6 and 64.

They don’t have a big menu, but what they do have is delicious! You can choose from chicken, fish, or carne asada tacos, and quesadillas. My usual order is one chicken and one carne asada taco.

The chicken is flavored with an amazing margarita marinade, grilled, and accompanied by pico de gallo, cole slaw, and sour cream. The carne asada taco is flank steak marinated, grilled, and served with tomatilla salsa, cole slaw, and sour cream. They’re always super juicy and delicious. I clearly need to have some tonight.

Visit the El Camion taco truck at the intersection of Routes 6 and 64 in Woodbury. They’re open Monday & Tuesday, Friday — Sunday, 11:30 – 6. They’re closed Wednesday & Thursday.


Woodbury Wandering: Dairy De-lite

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was moving again. I’ve been in my new apartment in Woodbury for just over a month now, and I’m loving it. I haven’t had much time to wander around town and check out the local shops {lots of antiques!}, but I’m fairly certain I’ve moved into the same town as the best ice cream in Connecticut. Possibly the country. Possibly the world!

Stan, my Dad, and I stopped at Dairy De-lite yesterday after they helped me pick up and move some new furniture from Ikea. I asked for a scoop of lavender and a scoop of creamy peach and I got so much ice cream, it ended up being my dinner! {Also, I had a huge late lunch}. It was definitely a highlight of my day. My outfit was another:

Don’t mind my face in the image on the right. I was making funny faces at Stan, ha! My tank top with zebra print trim is from sugarplum, the white belt is a thrift store find, the pink jeans are from American Eagle {similar}, the rainbow stripey flats are from Urban OG {similar}.

If you live in the area, or if you’re visiting, definitely drop by for a scoop or two {or twenty} from Dairy De-lite, 705 Main St. South in Woodbury, CT. They have over 50 flavors of ice cream, plus gelato, soft serve, slushies, shakes, frozen yogurt, and lots of sundae combinations. I’ll be visiting often this summer!