SoWa Sundays & my new vintage skirt

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty

This past Sunday, I vended at the SoWa Open Market again with Kleiner Eisbär, where I picked up this awesome skirt! Traffic was slow, so I was able to explore the different parts of the fair, including the vintage market.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage wall

I picked up the yellow skirt — made by dsb in the 1970’s — from Swift & Faire Co.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage

Another gem I found at the vintage market was Neatly Nested, run by Danielle Platzer, an interior decor lover and antique furniture enthusiast. Danielle breathes new life into run-down furniture through repair, reupholstery, and fresh paint, giving antique pieces a more modern look:

Neatly Nested dressers

Neatly Nested wooden bench

Neatly Nested wooden table

Danielle blogs about her new projects and house renovations at

IMPRESSED by nature booth SoWa 7-7-13

Back outside at the Arts Market, I fell in love with IMPRESSED by Nature, pressed botanicals sealed in thin plastic and turned into beautifully unique jewelry. It immediately reminded me of the pressed leaves and flowers Suzi and I used to make with our Nana when we were little.

IMPRESSED by nature earrings

Of course, these were much more elegant. I also loved the simplicity of the booth and displays.

IMPRESSED by nature necklace displays

We were also joined by our friends Rachel DeCavage of sugarplum USA and Julia Sloan, Brazen Betties, who were sharing a booth:

Sugarplum USA SoWa booth 7-7-13

And speaking of displays I love, Krissy and Dennis have fun ways of displaying their new screen printed baby and toddler clothing:

Poor and Pretty Kleiner Eiesbar SoWa booth 7-7-13

If you haven’t yet, come visit us at the SoWa Open Market on July 21, August 11 & 18, and we’ve added September 1 to our SoWa tour! :)

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty


Outfit details: Sunglasses: Marshalls, $6. Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan in white, J.Crew, $20 on sale. Belt: courtesy of sugarplum USAWatch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex. Skirt: dsb, vintage, Swift & Faire Co., $24. Shoes: Bamboo, Urban OG, $18 (similar).

This post was inspired by the delightful finds at the SoWa Open Market, and is a part of Independent Fashion Bloggers Project #103 Vintage Vixens.

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Highlights from the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

Poor & Pretty & Kleiner Eisbar - Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn

This past weekend, I vended at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn with Krissy & Dennis from Kleiner Eisbär. It was pretty hot both days, but we had a lucky spot under some shade, not too far from a water fountain. I didn’t get to break away very often, but when I did, here were a few gems I found:

Mehoi - ear studs

I loved the mehoi booth, full of adorable art by Hoi-An Tang from Toronto. Hoi-An transfers her sweet illustrations onto things like earrings, pins, buttons, and notecards:

Mehoi - illustrated cards + pins

Suzi would have loved that cute lamb card! (Maybe next birthday?)

Wishbone Letterpress - cards

In the way of paper goods, I also took a liking to Wishbone Letterpress. I bought one of the above cards for Stan’s birthday in September, but you’ll have to guess which one! ;)

Wishbone Letterpress - coasters

I also picked up a pack of their multicolored coasters. Even though we don’t have particularly nice tables in our new home yet, I felt we should have some coasters anyway.

Twig Terrariums

I also thought our new home deserved a terrarium, which Stan and I have been talking about making for a while. I was very excited to find that Twig Terrariums makes a few DIY Terrarium kits.

Twig Terrariums - hanging plants

Twig owners Michelle and Katy make plenty of ready-made terrariums and potted or hanging plants, too.

Twig Terrariums - person planter

I especially like this funky person planter!

Young Alexander - cups & bowls pottery

Next, I found Young Alexander, fresh and unique pottery handmade by Na Kim & Dierdre Shea in Brooklyn. I love their use of mostly white space with a dash of funky color here and there.

Young Alexander - painted planters

They also had some very cute planters, but ultimately I ended up buying this bowl from their “Seconds” section:

Young Alexander - popcorn bowl

It was only $20! It makes the perfect popcorn bowl! It’s quite possible that it may pave the way for matching red/white/blue dinnerware. (Apparently, we’re very patriotic.)

Cutesy but not Cutesy - booth

Hands down, my best find was a monster hoodie handmade by Diane Koss of Cutesy but not Cutesy:

Cutesy but not Cutesy - Noah's monster hoodie copy

I bought this for my nephew Noah, who has grown from a dragon baby to a walking, talking, two-year-old! The hoodie is more for us than it is for him, because he won’t know how adorable he is in it — check out that duck!! I actually squealed when I saw it. I made Michele promise to give it back to me once Noah outgrows it so that I can pass it down to my someday-children.

Cutesy but not Cutesy - monsters

In addition to her sweet monster hoodies, Diana also makes unique monster plush toys and t-shirts.

Cutesy but not Cutesy - stickers

Her monsters make appearances on greeting cards and stickers, too. (Yes, that’s a cupcake monster sticker!)

Inedible Jewelry - necklace charms

Of course, I also had a soft spot for these dessert-inspired charms from the aptly named Inedible Jewelry.

Inedible Jewelry - fun displays

They had some really cute & quirky displays, too!

I had tons of fun at Renegade, and met some amazing artists. It’s always so inspiring to go to big events like these and see what other people in my community (or a little outside my community…) are making. We have really talented artisans in this country — please support them!


June 22 & 23: Join Kleiner Eisbär & I at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn

Two big news items: 1. Stan and I are moving into our condo today, yay!!! 2. Kleiner Eisbär & I are vending together at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn later this month!

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn June 22-23

There will be over 300 vendors, DIY workshops, and yummy food ~ at East River State Park in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd from 11am-7pm. We’re very excited. As Stan would say, “Big things are happening!” :)


Come visit me at SoWa Open Market in Boston this summer!

SoWa Open Market Boston poor and pretty kleiner eisbär

I’m excited to announce that I will be vending at the SoWa (South of Washington Street) Open Market in Boston for a few Sundays this Summer! Catch me 6/2, 7/7, 7/21, 8/11, and 8/18 sharing a tent with my friends Krissy & Dennis Maksymiw of Kleiner Eisbär, purveyors of lovely handbound journals and felted trinkets.

In their 10th anniversary year, SoWa is located outdoors in Boston’s South End and has an extensive arts/crafts section with a rotating group of indie makers and designers, an award winning farmer’s market and a collection of the yummiest food trucks around. Within walking distance, you’ll find a vintage market, artist studios, galleries, shops and many of Boston’s best restaurants. It runs every Sunday from May through October. Learn more about SoWa here.


This Thursday: RAW Generation at The Russian Lady, Hartford

I’m in Austin, TX today through Wednesday, but on Thursday, I’ll be vending at RAW Hartford’s Generation event at The Russian Lady in Hartford. Swing by and mingle with local artists of all kinds — filmmakers, photographers, welders — plus, listen to Hartford area bands and check out a fashion show sponsored by Rachel DeCavage of sugarplum USA. See a list of all the artists here, and buy tickets here. Today is the last day to buy your ticket online, but if you do, not only will you save $5 from the door price, you’ll also get a free Coco Balm from me! Just make sure you pick “Poor & Pretty” from the artist drop-down menu. :)

RAW Generation 3-7-13