8 Last-Minute Valentine DIYs

Okay, Valentine’s Day is two days away. I, for one, should have decked out the condo in way more hearts and I have yet to make Stan a card. If you’re in the same boat: breathe easy. I found a few simple last-minute Valentine DIYs from around the internets to make your heart go pitter-patter. ♥

DIY floral heart wreath via A Pair & A Spare

Who says wreaths are for Christmas? I’d display this DIY floral heart wreath proudly on my door year-round! via a pair & a spare.

printable mini love notes - a fabulous fete

And of course, we can’t forget the actual Valentines! I love these Tiny Love Notes via a fabulous fete.

Valentine's Message in a Heart via Say Yes

These little fortune heart Valentines from Say Yes make me positively swoon!

Valentine Mail Bag via Minted

Both Valentines would fit perfectly in this No-Sew Valentine Mail Bag via Minted. I can’t even get over how insanely cute this is — especially if you have kids bringing their own Valentines to school! Or if you’re the office cupid! Eek!

DIY Valentine Candle Holders 2 - poorandpretty

Don’t forget to set the table for romance with my crazy easy conversation heart candle centerpieces. Check out the tutorial here.

Cupid's Arrow Balloons via Studio DIY

I want to put these cupid’s arrow balloons all over my house (and work). via Studio DIY.

DIY Paint Chip Valentine Garland via Lovely Indeed

I got on the DIY paint chip heart garland a few weeks ago, and have one strung above the living room couch. (Stan says it should stay there year-round ♥) via Lovely Indeed.

DIY massage oils via Mountain Rose Herbs

For the perfect way to relax without breaking the bank, give each other massages with these homemade massage oils for lovers via Mountain Rose Herbs.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  ♥♥♥


Recipe: Pink Sugar Cupcakes

Pink Sugar Valentine Cupcakes Recipe via poorandpretty

Suzi and I had so much fun making these, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, too! ♥ It’s a pretty simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, with a few unique twists. We had a few topping ideas — candy hearts, handmade flags (we used washi tape and heart confetti), pink cotton candy (we couldn’t find any!!) … but our absolute favorite is the candy apple “sculptures” Suzi made.

Pink Sugar Cupcake Soap via poorandpretty

These are of course inspired by my Pink Sugar Cupcake Soap — get it for 25% off until the end of February!*

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Valentine party essentials

Valentine’s Day is a week away! Do you have everything you need for partying? Here are my top picks:

Valentine Party Essentials via poorandpretty

1. Party Banner via Urban Outfitters. 2. Valentine’s Mix Cupcake Liners via sweet estelle’s baking supply. 3. Pink Glitter Origami Heart Cupcake Toppers via Pelemele. 4. Valentine’s Day Krazy Straw via Party City. 5. DIY Valentine Party Crowns via mom’s best. 6. Plantable Paper Heart Confetti via Paper Sprouts. 7. Cookie Stamp via UncommonGoods.

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12 Uncommonly Great things to get your guy for Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to lose ourselves in expectations for Valentine’s Day — flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners, maybe even a show… but guys need love, too! Luckily, UncommonGoods has a fantastic selection of unique things he’ll love — many of which are made right here in the USA. They’ve got so many great finds, in fact, that I’ve made a few mini gift guides for you:

Valentine's Day gifts for the sports fan

For the major sports fan. He doesn’t just watch the Super Bowl; he watches every game. And you know this, because you’ve started thinking of ways to soundproof the living room.

1. Ballpark Blueprints. Not that he needs it; he knows the ins and outs of his team’s stadium better than Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs knew Hogwarts. But it would look nice in his man cave. 2. Wooden Beer Tote with Bottle Opener. It’s like an emergency preparedness kit for tailgating! 3. Hockey Stick BBQ Set. Whether it’s on the ice, or barbecuing in the backyard, your guy keeps his rivals close, but his hockey sticks closer. Handmade from reclaimed hockey sticks, this set comes with a spatula, fork, and tongs.

Valentine's Day gifts for musicians

For the guy who serenades you (even when you don’t want it). Show him you appreciate the thought.

4. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses. Okay, these are pretty cool even if you aren’t a musician. You’ll play a different note, depending on which line you fill the glass to. The set comes with two, so you can perform dinnertime duets. 5. Pocket DJ Mixer. Maybe he doesn’t claim he’s the best, but he really enjoys making mashups. (Girls, anyone? Thomas-John? Hilarious.) With this kit, he can even make them on-the-go. 6. Pick Punch. Guitarists are always losing picks. This pick punch is a fantastic gift; now they can make their own!

Valentine's Day gifts for casual drinkers

For the guy who appreciates a good drink, but not too many. Here are a few nice things to add to his liquor cabinet.

7. 14th Century Beer Stein. Handmade in New York, this beer stein is inspired by Medieval European stoneware. It holds about 30oz of liquid. He can use it for beer or coffee/tea. 8. Whiskey Stones & Gift Set. With these soapstone cubes, your guy can enjoy his whiskey on literal rocks. Once frozen, these cubes will retain their temperature much longer than ice cubes without watering his drink down, and they’re soft enough not to scratch any glasses. 9. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses. Carved from Himalayan pink salt, these shot glasses add just a touch of salty flavor to your shots, so they’re perfect for Tequila. As long as you wipe them down after use (and don’t stick them in the dishwasher!), they will not erode. Get a set of four, with or without the bamboo serving tray.

Valentine's Day gifts for math lovers and nerds

One of the things I love most about Stan is his brain. As a math nerd, developer, and computer geek, he occasionally says things that go over my head, but I know I can count on him to fix my computer if it breaks or act as my walking calculator. I’m about 85% sure he isn’t a robot, though. ♥

10. Math Glasses. I sure as heck couldn’t figure out the measurements on these cocktail glasses, but they’d be great for a nerdy get-together with your guy and his geekiest friends, or a Breaking Bad re-run marathon. 11. Equation Watch. This watch is pretty cool, even if you’re not a math nerd. Beware: it might be detained during algebra tests. Comes in black or silver. 12. i eight sum pi plates. For the guy who appreciates math humor and good food. Made in the USA, these plates are as American as apple pi. ;)

Want even more? Check out the UncommonGoods Valentine’s Day Collection (for guys & gals) here, and their top Gifts for Boyfriend here.

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