Outfit: Mint Chocolate Chip + 7 Year Stamiversary

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit feat via @poorandpretty

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit via @poorandpretty

Today is my & Stan’s 7-year anniversary!!! Kind of unbelievable. We celebrated last night by binging on buffalo wings, ice cream, and episodes of The Office. Tonight, I’ll be moving lots of stuff out of my office to prep the room for hardwood floors while he plays D&D with his friends. That’s love, baby. 

Oh, and I’m posting photos of Stan & I over the years on Instagram today if you want to time travel with us! ♥

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit 3 via @poorandpretty

We’ve had so much ice cream this summer, and from so many great local creameries! One of our favorites is Sweet Claude’s in Cheshire. While I was in Rhode Island, we had ice cream at The Sweet Spot in Narragansett. This past weekend, our friends Anton and Briana introduced us to Frisbie’s in New Britain. Our orders are almost always the same: I love Black Raspberry and Stan’s all about the Mint Chocolate Chip.

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit back via @poorandpretty

I had to call this outfit Mint Chocolate Chip, especially because it might be one of Stan’s favorites. ;) I switched into it as soon as I got home from work yesterday. If it wasn’t socially unacceptable, I would have worn it to work too — it was so damn hot!

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit makeup Au Naturale 100Pure via @poorandpretty

I’m also digging this lipstick in a big way. It’s Au Naturale’s Sangria lipstick, a shimmery fuchsia shade. It makes for a very pretty pop of color, don’t you think?

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit details via @poorandpretty

Here’s a peep at a few more outfit details — the purse came in one of my Stitch Fix boxes, the watch is this sparkly Timex, and I picked up the bustier from Amazon to wear to The Rocky Horror Picture Show last October. It was not fun to wear in October, but perfect for a lazy anniversary date night in August!

Mint Chocolate Chip Outfit 2 via @poorandpretty

Outfit Details: Striped Bustier: Metal Mulisha, Amazon, $25. Green shorts: American Eagle, $15 (similar, similar). Tribal Purse: Street Level, Stitch Fix, $48 (similar, similar). Watch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex. Confetti + Studio: thanks to The Confetti Bar.

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Israel’s Olea Essence: Olive Oil & Natural Skincare

Olea Essence feat

Olea Essence tour Qatzrin Israel via @poorandpretty

One of the places Stan visited during his Israel trip was a family-owned olive oil press in Qatzrin, in northeastern Israel. Founded by the Talmon family in 1997, Olea Essence is known for its high quality olive oils and sustainable farming and manufacturing processes. It was this ecological focus that led to the introduction of their 100% natural skincare line.

Olea Essence Skincare via @poorandpretty

Olive residue, a by-product of olive oil manufacturing, is harmful to the environment due to its excessive concentration of antioxidants. But the Talmon family found that this made an excellent base in cosmetics, especially for its anti-aging benefits. No wonder Israeli women have such beautiful skin!

Olea Essence tour ancient press Qatzrin Israel via @poorandpretty

Stan (who hates olives but loves olive oil!) learned about the olive oil process from harvesting through pressing, including ancient and modern-day techniques. He also taste-tested Olea Essence’s different flavored olive oils and brought home a delicious bottle of Tabha Olive Oil, which I’ve been instructed to “only use for dipping good bread in.” And of course, he picked up a few all-natural cosmetics for me:

Olea Essence Skincare products via @poorandpretty

I was a little skeptical to try these at first, thinking they’d all smell strongly like olive oil, but they really don’t. The body milk is lightly scented with lemongrass, pine, grapefruit, and tea tree oils and absorbs very quickly into the skin.

Olea Essence Hand Cream via @poorandpretty

The hand cream is barely scented, and is more like a balm than a cream. It’s really good for Stan’s very dry, cracked hands. My hands usually don’t need as much attention, but I like using this on my cuticles.

Olea Essence Olive Wash and Exfoliate via @poorandpretty

Olive Wash and Exfoliate is mostly olive pulp and has an invigorating but light lemongrass scent. It’s a wonderfully gentle all-over body cleanser and exfoliator, and reportedly great at treating acne. I follow it up with the body milk or my whipped body butter.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to go all the way to Israel to try these! All of these products can be purchased online.


Wedding Fever

JorDan Wedding - Stan and I

JorDan Wedding - Stan and I

These last few months have been a little crazy for Stan and I because we were in back-to-back weddings! I’ve shared a few peeks leading up to Jordan’s wedding (my bridesmaid dress, the wedding shower) which took place on August 31st and Stan was a groomsman in his friend Paul’s wedding on September 7th. Here are some snapshots from the two events:

JorDan Wedding - Beata Brittany and I

Left to right: Fellow bridesmaids Beata, Brittany, and I.

JorDan Wedding - The dress

Jordan’s beautiful dress!!

JorDan Wedding - ceremony

Jordan & Dan ♥

Isn’t the venue beautiful? It was held at Wood Acre Farms in Terryville, CT.

JorDan Wedding - horse drawn carriage

They took a horse-drawn carriage ride after the ceremony, awww.

JorDan Wedding - Jordan Beata and I

Jordan, Beata, and I.

JorDan Wedding - Jordan + bridesmaids

Jordan and her bridesmaids! Left to right: Sister and maid-of-honor Kelsey, Brittany, Jordan, Beata, me, Sadie.

Regi + Paul Wedding - crab!

We spent last weekend in New Hampshire for Paul and Regina’s wedding. On our way to lunch after the rehearsal, we were almost eaten by a giant blue crab!! (Oh and, that’s another eShakti dress. I love it!)

Regi + Paul Wedding - Stan and Regi dance

At the reception on Sunday, Anton (one of Stan’s fellow groomsmen) teamed up with the bride (Regi) to troll Stan. They asked the DJ to play a Nickelback song (he hates Nickelback), and Regi asked him to dance with her. You can’t say no to the bride!

Regi + Paul Wedding - dancing

Nick (another groomsman) and I got on the floor along with the groom and his mother-in-law to ease Stan’s pain. He was a good sport about it though. ♥

Regi + Paul Wedding - Newlyweds + Stan and I

Left to right: Stan, Paul, Regi, and I. She looks just like a princess!

Regi + Paul Wedding - Stan and I

Both events were lots of fun, but we’re a little wedding’d out. We do clean up nice though, eh? ;)

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Stamiversary Trip to Florida, Part Two: Universal

Despite what you might think after my first post-Florida update, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is actually just a tiny piece of the Universal experience. It was certainly our favorite part of the trip, but we had lots of fun in the rest of the two parks, too. Here are a few highlights:

Universal IOA - Seuss Landing - poor and pretty

Seuss Landing is so colorful and fun! The rides are definitely geared more toward young kids, but we loved The Cat in The Hat ride and The High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride. But we’re kind of big kids.

Universal IOA - Seuss Landing - Once-ler's house - poor and pretty

I can’t watch The Lorax without crying, but I was able to contain myself at the Once-ler’s house.

Universal IOA - Lost Continent - Poseidon - poor and pretty

Also in Islands of Adventure — sandwiched between Seuss Landing and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — is The Lost Continent, which I think is supposed to be inspired by Atlantis. There aren’t any rides here, but there are a few interactive shows. We did Poseidon’s Fury which starts as a “museum tour” and then, surprise! You’re in the middle of an epic battle between Poseidon and Lord Darkenon (who I’d never heard of before). It’s kind of hokey, but still amusing. The special effects were certainly neat.

Universal - Stanosaur - poor and pretty

One of Stan’s favorite activities was creating his own dinosaur in Jurassic Park. Is it weird that he looks even more like Harry Potter as a dinosaur?

Universal IOA - Toon Lagoon - poor and pretty

This was in Toon Lagoon :)

Universal - Patrick Spongebob - poor and pretty

Speaking of cartoons, we met a friendly starfish named Patrick over at Universal Studios!

Universal - Shark attack! - poor and pretty

But Stan was also eaten by a shark :(

Universal HHN - Dale's Winnebago RV Walking Dead - poor and pretty

But after napping briefly at Dale’s Winnebago… (Fans of The Walking Dead will recognize this)

Universal - Wall climbing - poor and pretty

…He was back on his feet, even climbing up walls!

Universal HHN - Entrance - poor and pretty

Halloween night, we went to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. After reading about how crazy the lines have been in the past years, we decided to wait outside the park for an hour and a half. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t that impressed. We were first in line into the event and we still had to wait 45 minutes to get into the first haunted house. Then we waited another 40 or so minutes to get into another haunted house. The haunted houses were cool and had great design, but at the end of the day, they were still just haunted houses. Luckily, we didn’t pay a whole lot for the tickets, but I wouldn’t do it again. The only thing that made it worth it was…

Universal HHN - Rocky Horror Tribute - poor and pretty

The Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute! The show was really crowded, too, but still lots of fun.

And those are the highlights from Universal! Next week, I’ll share our Disney highlights. :)


Stamiversary Trip to Florida, Part One: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Stan and I had an incredible time in Florida last week for our five-year anniversary (or “Stamiversary,” as we like to call it). The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was even better than I’d imagined! Of course, we did quite a bit more than exploring this part of Universal Studios, but as it was our main reason for going, I have a lot of pictures from it! Here are a few of our favorites:

Wizarding World HP - Hogsmeade sign2 - poor and pretty

I love this sign at the entrance to Hogsmeade: Please respect the spell limits. :)

Wizarding World HP - Inside 3 Broomsticks - poor and pretty

The first item on our agenda was to eat lunch at The Three Broomsticks. Yum!

Wizarding World HP - lunch at 3 Broomsticks - poor and pretty

Then, we immediately headed for Hogwarts:

Wizarding World HP - Hogwarts - poor and pretty

I think the guy in this photo was just so overwhelmed with how amazing Hogwarts is. I totally get it, guy.

Wizarding World HP - greenhouse - poor and pretty

The line to get into the main attraction — Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey — weaves in and out of Hogwarts, showing you different parts of the grounds and castle. This section is meant to evoke the greenhouses.

Wizarding World HP - Gryphon Gargoyle Statue - poor and pretty

This is of course the gryphon/gargoyle statue that guards the entrance to the headmaster’s office. I don’t want to show you too much, in case you go for yourself one day! We were lucky that the lines were pretty much nonexistent, but even if the line had been long, there are plenty of things to look at while waiting ~ even talking portraits!

Wizarding World HP - Butterbeer & Pumpkin Juice - poor and pretty

We drank all of the Hogwarts-specific drinks at The Three Broomsticks/Hog’s Head, but our two favorites were frozen butterbeer and pumpkin juice. They have a non-frozen/cold version of butterbeer, but I didn’t like it as much. One of the barkeeps told us that they made a hot butterbeer, too, but J.K. Rowling didn’t like the way it tasted, so it never made it to the menu. I hope it does someday!

Wizarding World HP - Hogwarts Express - poor and pretty

On Halloween, I donned my Hogwarts robe and Stan and I hit the parks a bit earlier. Our tickets allowed us to enter the park an hour before general admission, so it was practically empty:

Wizarding World HP - Hogsmeade - poor and pretty

Wizarding World HP - Zonko's & Honeydukes - poor and pretty

While there were many storefronts that were just for show, Zonko’s Joke Shop and Honeydukes were two of the stores you could actually enter. I love how colorful Honeydukes is!

Wizarding World HP - inside Honeydukes - poor and pretty

I was also lucky enough to be chosen for the wand ceremony at Ollivander’s! After two unsuccessful wand pairings, I was matched with a “holly” wand (they aren’t made of real wood) with a unicorn hair core. So exciting!

Wizarding World HP - wand ceremony - poor and pretty

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo; it was dark in there!)

Wizarding World HP - Stami - poor and pretty

Oh, we had so much fun!