Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist 2014_feat

I know I said I was excited about winter and snow, but I was sick all weekend and still trying to shake this cold/sinus infection thing. Luckily, I just made homemade vapor rub, which has definitely helped. I am excited about the Christmas/gifting part of winter. I love giving and receiving gifts pretty much equally. While I can’t tell you what I’m giving, I can tell you a few things I hope to receive!

Christmas Wishlist 2014

1. Giant Gem Speaker via I’d really like some portable speakers, and this just looks fun!

2. Sprinkles iPhone 6 Case via Pencil Shavings Studio. I don’t have an iPhone 6 yet, but I’ll be treating myself to one after the holidays, so I need a pretty case for it. :)

3. DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On Lens via Raynox. Because I can’t justifying buying — or having someone else buy me — a real macro lens. This receives really good reviews and should do the trick for closeup photos of my products.

4. Cause for Celebration Heel via ModCloth. I want some sensible winter footwear that isn’t boots. These are so cute! (And would go really well with this outfit.)

5. Holly Golightly Dress in Plum via Fleet Collection. I have been wanting a dress from Fleet Collection for a while now – there are so many adorable choices, all made in Los Angeles.

6. Haven’t Seen You In Ears Coat via ModCloth. You might remember this coat from this post. I want it so much, I’ve blogged about it twice!

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Favorite Fall Footwear


Boots one day, flats the next… I kind of love that the unpredictable Fall weather lets me show off my shoe collection. These are my go-to footwear picks for the season.

1. Ivory Romina Oxfords from Le Bunny Bleu (similar). I absolutely do not subscribe to the don’t-wear-white-after-Labor-Day rule. According to Mental Floss, it was made up by a bunch of millionaires for no good reason anyway. So like Coco Chanel, I rock white (or ivory) whenever I want to, especially since I just bought these sweet Oxfords from Le Bunny Bleu.

2. N.Y.L.A. boots in brown (similar). I bought these knee-highs from Ideeli after the holidays last year. The sandy brownish tan color goes with pretty much everything, but they look especially great over a pair of skinny jeans. If you’re looking for something similar, I’m a big fan of  these or these from Nectar Clothing.

3. Brown flats from Charlotte Russe. (similar). I snatched these babies up for $8 at Plato’s Closet in South Windsor a few years ago. I’ve worn them countless times, so I’m surprised they haven’t made it into an outfit post yet! I’ll have to change that. I found two very similar pairs via ModCloth: here and here.

4. Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moccasin in medium grey. I have been wearing these almost daily since I got them a few weeks ago. They’re so comfortable! I’ve heard mixed reviews on their sizing, so I ordered them from Zappos in case they didn’t fit (Zappos has a great return policy). I took a chance and went with my normal size 7 and they fit perfectly. I also want them in pink, dusty brown, peacock blue… okay, I want all the colors. And I recommend Minnetonka’s Cally slippers, too. Hands down, the most comfortable slippers ever.

5. Bellini Red vintage boots. I bought these from loveyvintage a few years ago, and they’ve been a favorite ever since. I folded down one of them to show off the faux fur lining — so comfortable and warm! The only downside is that the soles are starting to detach a bit, so I need to get them repaired. I looked around quite a bit online to find something comparable, but as these are vintage, it’s hard to find a similar pair today. I found these on ModCloth that were pretty close, minus the lining. They have a great vintage section, but I highly recommend perusing your local thrift shops and Etsy vintage stores.

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Twinkle toes: DIY glittery cap-toe shoes

twinkle toes glitter shoe diy poor and pretty

If you saw my teaser Monday on Instagram or Facebook, you might have guessed that I made these fancy shoes over the weekend! Inspired by this glitter shoe tutorial found on Love & Lace, I added a little glitter to a pair of my favorite (but deteriorating) flats:

ruby slippers before glitterification poor and pretty

They’re cheap flats from Forever 21, so naturally, they’re breaking down a bit. Scuffing I expected, but not paint chipping off…

ruby slippers before closeup front poor and pretty

The backs weren’t too bad, but I thought they could use some covering-up, too:

ruby slippers before closeup back poor and pretty

First things first: get your supplies!

twinkle toes glitter shoe diy supplies poor and pretty

You will need:

  • a pair of shoes, of course!
  • Mod Podge with gloss finish
  • a stiff, small, angled brush
  • a small foam brush
  • a throwaway paper or plastic bowl or cup
  • glitter – I used Martha Stewart’s fine glitters in Florentine Gold and Smoky Quartz
  • paper towels or newspaper
  • masking/painter’s tape {optional, not pictured}

ruby slippers paper towel poor and pretty

Step One: Before you get your craft on, lay down some paper towels or newspaper so you don’t get glittery glue on your boyfriend’s bathroom floor. I also recommend taking a wet cloth and wiping down your shoes to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated since you last wore them.

ruby slipper masking tape poor and pretty

Step Two: If you are using tape, tape around the areas you’d like to paint with glitter glue. Note: there are pros and cons of using tape. When you peel it off, it could take some of the glitter with it, which means extra work for you to touch it up (see Step 9), and you may also want to paint over it again with just Mod Podge to make sure the glitter portion is “sealed.” If you have a pretty steady hand, I recommend not using it. However, I do not have a steady artistic hand, so I chose to use a little masking tape.

twinkle toes mod podge + glitter poor and pretty

Step Three: Pour your glitter and Mod Podge into your throwaway bowl/cup & mix it up.

twinkle toes mod podge + glitter mix poor and pretty

Step Four: Mix, mix, mix until the glitter and Mod Podge are incorporated nicely. If you can still see a lot of white, glitter-less streaks of Mod Podge, add more glitter.

twinkle toes painting the rim poor and pretty

Step Five: Paint the edges of your shoes with the angled brush.

twinkle toes layer 1 poor and pretty

Step Six: Paint on your first layer of glitter glue with the foam brush. Let dry. (If you’re impatient like me, use a box fan ;)

twinkle toes layer 2 poor and pretty

Step Seven: Paint on your second layer of glitter glue. Let dry. If you’ve mixed enough glitter into your Mod Podge, you only need 1 or 2 layers. The more layers you have, the easier it will be for the glitter to peel off, which you do not want (like with painting your nails).

twinkle toes dried poor and pretty

Step Eight: When you are satisfied that your new glitter spots are fully covered (and when they have fully dried), carefully peel off the masking tape.

twinkle ankles poor and pretty

twinkle toes not quite finished poor and pretty

See how the glitter is a bit jagged on the left? That’s because the masking tape ate some of it :( So, Stan helped me fix it up:

twinkle toes glitter shoe touchup poor and pretty

Step Nine: Very, very carefully use a new razor blade to straighten out any lines the masking tape may have messed up. Slowly use the blade to draw a line in the glitter where you’d like to trim, then scrape off excess glitter. It’s very important that you do this slowly, and press the blade down carefully – you don’t want to puncture your shoe! I also recommend adding on a coat of just Mod Podge after you fix up the glitter, to help seal it in.

twinkle toes glitter bow dot poor and pretty

I also decided to add some glitter to the bow knots after the masking tape took off some of the red paint there.

twinkle toes glitter shoes final poor and pretty

And voilà! Ruby slippers even Dorothy would be jealous of! :)

I’d love to see how you glitterify your shoes ~ upload your photos to the Poor & Pretty Facebook page! Happy crafting!


Wednesday Wish List 7.18.12

Introducing Wednesday Wish List! I’ve got wish lists all over the Internet, I thought I would start sharing some of my most-wished things on the blog. Of course, you can see many more if you follow me on Pinterest.

1. Cream Zigzag Chiffon dress by Dorothy Perkins. I doubt this will stay on my “wish list” for long; it needs to be in my closet!

2. Mad for Mondrian long necklace by kate spade new york. Perfectly matches the dress! And you know how I love matching.

3. Miami espadrilles by Romantic Soles. I reeeally want some tie-up espadrilles, and these beige-colored ones would work with every outfit.

4. Bow Skinny Waist belt by ASOS. I’ve been wishing for a bow belt for far too long. I’m loving this skinny black one from ASOS.

5. Brass is Always Greener handbag (vintage) via ModCloth. This adorable one-of-a-kind handbag is like a mini picnic basket!

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Recycling is Always in Style at Uptown Consignment

Always on the hunt for great consignment shops {remember Peonies?}, I was very happy when a friend tipped me off about Uptown Consignment on Queen Street in Southington, CT. Located in the same plaza as El Sombrero, Uptown Consignment has something for the whole family.


Uptown carries big designer names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, etc., for women, but they also have great selections for men, kids, toddlers, and teens. I raided their juniors’ section looking for basics and I found some great tees, tanks, and this cute green Forever 21 sweater for super cheap. If you like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, etc., they have tons at Uptown.


I also love their shoe section. They have probably around 50 pairs of shoes on any given day. I bought two pairs of cute ankle boots for less than $5 each! The Mary Janes pictured in the first image were also around $5 or $6.


Not content with just carrying your typical clothes, shoes and jewelry, Uptown also has a nice selection of home furnishings and decorations. I found this unique coffee/tea cup set there {pictured above}. The cups don’t have handles, so they get a little hot, but the set came with these crazy spoons that are bent so that they can rest on top of the cup. Have you ever seen spoons like this before? I haven’t!

Visit Uptown Consignment, “where recycling is always in style,” in Southington at 151 Queen St, Rocky Hill at 781 Cromwell Ave, or South Windsor at 1735 Ellington Rd. Check out their blog for updates on new additions to the stores or contests.