Outfit: Red & Renaissance

Red and Renaissance outfit feature

Red and Renaissance outfit - magic hour - via @poorandpretty

I haven’t done in outfit post in over a month, but I’m so happy with how these photos came out! Stan and I were able to capture that elusive “magic hour” yesterday. The sun beaming through the trees makes my new red hair look like it’s on fire. I love it!

Red and Renaissance outfit via @poorandpretty

I can’t believe I haven’t shown off this sweater before — it’s one of my favorites. It’s cozy and soft and I love the shape. I call it my “Renaissance cardigan” because the way the sleeves fall remind me of that era. Plus, the tag says “Guinevere” (which I think may be an Anthropologie line.) I bought it a few years ago at Teenage Wasteland, a consignment shop in Simsbury, CT.

Red and Renaissance outfit 2 via @poorandpretty

Oh, and my hair! I think I’ve finally found the color it was always meant to be. Last week, Suzi helped me dye it using Henna Color Lab’s Wine Red Henna Hair Dye. I’ve wanted to try out henna for a few years because there are so many horrific chemicals in regular hair dye and I really love my hair when it’s red. Last year I tried out Manic Panic, which is less chemical-ly, but it faded really quickly. So I took the plunge, did lots of research, and went with Henna Color Lab. I am SO HAPPY! I’ll go into more detail in a few weeks. I want to keep track of how the color holds up.

Miz Mooz button boots via @poorandpretty

I’m also glad I get to break these babies out. I bought them at the tail end of boot season earlier this year, so they hardly got any use. They’re very comfortable, and I really like the button detail.

Red and Renaissance outfit closeup via @poorandpretty

Outfit Details: Renaissance Cardigan: Guinevere, Teenage Wasteland, $20 (similar). Green cami: Old Navy, $4. Book Shop Stop Jeans: Angry Rabbit, ModCloth, $55 (similar, similar). Button Wedge Boots: Miz Mooz, DSW, $120 (similar, similar).

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Hello, Red!

Just got my hair cut & colored by my friend Ryan Gorey, a student/soon-to-be-hair-rock-star at Brio Academy of Cosmetology in East Hartford. My hair was so thick we had to do the color yesterday and the cut today! I love how it came out though. Red enough, but not too red and not too orange. Juuust right. Thanks, Ryan! {And thanks, Stan, for being the patient man behind the camera always <3}

FYI: getting your hair cut/colored by students is actually a really great money-saving idea {this cut & color cost me only $50. I was paying around $120 at a salon!}. I know it sounds a little scary to have a “student” working on your head, but they do have instructors helping them, so it’s really nothing to be nervous about. Plus, you’re helping them learn, too. xo


Obsession: Red Hot

Red_Flying_Hair_by_PreciousJasRed has taken the back seat for way too long…and this season hot locks are my new obsession!  Anything from a lighter copper all the way to a deep red has me wanting a fiery change.  It’s like red is the new blonde…it’s come all the way from freckles and pigtails to sexy red waves.

The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to commit to a completely new hair color.  Check out a salon and ask about a semi-permanent glaze.  It’ll warm up your hair and give you that red shine for the season, causing no damage. (beacause it fades after a while).

Talk about standing out.  Red is such a rarity and causes so much drama (without looking completely unnatural).  Coco Rocha definitely caused a stir when the model went from pretty brown to blazing beauty.CocoRochaVoguehair

Like it or not, (and I LOVE it) it’s cool to be warm this winter.


p.s. What’s your latest obsession?