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Monday morning music: Valen-tunes ♫

Valen-tunes Mix Tape Poor & Pretty

It’s time again for another installment Monday Morning Music, and just in time for a Valentine’s Day playlist. I’m a mushy-gushy romantic type, so there’s plenty of swoon-worthy indie tunes and tear-inducing movie love ballads in this mix. {Best-viewed on a Flash-compatible device.}

What are [Read on...]

Monday morning music: Indie Christmas

It has become a tradition for me to make a mix CD for my Dad on holidays or his birthday.  He introduced me to a lot of great music as I was growing up and I’m happy that I’ve been able to give back in the recent [Read on...]

Summer 2011 Playlist

I think it’s about time I posted another summer playlist, don’t you?

In case you missed last year’s, you can find it here. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Like this post? Share it! xo Tweet Pin It