Monday morning music: Lucy Wainwright Roche and Agnes Obel

Lucy Wainwright Roche – Seek and Hide (Feat. Colin Meloy)


When I heard Lucy Wainwright Roche had released a solo album, I was absolutely ecstatic. Daughter of Suzzy Roche and Loudon Wainwright and half-sister of Rufus and Martha Wainwright, music runs in the family – and Lucy is no exception. Her new album “There’s a Last Time For Everything” is comprised of calming ballads, folksy wintery scenes and one amazing but surprising cover (Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”). Perhaps my favorite track from the album is “Seek and Hide,” featuring Colin Meloy (of the Decemberists).

The track pulls from both sides of her family, incorporating very Roche-like melodies with instrumentation choices similar to her brother, Rufus. The end result is a beautiful piece – unlike anything you’d hear elsewhere in the Roche-Wainwright family – about falling in love and realizing you’re still you, for better or worse.

Agnes Obel – The Curse


Likely over 100 listens since this track was released last September, but I still get goosebumps when it plays. Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel’s single “The Curse” picks up where her first album, “Philharmonics,” left off – a whisper of a voice, beautiful lyrics and impressive piano rhythms. But something about this new track is completely new, fresh and absolutely intoxicating:


Monday morning music: Mindy Gledhill and Ivy Levan

Happy Monday, folks! Benjamin here!

This morning, I’ll be featuring two newly released tracks that I cannot get enough of by the musicians Ivy Levan and Mindy Gledhill. Both artists have a moderately-sized but very devoted and growing following, though their stylings are very different.

Mindy Gledhill – Pocketful Of Poetry

Mindy Gledhill

This bubbly folk pop tune is the title track of Gledhill’s upcoming fourth album. I think’s Jonathan Roberts summated her sound perfectly when said it was “like a scoop of ice cream floating in strawberry soda — refreshing and delightful like an idyllic childhood summer.”

It’s nearly impossible to not tap along to Gledhill’s peppy beats and gleeful melodies.

Also: She’s friggin adorable.


Ivy Levan – I Don’t Wanna Wake Up

Ivy Levan

Introducing the Dame of swamp-hop retro glam ‘n’ grit: Ivy Levan. This soulful swinging singer-songwriter just released her first EP (Introducing The Dame), as well as a music video trilogy, and she’s already got critics and fans pleading for more. In July, she was at the top of the chart for Billboard’s “Next Big Sound.”

Levan’s sound and style is dark, powerful and unapologetic. Her drum beats, brass and fabulous back up vocals are a definite throwback to swing, blues, jazz and soul – yet the delivery is so refreshing. Her videos recount a woman on the warpath – set in a black and white retro world – seeking vengeance, freedom and money.

I thought my favorite track from the EP, “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up,” was perfect for our Monday morning commutes. Lord knows I didn’t want to wake up today either, Ivy.

Be sure to check out Levan’s other singles, Hot Damn, and Money, for the full story behind this track!

Image credits: Mindy Gledhill:; Ivy Levan: Neave Bozorgi.


Monday morning music: Tennis and Laura Mvula


Greetings from Michigan! I’m Benjamin Jenkins, an old friend of Sami’s. I work as a graphic designer and associate editor for a Michigan-based LGBT-centric newspaper. Sami and I have been sharing our musical muses since we were kids, so she has asked me to start writing Monday morning musics!

This morning, I’ve chosen two tracks I simply cannot make the Monday morning commute without:

Tennis – Origins

Tennis is a husband and wife duo from Denver with a unique throwback pop sound. Alaina’s voice coupled with the piano-driven beat and tamborine of this single, “Origins,” makes for the perfect soundtrack for a day at the beach or a drive down the highway with the windows down.

Laura Mvula – Green Garden

This next song is from the premier album of Laura Mvula, “Sing To The Moon.” Mvula’s voice is extremely powerful, with a brassy bellow comparable to the likes of Amy Winehouse or Adele. Her music has been described as soul and jazz, but it has such a complexity to it – such expansive inspirations – a mere two genres does it no justice. Listen for those fantastic harmonies!


Monday morning music: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

Good morning! This month’s edition of Monday morning music is inspired by my upcoming trip to Mexico! Vampire Weekend is an American rock band, but Horchata is a traditional Latin American drink. It’s typically made with ground almonds, though its recipe varies in different countries. In Mexico, it’s made with rice, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla, and is one of the typical drink flavors of Mexican agua frescas. Plus, I’ve had this song stuck in my head all weekend after including it on the latest mix CD I made for my Dad:

I haven’t decided whether or not I will be blogging from Mexico yet {I leave very early Wednesday morning, and am there for a week!}, but I will definitely share photos from my trip on Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned!


Monday morning music: Daughter

Daughter at The Sinclair Cambridge MA

I’m so glad my friend Beata took us to see English indie folk band Daughter, live at The Sinclair in Cambridge this weekend. Lead singer Elena Tonra is adorable, and her voice makes me swoon. She and I also currently have the same haircut! Daughter is perfect for waking up after a weekend of excitement in Boston {or partying too hard for Cinco de Mayo!}.

Main image credit: The Sinclair on Instagram.