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Winter skincare tips & top picks

Remember my Summer Skincare Tips post? I thought I’d do another for winter. I know it isn’t officially winter yet, but since we saw our first snow fall earlier this week, I’m thinking it’s close enough. Truthfully, many of the tips I shared in my summer post are relevant for winter skincare, but given how dry the air is, it’s even more [Read on...]

Summer skincare tips & top picks

A few of my friends have asked me for tips on getting rid of acne or basic skincare maintenance. Skin is either too oily or too dry; there’s almost never a happy medium. We all have this problem (even me!), and of course it varies with the seasons. I thought I’d share my summer skincare routine with you, along with [Read on...]

Friday Faves 1.18.13

Friday Faves 1-18-13

1. N.Y.L.A. boots in brown. I just bought these from Ideeli as a post-holiday indulgence. Plus, my favorite red boots are starting to detach from the sole. They’re my first pair of knee-high boots, which took a bit of getting used to, but they certainly keep my legs toasty!

[Read on...]

Tomorrow & Sunday: BUST Magazine Craftacular at the World Maker Faire

It’s here! Stan and I just checked into our {slightly sketchy} hotel, and we are excited about tomorrow! Even more awesome: BUST Magazine wrote a sweet spotlight on Poor & Pretty earlier this week.

Boy, is the Maker Faire HUGE! We stopped by to check [Read on...]

Friday Faves 8.26.11

1. Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo — the last time I dyed my hair, I really did a number to it because I stripped color and then added red over it. My hair was very angry at me, which is why I’m letting my roots grow out. I’ve been using [Read on...]