How to Get Beachy Waves with my Rose + Sea Salt Hair Spray



A few weeks ago — after months of testing — I launched the newest addition to the Poor & Pretty Apothecary lineup: Rose + Sea Salt Hair Spray. This lightly texturizing spray gives you beachy waves, without the sand! ;)

Rose Salt Hair Spray Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Salts add body and minerals while Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Rose Water hydrate and smooth. Like everything else in the Poor & Pretty Apothecary, my Rose + Sea Salt Hair Spray is 100% natural and vegan. Get yours here!



DIY Beachy Sea Salt Hair Spray

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My favorite way of styling my hair used to be straightening it, but now it’s summer and it’s far too hot to be doing that. Plus, now that my hair is shorter {thanks, again, to my friend Ryan Gorey}, it’s easier to just wash it, throw in some product, and let it be naturally wavy. Lately, my favorite product has been my all-natural, homemade, beach-inspired, sea-salt hair spray:


  • ½ cup distilled water
  • ½ cup coconut water {you can find this in the Spanish section of the grocery store}
  • 1 tbs sea salt
  • 1 tbs glycerin {you can substitute hair gel}
  • ½ tsp jojoba oil
  • 4-6 drops orange essential oil {optional}
  • 4-6 drops pink grapefruit essential oil {optional}


This is super simple. Ready? Just mix everything together! You can microwave the sea salt and water together if you’d like, just to make it dissolve faster, but that’s optional. This contains no preservatives, so I recommend storing it in the fridge, taking a little bit out at a time to store in a small spray container. If you keep it out, unused, for too long, the chunks of coconut in the coconut water will start to get moldy. I’ve kept mine mold-free in the fridge for over a month now!

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Just spray it on when your hair is wet and let it dry naturally! Note: your hair will most likely not be as poofy as mine. I have ludicrously thick hair. I could carpet an entire house with what I have on my head.

….Side note: can you believe I haven’t been to the beach yet? It’s a damn shame!