8 Last-Minute Valentine DIYs

Okay, Valentine’s Day is two days away. I, for one, should have decked out the condo in way more hearts and I have yet to make Stan a card. If you’re in the same boat: breathe easy. I found a few simple last-minute Valentine DIYs from around the internets to make your heart go pitter-patter. ♥

DIY floral heart wreath via A Pair & A Spare

Who says wreaths are for Christmas? I’d display this DIY floral heart wreath proudly on my door year-round! via a pair & a spare.

printable mini love notes - a fabulous fete

And of course, we can’t forget the actual Valentines! I love these Tiny Love Notes via a fabulous fete.

Valentine's Message in a Heart via Say Yes

These little fortune heart Valentines from Say Yes make me positively swoon!

Valentine Mail Bag via Minted

Both Valentines would fit perfectly in this No-Sew Valentine Mail Bag via Minted. I can’t even get over how insanely cute this is — especially if you have kids bringing their own Valentines to school! Or if you’re the office cupid! Eek!

DIY Valentine Candle Holders 2 - poorandpretty

Don’t forget to set the table for romance with my crazy easy conversation heart candle centerpieces. Check out the tutorial here.

Cupid's Arrow Balloons via Studio DIY

I want to put these cupid’s arrow balloons all over my house (and work). via Studio DIY.

DIY Paint Chip Valentine Garland via Lovely Indeed

I got on the DIY paint chip heart garland a few weeks ago, and have one strung above the living room couch. (Stan says it should stay there year-round ♥) via Lovely Indeed.

DIY massage oils via Mountain Rose Herbs

For the perfect way to relax without breaking the bank, give each other massages with these homemade massage oils for lovers via Mountain Rose Herbs.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  ♥♥♥


Friday Faves 2.1.13: Valentine’s Day

Poor & Pretty Friday Faves Valentine 2-1-13

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? I, for one, love an excuse to get all gussied up! Plus, I can’t wait to wear my new tights! Here’s what I’ve got planned for Valentining.

1. Timex Weekender™ Slip Thru watch in pink/gray. This is one of my favorite watches because you can so easily swap out the straps to match your outfit. Remember this outfit? I wore the strap from this watch with a multicolored dial. What’s not to love?

2. LUSH Heavanilli Massage Bar. I’m not surprised LUSH named this “Heavanilli” because it smells absolutely divine. The combination of Shea and cocoa butters will make your skin fall in love, too. I hope Stan & I can make time for massages! ♥

3. Pink Tulip mineral eyeshadow by Madison Street Beauty. Pink Tulip makes for fun, dramatic eye décor. I’m going to blend it in with other eyeshadow colors and also wet it and use it as eyeliner. I love that it’s all-natural, vegan, and chemical-free.

4. Blushing lip gloss by Purely You Minerals. Introducing my new favorite lip gloss! Purely You Minerals leaves all of the nasty chemicals out of their products and uses only ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. Their lip gloss contains Vitamin E, olive fruit oil, and Rosehip seed oil, which is high in Vitamins A & C. I’ve been using “Blushing” daily, so I know I’ll use it on Valentine’s Day!

5. Gipsy Sheer Heart Tights from ASOS. I originally bought these from ModCloth {they were called “Achilles’ Zeal”}, but they’re no longer available from ModCloth. Happily, I found the exact same ones from ASOS so you can have them in time for Valentine’s Day too! I don’t think I have to explain why they’re perfect. ;)

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Apricot Blossom Therapeutic Massage

Stan and I just got back from aromatherapeutic massages at Apricot Blossom Therapeutic Massage in West Hartford. I’m so relaxed, I’m making this a quick post before plopping myself on the couch and doing some major unwinding.

Apricot Blossom owner Kyoko Simpson (left) called in her friend and fellow licensed massaged therapist Michelle Suesens (right) for our massages. They were both very sweet and friendly, so we both felt comfortable immediately, which, as you can imagine, is pretty important when getting a massage. The environment of Apricot Blossom was minimalistic and soothing. We picked out a combination of essential oils for our massages, and left feeling incredibly relaxed and stress-free.

If you’ve never had a massage before (or even if you have), I encourage you to give Kyoko a call at 860-523-3212. Her prices are incredibly reasonable, plus you get 20% off your first visit. Check out her services here.

Happy Labor Day weekend! <3


DIY: At-Home Spa Day

home-spa-lgSure, a weekend spa getaway or even just a few hours at a day spa can be super relaxing and you can feel its effects for days. But, that’s just my problem with professional spas — you spend hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars on supreme bliss that is only temporary. I challenge you to spend much less money and allow yourself to have temporary bliss more often, in your own home. Yes, I understand living situations can be difficult. Maybe you live with a boy/girlfriend or roommate who is always around which doesn’t allow you much alone time. Or, if you’re like me, you live with your parent(s), older sister, her husband, and their 7-year-old daughter on top of living with your boyfriend, so you never get so much as a minute alone unless you’re showering or peeing (I know, it’s rough). But there will still be times when, miraculously, everyone is gone from the house. Or, if your roommate is a total loner and never leaves the house, ask them nicely to step out for an hour or two, tell them you’re treating yourself to an in-house spa day, and offer to do the same for them when they need it. While you have the whole place to yourself, here’s how to create a spa-esque atmosphere in your own dwelling without breaking your bank:

  • Bubble bath~ I am a huge, huge fan of bubble baths. I try not to take them often as they are a huge drain of resources, but there’s nothing like half an hour or so of soaking up warm, bubbly water. Bubble baths, especially if coupled with a few burning candles around the bathroom, are a great way to de-stress, if only for a little while. bubblebarsYou can find bubble bath almost anywhere, but my favorite bubble makers are the LUSH natural Bubble Bars, which range from around $6-11, depending on the scent you choose. The LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar is by far my fave, and even though their website says you can get two baths out of it, I’ve gotten three and have enough left for at least another two! And it smells so yummy! Disclaimer: if you’re prone to yeast infections or urinary tract infections, bubble baths are probably not for you. May we suggest taking a long, warm shower and using a LUSH Emotibomb instead?
  • Self Mani-Pedi~ The average cost for a good manicure and pedicure duo can range from $30~$100+! While I agree that we all work our hands and feet pretty hard, most of us have the right tools in our own homes to give ourselves manicures and pedicures; a pretty nail polish, nail file, warm & soapy water, a good body lotion, and something to exfoliate with (loofah, pumice stone, or exfoliating gloves/brush). I found a great DIY manicure & pedicure guide on the Better Homes & Gardens website, here
  • Face Mask~ You can buy face masks almost anywhere, but you have to know what type of skin you have. Have Mark_Calm_Yourself_Hydrating_Maskoily skin? Get an oil-free mask, ones made with clay are best. If you have dry skin, make sure you get something that will moisturize it. Remember the strawberry acne-fighting face mask I wrote about here? My friend Sani and I made it from scratch and it cost us around $6, plus we had ingredients left over for more masks (or for eating strawberries while you’re taking that relaxing bath!). Other than my own homemade masks, my favorite one to buy is from mark (a line of Avon products for teens/college kids). It’s called Calm Yourself hydrating mask (I have dry skin).
  • Massage~ I realize that, unless you know a masseuse, nothing can compare to spa massages, and this is the one thing that I can justify spending big bucks on. However, if you have a boy/girlfriend or even a best friend you’re close with, I see no reason you couldn’t ask for a massage. I would offer to give one in return, so you’re helping the other person relax, too. You could even pick up a book of massage tips and practice on each other.
  • Relax~ The most important thing to do is relax. After you take your bath, sit on the couch for a while in your bathrobe and watch your favorite show or movie and just chill out. Or, better yet, meditate. If you’ve never had experience meditating, I suggest turning off your phone(s), sitting down and lighting a candle on a table in front of you. Take deep, calming breaths and just focus on the candle flame for a while, letting all of your thoughts flow away. I’m no expert at meditating, but this certainly helps me :)

Everyone needs a little time to themselves, but there’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on pampering yourself if you have the necessities available to you in your own home. And, if you’re broke like Mish and I, spas just aren’t an option, but we make do anyway! <3