SoWa Sundays & my new vintage skirt

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty

This past Sunday, I vended at the SoWa Open Market again with Kleiner Eisbär, where I picked up this awesome skirt! Traffic was slow, so I was able to explore the different parts of the fair, including the vintage market.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage wall

I picked up the yellow skirt — made by dsb in the 1970’s — from Swift & Faire Co.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage

Another gem I found at the vintage market was Neatly Nested, run by Danielle Platzer, an interior decor lover and antique furniture enthusiast. Danielle breathes new life into run-down furniture through repair, reupholstery, and fresh paint, giving antique pieces a more modern look:

Neatly Nested dressers

Neatly Nested wooden bench

Neatly Nested wooden table

Danielle blogs about her new projects and house renovations at

IMPRESSED by nature booth SoWa 7-7-13

Back outside at the Arts Market, I fell in love with IMPRESSED by Nature, pressed botanicals sealed in thin plastic and turned into beautifully unique jewelry. It immediately reminded me of the pressed leaves and flowers Suzi and I used to make with our Nana when we were little.

IMPRESSED by nature earrings

Of course, these were much more elegant. I also loved the simplicity of the booth and displays.

IMPRESSED by nature necklace displays

We were also joined by our friends Rachel DeCavage of sugarplum USA and Julia Sloan, Brazen Betties, who were sharing a booth:

Sugarplum USA SoWa booth 7-7-13

And speaking of displays I love, Krissy and Dennis have fun ways of displaying their new screen printed baby and toddler clothing:

Poor and Pretty Kleiner Eiesbar SoWa booth 7-7-13

If you haven’t yet, come visit us at the SoWa Open Market on July 21, August 11 & 18, and we’ve added September 1 to our SoWa tour! :)

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty


Outfit details: Sunglasses: Marshalls, $6. Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan in white, J.Crew, $20 on sale. Belt: courtesy of sugarplum USAWatch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex. Skirt: dsb, vintage, Swift & Faire Co., $24. Shoes: Bamboo, Urban OG, $18 (similar).

This post was inspired by the delightful finds at the SoWa Open Market, and is a part of Independent Fashion Bloggers Project #103 Vintage Vixens.

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Come visit me at SoWa Open Market in Boston this summer!

SoWa Open Market Boston poor and pretty kleiner eisbär

I’m excited to announce that I will be vending at the SoWa (South of Washington Street) Open Market in Boston for a few Sundays this Summer! Catch me 6/2, 7/7, 7/21, 8/11, and 8/18 sharing a tent with my friends Krissy & Dennis Maksymiw of Kleiner Eisbär, purveyors of lovely handbound journals and felted trinkets.

In their 10th anniversary year, SoWa is located outdoors in Boston’s South End and has an extensive arts/crafts section with a rotating group of indie makers and designers, an award winning farmer’s market and a collection of the yummiest food trucks around. Within walking distance, you’ll find a vintage market, artist studios, galleries, shops and many of Boston’s best restaurants. It runs every Sunday from May through October. Learn more about SoWa here.


Be Social: Cinco de Mayo in Somerville

New Year’s Resolution check-in: I haven’t been doing very well with my “Be Organized” resolution, but I have been much more positive, social, and loving. Case in point: A few weeks ago, I reached out to two friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year {possibly longer!} with a loose plan for Cinco de Mayo weekend. My friend Jordan and I would drive up to Somerville, MA to see our friend Beata. I’m happy to report that we had lots of fun, even though we didn’t eat nearly as many tacos as I had hoped ;)

Flatbread pizza & bowling Somerville MA

After arriving in Somerville around 7pm, Beata presented Jordan and I with two options for the evening: grabbing dinner quickly and following it up with swing dancing, or dining at Flatbread {with possible bowling} and watching Magic Mike after dinner. Swing dancing was tempting, but Jordan and I were wiped out, so we went with Flatbread and Magic Mike. We arrived too late to bowl at Flatbread, but the pizza more than made up for it! We sat right next to the brick oven and the wood-chopping station. Yes, wood-chopping station. Awesome. Magic Mike? It was okay, but I’m not sure I’d watch it again. I enjoyed the Joseph Gordon-Levitt version more.

Modeling in front of Powder House Square

Saturday, Beata made us this incredible baked French Toast for breakfast before we headed out for the Open Studios tour. For 15 years, artists in Somerville have opened up their homes and studios so that residents and tourists can chat with local artists while browsing their finished and unfinished works and workplaces. I had no idea Beata was living near so many talented artists! We posed for photos in front of the Powder House {above} before stopping at our first artists’ home, the Museum of Modern Renaissance:

Museum of Modern Renaissance Somerville MA

Jordan commented that the artwork on the outside of the house {which used to be a church} reminded her of Sublime album covers. We didn’t want to be rude, so we didn’t photograph the insides of any of the homes, but they were truly incredible. The one above had these gorgeous paintings on the ceilings of the old worship room {is there a term for it?} — mythological creatures and people… you can see a photo on their Open Studios profile.

Open Studios Somerville MA

We also peeked in the studio of Rivkah Lapidus — typically a figure drawer, Rivkah’s current project entails scanning vintage photonegatives and altering them by hand and with digital media.

After visiting a few more homes, we headed to Beata’s boyfriend’s apartment for a Cinco de Mayo cookout. We didn’t have tacos, but I did make a bitchin’ bowl of guacamole!

Daughter at The Sinclair Cambridge MA May 2013

Later that night, we saw Daughter at The Sinclair in Cambridge, which inspired me to write this week’s Monday Morning Music.

Nutella almond banana crepe - Mr. Crepe

We had another delicious breakfast Sunday morning at Mr. Crêpe, which made me keep thinking of the whole “Mr. F” thing in Arrested Development {which is coming back on May 26th as a Netflix series!! It’s like a birthday present to me!}. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, please watch Arrested Development immediately! Back to the crêpes: I now want to make these all the time. Mine had Nutella, toasted almond slivers, and banana slices. There was a little too much Nutella to my liking, but otherwise it was wonderful!

After crêpes, we drove to Boston to check out the SOWA Open Market {which I will be vending in this summer!}, but couldn’t find parking. So we met another high school friend, Dan, for lunch {I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of this!}, then Jordan and I headed back to Connecticut. It was a very busy, but very fun and social weekend!


Monday morning music: Daughter

Daughter at The Sinclair Cambridge MA

I’m so glad my friend Beata took us to see English indie folk band Daughter, live at The Sinclair in Cambridge this weekend. Lead singer Elena Tonra is adorable, and her voice makes me swoon. She and I also currently have the same haircut! Daughter is perfect for waking up after a weekend of excitement in Boston {or partying too hard for Cinco de Mayo!}.

Main image credit: The Sinclair on Instagram.


The Post-Bazaar Bizarre Boston Post!

Yesterday was the Bazaar Bizarre Boston, and what a crazy fun day it was! We woke up at the crack of dawn because I was a bit of a spaz about making sure we factored in time for traffic so that we could arrive in plenty of time for my 9:15 load-in at the Cyclorama. Because there was absolutely no traffic anywhere, we got there an hour early!

After finishing up some last-minute preparations in the car, we pulled in front of the Cyclorama and Stan unloaded the car. In the meantime, I checked in and started readying our table.

We built up quite a button collection between these sweet vendor buttons and a few smaller ones Stan collected for us from the vendor’s lounge:

We were ready to rock long before the Bazaar opened for Early Birds at 11am, and as soon as the doors opened for the general public at 12pm, there was a flurry of footsteps into the Cyclorama:

The Bazaar was steadily busy all day, right up until closing time! Stan went above and beyond as my booth helper — answering questions, making sales, packaging, ringing customers out, and of course, grabbing our food and covering for me while I shopped and took bathroom breaks. Speaking of shopping… well, I won’t go into too much detail because most of my purchases were presents, but I did spoil myself a little with this wonderful print from Allison Cole:

It was an amazing day, and a really great success for Poor & Pretty! The folks at Small Craft Advisory — the rock stars behind Bazaar Bizarre Boston — were terrific to work with. Everything was very well-organized, they had a great group of volunteers who helped us unload and pack up, and even came by to ask if I needed my booth watched at one point when Stan was shopping. Plus, the fact that there was a vendor’s lounge, where we could relax, grab emergency supplies, or load up on snacks was really wonderful. I will definitely vend there again if they’ll have me!