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Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

Wishing you lots of love and sweet treats today! xo (Oh, and yes, I dyed my hair red again ;) Like this post? Share it! xo Tweet Pin It

8 Last-Minute Valentine DIYs

Okay, Valentine’s Day is two days away. I, for one, should have decked out the condo in way more hearts and I have yet to make Stan a card. If you’re in the same boat: breathe easy. I found a few simple last-minute Valentine DIYs from around the internets to make your heart go pitter-patter. ♥

DIY floral heart wreath [<a href=Read on…]

Valentine party essentials

Valentine’s Day is a week away! Do you have everything you need for partying? Here are my top picks:

Valentine Party Essentials via poorandpretty

1. Party Banner via Urban Outfitters. 2. Valentine’s Mix Cupcake Liners via sweet estelle’s baking supply. 3. Pink Glitter Origami Heart Cupcake Toppers via Pelemele. 4. Valentine’s Day Krazy [Read on...]

Inspired by love: 3 printable romantic quotes for Valentine's Day

There is so much snow outside today! All I want to do is cuddle with Stan on the couch and watch romantic movies all day. But I can’t do that, so instead I designed some printable quotes from three of my favorites: A Knight’s Tale, Love Actually, and Moulin Rouge!. Please note that these are high-res files and may take a few minutes to [Read on...]

Valentine DIY: Conversation heart candle holder

DIY Valentine Candle Holder

After taking down the Yule tree over the weekend, I decided our condo needed Valentine paraphernalia. Plus, I needed a way to reuse the conversation hearts I bought for a work photo shoot (I won’t eat them; they remind me of TUMS). Naturally, in my weird & crafty [Read on...]