DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer

Guys. This is what my jewelry collection used to look like:

Jewelry tree disorganizer by @poorandpretty

It drove Stan nuts. And me, too, honestly, because I still had to untangle necklaces. This is how it looks now:

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer after by @poorandpretty

Way more organized! (I’m doing my best to keep up my resolution to Be Organized.) It’s off my dresser and it’s wall art! I’m going to teach you how to make this framed jewelry organizer. As with most of my DIYs, I promise it’s easy! You don’t even need glue.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer supplies via @poorandpretty

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a big photo/poster frame. (I found this creepy cat framed poster at a thrift store.)
  • cardboard, cut to fit into the poster frame.
  • pretty fabric, big enough to cover the cardboard.
  • a stapler.
  • pushpins.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer fabric @poorandpretty

1. Iron your fabric, and smooth it out on your work surface.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer step 2 @poorandpretty

2. Flip the fabric over (so the back is facing you) and lay your cardboard over it. It just so happened, my creepy cat poster came attached to cardboard.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer step 3 @poorandpretty

3. Fold the fabric over the cardboard and staple — yes, staple — the fabric to it. Trim your fabric if necessary.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer step 4 @poorandpretty

4. Pop the fabric cardboard in the frame.

DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer via @poorandpretty

5. Hang it up, and add your jewelry with pushpins!


Maker Takes: Toketee

For the Makers Toketee Collection

This month’s For the Makers collection jived really well with my birthday getaway to Lake Placid. Inspired by “epic waterfalls, precious minerals and endless hiking trails,” the Toketee Collection is all about getting back to basics and seeking adventures in our natural environment.

For the Makers Toketee Collection - supplies

The kit came with a lot of natural colors — wooden knobs, a natural cotton four sack towel, and leather chord — offset by blue and green paints and semi-precious stones, and glittery gold-plated brass beads.

For the Makers Toketee - Confetti Trail Tea Towel supplies via @poorandpretty

I’m not normally much of a painter (except for the occasional succulent sprucing), but I really enjoyed the Confetti Trail Tea Towel.

For the Makers Toketee - Making the Confetti Trail Tea Towel via @poorandpretty

Who knew making your own stamps could be so easy? All you need is cork and sticky back foam! Or a block of wood and foam would work too.

For the Makers Toketee - Confetti Trail Tea Towel via @poorandpretty

I made it easy on myself and just did one shape and color, but I think it came out pretty neat, if a little uneven.

For the Makers Toketee - Tasi Wall Hooks via @poorandpretty

I stuck with solid colors for the Tasi Wall Hooks, which will likely go either in my office (which you might remember has bright yellow walls) or our bedroom.

For the Makers Toketee - Triangle necklace & bracelet via @poorandpretty

I usually stick pretty closely to the projects in the kit, but I can’t wear normal earrings due to my orbitals:

orbital piercing via @poorandpretty

So instead of making the Little Point Earrings and the Nebi Ladder Necklace, I combined supplies from each and made a matching bracelet and necklace:

For the Makers Toketee - Triangle necklace & bracelet worn via @poorandpretty

I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box! Sign up for your subscription here.

Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by For the Makers, but if you sign up for a subscription using the link above, I will receive a small discount off of my next box. (Lead image is from For the Makers.)


Maker Takes: Soft Focus

Soft Focus - For the Makers

I’ve written about the monthly craft subscription For the Makers before, and you’ve seen me wearing or carrying a few of my finished creations here on the blog or on Instagram. So I thought I’d make a habit of sharing what I make on the blog every month. This month’s collection is Soft Focus:

For the Makers Soft Focus April box - @poorandpretty

I was surprised this month to find Kool-Aid in my box!

For the Makers Soft Focus - Kool-Aid dyeing station via @poorandpretty

It turns out the Kool-Aid was for dyeing bead chord, stationery, and the hanging planter that came with this kit.

For the Makers Soft Focus - Whitney Bracelets via @poorandpretty

The Whitney Bracelets were my favorite project from this box, and it was so fun to experiment dyeing with Kool-Aid!

For the Makers Soft Focus - me wearing Whitney Bracelet @poorandpretty

They’re so tiny and elegant! I’m not a fan of chunky bracelets as they tend to get it the way while I’m typing.

For the Makers Soft Focus - Andie Gem Necklace supplies via @poorandpretty

The Andie Gem necklace was very simple and easy to make, especially since Stan bought me jewelry-making tools for Yule.

For the Makers Soft Focus - Andie Gem Necklace via @poorandpretty

I’m a big fan of minimalistic jewelry.

For the Makers Soft Focus - me wearing Andie Gem Necklace @poorandpretty

I’m thinking of giving it to my Mom for Mother’s Day, but I do like how it looks on me… ;)

For the Makers Soft Focus - Beau Hanging Planter via @poorandpretty

The Beau Hanging Planter was fun too, but we don’t have a plant small enough to fit in it! All of our succulents are too big!

For the Makers Soft Focus - Heather Stationery via @poorandpretty

Lastly, is the Heather Stationery. I’m not very artistic with a paint brush, but I liked giving a little personality to plain white paper. It reminds me a little of marbled paper. Maybe I’ll use one for a Mother’s Day card!

What have you made lately?

(Lead image is from For the Makers.)


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Gift Guide: Her


I’m doing a few more posts than usual this week because I’m so excited about the holidays! Here’s my final gift guide: things to get for women in your life.

1. Baked by Melissa cupcakes, delivered. Seriously. They won’t ship on Christmas Day, but you can have them ship on Christmas Eve and hide them somewhere ;) 2. Echo Touch Warmers Zipper Gloves via Echo Design — so she can keep her hands nice and toasty and still use her smartphone. 3. Camp Director Tote via ModCloth. 4. Etanesh Stripe scarf from FashionABLE — give her something that means something. With every FashionABLE purchase, you’re helping women create sustainable businesses in Africa. I love my scarves5. Snow White Druzy Studs made by Jumkha. I’ve never been big into jewelry, but I’m obsessed with Druzy right now. I also love this Druzy necklace6. Santiago Huckleberry candle by Voluspa — a wonderful slightly fruity, slightly sweet scent. Or get it as a reed diffuser7. Flying Bird Botanical Tea in all sorts of wonderful flavors via Leif Shop. 8. Silver Geo Bangle with Rhinestones from Spotted Moth.

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