Nerd love: Sentiments for brainiacs

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Stan refuses to let me buy him anything, so instead I’ve made a list of geek-inspired things I would have bought him.

1. Valentines Day clay robot from Katiescreativetouch.

2. Love Byte Geeky Crocheted Conversation Heart Pin from Nerdifacts.

3. You Fog My Spectacles print from Nerdy Dirty. She also has some other awesome prints and a greeting card collection. It was hard to choose just one, but I always love when Stan’s glasses fog up, so I went with this one. <3

4. Library Card Catalog Love Note from power and light press. Alright, this one’s more for me. I’m the book nerd in our relationship.

5. Lovebot 214 Tattly designed by Julia Rothman. Temporary love robot tattoo! Cute!

6. Wicked (8 bit) Heart large moleskine journal from Blackbird & Peacock. Yep, this would be mine, too. OR, we could use it to keep track of our Scrabble scores!

Check out more nerdy cute ideas on my nerd love Pinterest board. xo


Today’s Threads: 11.5.10

I’d say it’s time for another round of “today’s threads,” wouldn’t you? Today’s category: rain geek chic!


Galoshes: Sperry® Top-Sider ~ I bought these a few years ago at JC Penney for maybe $60-$70. I’m pretty sure that’s the most I’ve ever spent on shoes. Argyle sweater: Old Navy, $15 on sale. Collared shirt: PacSun, $10 on sale. Skinny jeans: $7 at Uptown Consignment, originally from PacSun. Fake glasses: Marshalls, $7.

I am really excited to finally own an argyle sweater. You don’t even know. Also, I love wearing my galoshes. It gives me an excuse to walk into large puddles :)

Happy weekend!