5th Annual Hartford Trashion Fashion Show: Sunday, April 19

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Trashion Fashion Show Hartford 2015 poster

It’s that time of year again! Now in its 5th year, the Hartford Trashion Fashion Show will be taking over Hartford City Hall next Sunday, April 19th to celebrate Earth Day, the arrival of Spring, and educate onlookers about sustainability.

Trashion Fashion Show model

It’s always a great time, with gorgeous upcycled runway fashion. I’m happy to be vending for my fourth year!

Poor + Pretty Booth

I will have plenty of my 100% natural sugar & salt scrubs, bath salts, lip & body balms, face masks, and more available during and after the show inside City Hall, but don’t miss the Earth Day Eco Market happening outside!


Recipe: Chocolate Dirt Cupcakes

Chocolate Dirt Cupcake Recipe via poorandpretty

Happy Earth Day! Stan’s favorite dessert is dirt pudding, so I made a cupcake version for him over the weekend. I gotta tell you: these chocolate cupcakes are the most delicious ones I’ve ever made. Mine tend to come out a little on the dry side, but these are perfect. Moist, but not super dense. They’re great for Earth Day, or kids’ birthday parties!

Chocolate Dirt Cupcakes with Pudding and Crumbled Oreo Topping — makes 12 regular cupcakes. Because you have to scoop out the center, I don’t recommend making these as minis, unless you’re baking chocolate cupcakes with a different frosting. In that case, this recipe will make about 60 minis.

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Earth Day DIY: Painted Pot Succulents


I don’t know who started the trend, but suddenly succulents were sprouting up in the home of every lifestyle blogger and interior decorator across the U.S. This DIY is very simple, so even if you aren’t an artist with a brush (I certainly am not!), you can feel confident that these will turn out great. Plus, with Earth Day right around the corner, it’s a great way to get your hands dirty and celebrate our planet!

This post originally appeared as a wedding table favor DIY on PrideSource.com and as part of Between the Lines‘ annual Wedding Issue, celebrating LGBT marriage equality.



  • succulents
  • terra cotta pots — depending on how big your succulents are, you’ll want pots that are between 2” to 4”
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes — get them in a few different sizes
  • a painter’s palette or 1-2 plates that can be easily washed (I used plastic)
  • a cup with water, for rinsing brushes
  • paper towels and/or newspaper to protect your painting surface
  • potting mix


Step 1: Place paper towels or newspaper on top of your painting surface to protect it from paint and set up the rest of your workstation.


Step 2: Start painting! Let your imagination run wild! Be sure to let the pots dry for a few hours before re-potting your succulents in them.

Don’t be afraid to mix together paints to get different colors, or try out fun techniques like this:


I achieved this ombre/gradient look by starting with white paint and gradually mixing in more and more red. I painted the top, added red, then painted the next streak, added more red and painted the next, and so on until I reached the bottom. I love how it came out!


For this glittery mint look, I mixed together a little bit of green with a lot of white paint, used a large brush to coat the entire pot, then let it dry. (It dries in only a few minutes). Once it felt powder-dry, I mixed together glitter and Mod Podge and slathered it onto the  bottom of the pot, then carefully dragged the brush upwards to make it look like the glitter is being sprinkled down.

DIY Tux Gentleman Painted Succulent via poorandpretty

This one is so much fun! I painted the entire pot white, then drew out the bow tie and where the black suit would begin. I painted the purple bow next, then the black last. The black isn’t very difficult to paint over though, so don’t be upset if you mess up. Just let it dry, then correct your mistake. Like I said before, I’m definitely not an artist with a brush, so I’m confident you can pull this one off — or better!


Solid colors work just fine, too!


Happy Earth Day!

True story: when I was younger, my dad used to make us go out on Earth Day and pick up trash in the neighborhood. We’d be out there for a few hours, and it was amazing how much we would pick up. It’s another cherished family tradition I have, and it gave me real respect for our planet. We only made a small difference, but it was a difference nonetheless.

Trashion Fashion Show 2013 Hartford City Hall

This year, I’m traveling to North Carolina for a business trip, so I won’t be picking up trash, but I did go to the Trashion Fashion Show again! It’s truly incredible what can be created with items we’d normally just chuck in the garbage — paper plates, straws, gum wrappers, tissue paper, newspaper, etc. A snapshot of the “grand finale” of designs:

Trashion Fashion Show 2013 - dresses

Here’s my 5-minute runway synopsis:

{Video not working? View it here.}

What are you doing to save the planet this Earth Day?


April 20: 3rd Annual Trashion Fashion Show in Hartford – celebrate Earth Day in sustainable style!


I am excited to be vending at the 3rd Annual Trashion Fashion Show! I had so much fun last year — the outfits were just incredible. I can’t wait to see what the sustainable fashion designers have cooked up this year. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, April 20, 2013, 6pm – 9pm
Where: Hartford City Hall: 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT
Who: Over 20 local artists, students, and designers, including students from The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts and Hall High in West Hartford. Trashion models are dancers, students, professionals, and a few area celebrities — catch Hartford mayor Pedro Segarra wearing a Trashion tie down the runway! Plus, shop and play with over 20 eco-friendly vendors and presenters, including Hartford Prints, Kate Stephen Jewelry, Poor & Pretty, and more. Pick up seedlings planted in egg shells by students at The Sustainable Farm School.
What? The Trashion Fashion Show is so much more than a celebration of Earth Day. This is a community-driven effort to promote environmental awareness and the Hartford area arts scene.
How much? Suggested donation is $15. Proceeds from ticket sales go toward a scholarship fund for local children who attend The Sustainable Farm School. Get tickets here.

Still not really sure what “trashion fashion” is? Here are a few outfits from previous years, designed by sustainable fashion designer Rachel DeCavage, owner of sugarplum USA and the non-profit Evergreen Design Co.:

Trashion show dresses 2012

Trashion show dresses 2011