Maison St. Germain: A Vintage Boutique

Maison St Germain vintage boutique Woodbury CT

Nestled in a shopping center behind Dottie’s Diner at 744 Main Street South in Woodbury, CT is the sweetest little vintage boutique I’ve ever stepped foot in: Maison St. Germain.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - jewelry

Owned by mother-daughter team Debra and Nicole, it’s filled with wonderful little treasures that make you think you’ve stepped right into an Audrey Hepburn film.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - antique sofas

It’s only a few minutes from Timex, so my friend/co-worker/fellow thrifty shopper Ali and I popped in to check it out during lunch on Friday.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - English pub table

I have been to quite a few vintage shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, searching for the perfect backdrop or table to set up in my office for photos and I finally found it at Maison St. Germain! I took this adorable little English pub table home with me and immediately squeezed it into my already-crowded office. But it’s okay because next year I’m moving my office into what is currently our bedroom — a much bigger space for all my crafty supplies and madness! I so wish the cute green chairs came with it, but they were sold separately so I didn’t take them.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - orange dresser

I was also in love with this big orange dresser. Beautiful! And unlike many of the antique shops in the area, Maison St. Germain’s prices were very reasonable. I hate when shop owners find a trashy piece of furniture in a junk yard somewhere for pennies, and try to sell it to you for hundreds of dollars. It’s clear that Debra and Nicole carefully curate every piece they bring into their shop and lovingly transform it into something unique, filled with personality. Debra even writes a blog about their adventures: Capers of the Vintage Vixens.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - vintage tea cups and plates

Oh, and if you’re looking for vintage teacups to turn into candles, you’ll find plenty here!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - blue table

I love the way they merchandised everything. This table made me want to sit down and have a tea party.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - pink vanity

I can’t even handle how perfect this pink vanity is!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - dressing room small bust sign

…Or this sign I found in the dressing room. Ha! Amen, sisters!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - vintage clothing

Their back room was filled with unique vintage clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories. I wanted that cute pale pink ballerina skirt, but I picked up a slightly more sensible purple pencil skirt and a gold purse instead.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - cash wrap

Even their cash wrap/checkout area was set on a beautiful vintage dresser or countertop. I had a wonderful time poking around during my lunch hour, and am so happy with the table I picked up. I’m sure you’ll start seeing it here on the blog all the time now! ;)

If you’re in the area, or looking for somewhere to pick up unique antique furniture or clothing, please stop by Maison St. Germain and say hello to Debra and Nicole! Please note that the address listed on their website is their previous address. Their current address is: 744 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT.

Lead photo courtesy of Maison St. Germain. All other photos by me.


4th Annual Trashion Show this Saturday!

Trashion 2014_sm

It’s that time of year again! The 4th Annual Trashion Fashion Show is this Saturday, April 19th 6-9pm at Hartford City Hall. Get your tickets here. (All proceeds support the Sustainable Farm School.)

I’ve been lucky enough to vend at the past two shows, but this year will be a little different. I will be teaching a demonstration on how to make your own sugar scrubs and have tons of info about some of the toxic chemicals you can find in your brand-name cosmetics. Did you see my article on the Evergreen Design Co. blog?

Trashion Show Hartford CT

I am so pumped to see this year’s trashion fashion! It keeps getting better and better every year!


VDay on Stage: Dramatic Valentine’s dates


Romeo & Juliet with Orlando Bloom in theaters across the U.S., February 13-19. Yeah, Orlando Bloom. I had to double-take that one, too. Turns out he and Condola Rashad starred in a Broadway production of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. For those of us who missed it on stage, we can thank Screenvision and Broadway HD for filming it. The film will be shown in (mainly small) theaters across the country. Find out the one nearest to you here and buy tickets here.

Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues, Worldwide, February 14-21. I’m a big advocate for every person on earth seeing Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues performed on stage at least once — yes, even men! It’s such a heartfelt, emotional, and even hilarious peek into the lives of women from all over the globe. If you’re in the Hartford area, I recommend seeing it at The Charter Oak Cultural Center (Suzi performed in it one year and made me cry.) Not in CT? You bet there’s one near you — most likely at a local college. Find a showing here.

The Game's Afoot

The Game’s Afoot at the Thomaston Opera House,  February 15, 16, 21, 22, & 23. You know how much I love murder mysteries (exhibit A, exhibit B). What you might not know is that Gillette Castle is my absolute favorite piece of Connecticut history. I won’t go into too many details, so to keep it short: Connecticut native William Hooker Gillette, who famously portrayed Sherlock Holmes in the first-ever stage adaptations, built a castle-esque mansion in East Haddam. Written by Ken Ludwig, The Game’s Afoot is a play in which William Gillette invites friends for an overnight at his castle, but things go sour when one of his guests is stabbed! It’s drama, comedy… think Clue, Connecticut-style. I’m so psyched to see this! Show details & tickets here.


Catch Poor & Pretty + sugarplum USA at Hartford HodgePodge 9/22 & 10/20

Hartford HodgePodge 2013 - poor and pretty and sugarplum

I’m super stoked to announce that I will be representing both Poor & Pretty and sugarplum USA at Hartford HodgePodge for two dates this season! While Rachel is kicking butt up in Boston through the end of October, I’ll be in hanging out on Pratt Street  in Hartford with cupcake soaps and eco-friendly clothing. Swing by this coming Sunday, September 22nd, and October 20th, from 11-4pm. You won’t be able to miss our booth ’cause it will be a massive color explosion.

Poor and Pretty SOWA 2013

sugarplum usa shop summer 2013


Picking apples at Roger’s Orchards

Apple picking at Roger's Orchards Southington CT - poor and pretty

Here in Connecticut, you’ll hear a lot of people say that Fall is their favorite season. Why? Apples! We have so many wonderful apple orchards, including Roger’s Orchards in Southington, a Jensen family favorite.

apples ready to be picked - poor and pretty

Stan and I went apple picking yesterday with our friends Michele, Jeff, and their son Noah, and I remembered how much I missed it! My dad used to bring us to Roger’s Orchards every September when we were little, but I haven’t been in years.

Sami and Noah apple picking - poor and pretty

Leave it to a kid to remind you how much fun running around in nature and pulling things off of trees can be! Noah didn’t really need any of our help to fill up his own bag of apples, but I gave him a boost anyway.

Sami apple picking at Roger's Orchards Southington CT - poor and pretty

I picked a few of my own, too, especially when we reached the Cortland section:

cortland apples - poor and pretty

Just sweet enough and super crispy, Cortland apples are definitely my favorite, with Honey Crisp a close second.

are the apples at top the sweetest? - poor and pretty

Speaking of sweet, Stan tested the theory of whether apples at the top of the tree were any sweeter. They aren’t; but the victory sure is. ;)

reach! - apple picking - poor and pretty

I tried reaching to the top of a few trees myself, but I lack the necessary height. (Not for lack of trying though — look at that dedication!)

Stan & I apple picking - poor and pretty

I can’t wait to bake some pies and apple fritters with all of the apples we picked!

What are your favorite Fall pastimes?