Last day for cupcake soaps!

poorandpretty etsy shop closing

The end is nigh, my friends! Today is the very last day you can place an order in my Etsy shop. Load your bathroom up with your favorite Cupcake Soaps, stock your freezer with Coco Balms and Coco Body Balms (they keep better that way ;), and grab as many Jars of Frosting as you can. Everything is 25% off; no coupon code needed. ♥


Closing time: Goodbye, Etsy; hello world!

MAA Craft Fair P&P booth

We’ve certainly had an amazing run, but at the end of the month, I will be closing up my Etsy shop, and will no longer sell my cupcake soaps, jars of frosting, coco balm, or coco body balm.

Though I have loved making and selling my cupcake soaps and bath & body goodies for the past three years, it has been challenging to balance this with my blog, career, and personal life. I am beginning to work on some very exciting personal projects that I hope will help me along my path of future self-employment, and I can’t wait to dedicate more time to them. This also frees up more time for me to work on creating more quality content for the blog!

My Etsy shop will be open for the remainder of February, and everything is 25% off — no coupon code needed.

Thank you so much for your support these past three years — here’s to an exciting 2014, full of possibilities!

P.S. The above photo was from my very first craft fair in 2011. It feels like it was yesterday. :)


Winter skincare tips & top picks

Remember my Summer Skincare Tips post? I thought I’d do another for winter. I know it isn’t officially winter yet, but since we saw our first snow fall earlier this week, I’m thinking it’s close enough. Truthfully, many of the tips I shared in my summer post are relevant for winter skincare, but given how dry the air is, it’s even more important to stay hydrated and moisturized. Here are my favorite ways to do so…


1. Drink lots of water or coconut water. Some people aren’t big on the taste of coconut water, but if you can get past that, it really is an amazing hydrator — some say it hydrates even better than water because it’s choc full of electrolytes. It’s also rich in potassium. Try adding it to smoothies if you don’t like the taste.

2. We’re all tempted to take hot baths or showers in the winter to stay warm, but this can actually dry out your skin. So if you do take a bath, try to keep it warm rather than hot and add some milk and honey to your bathwater. As celebrity esthetician Catherine Ianelli says in her milk and honey bath soak recipe, “milk makes the skin soft, is rich in AHA’s (alpha hyroxy acids), which promote exfoliation, and gives the skin a glowing complexion.”

3. Just as it’s important to exfoliate your face, it’s crucial to exfoliate your body, too, especially in the winter. My homemade vanilla coconut sugar scrub is my go-to body scrub. The sugar gets rid of dry, flaky skin and the coconut oil swoops in to moisturize. I’m also partial to my Jar of Frosting, a whipped soap body scrub made with jojoba beads to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

4. My Coco Body Balm packs a super-moisturizing punch because it’s made from cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Liquid lotions tend to contain chemical preservatives, whereas my Coco Body Balm is entirely natural, and therefore entirely good to your skin. I use it on particularly dry patches of skin like my elbows, knees, heels, and slather it on my hands before I go to bed.

5. Whether or not you’re prone to dry skin, it’s better to use a natural bar soap for your face in the winter. Not just any bar soap, of course, you’ll want one specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on our face. Why? Because natural facial bar soaps are made with skin-loving oils that provide your skin with more moisture rather than removing it. Most liquid face washes contain surfactants (also in household cleaning products!) which strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving your face too dry. I like this oatmeal & lavender facial cleansing bar from Blissoma.

6. Hopefully, if you’ve followed all of the above steps, your skin will be well-moisturized, but if you need a little extra help, you’ll want to keep a face serum handy. Facial serums can be pricey, but they are packed with rejuvenating oils, so you only need a few drops for your whole face. The best serums — like this Organic Face Serum from Antho — contain Rosehip and Argan oils, loaded with powerful antioxidants and natural essential vitamins.

What do you do to keep your skin soft in the winter?

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Poor & Pretty at the BUST Craftacular / World Maker Faire: Day Two

Sunday was a much better day for me in terms of sanity. Stan and I opted out of staying at the hotel a second night and decided to drive home instead, so we slept much better. The day also started sunnier, which made Erica and I very happy:

Wow, that cupcake tree is almost as tall as we are! I’m super grateful to my co-worker Chris for lending it to me. It took up a lot of room, but was definitely worth it. Many people stopped just to marvel at my tower of cupcake soaps. And my chalkboard & easel {borrowed from my friend Jeff} drew some compliments as well:

I was pretty economical with my booth. Suzi also let me borrow her trifle dish to display my Coco Body Balms, and gave me the great suggestion of layering them in it with tissue paper to make it look like an actual trifle:

Sunday was a bit slower in terms of sales, so Erica and I were able to leave our boys in our booths and wander around the rest of the Maker Faire for a while. {Stan was very happy to have made a sale all on his own during that time!} While it was slow, I hunted down the cupcake booth I had heard of on Saturday and bought 6 mini cupcakes to try out:

They’re from The Chocolate Swirl and they were delicious: Vanilla, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Mint Chip, Caramel, and Nutella. Not wanting to keep them all to myself, I shared them happily with my tentmates. While I was out exploring, I also picked up some new bling from other BUST Craftacular vendors:

The necklace is from Erica {The Clockwork Witch}, made from pouring resin over a chocolate foil, watch parts, and a cicada wing. She collects parts from dead bugs and small animals and uses them in her jewelry — talk about recycling! It’s just so unlike anything I’ve ever seen, beautiful. The wooden turquoise ring on the right was made by Helveta Vyotlag.

During our tour around the Maker Faire, Erica and I headed first to the 3D printing exhibit, unable to wrap our minds around the concept without seeing it in action:

It’s so neat! You create the model in a 3D model software {like AutoCAD, for instance}, and then the 3D printer prints out your object layer by layer with this cornstarch or plastic filament. On the left in the photo above is a MakerBot 3D printer churning out what I’m guessing is going to be a mini crocodile mouth. On the right, Erica is marveling at a 3D heart that has all these gears that turn and twist. Very, very cool.

After the 3D printer exhibit, we saw a life-sized version of the Mouse Trap game! How awesome is that? It’s too bad they didn’t have it going while we were there, but it was still pretty neat to see. It makes me want to play the game again!

Overall, the BUST Craftacular / World Maker Faire was a fantastic time. Even though I was sick, I loved vending, I loved meeting Erica and Cornelius, and I loved having Stan with me, who did a wonderful job helping me out. And another HUGE thanks goes out to my amazing Kickstarter Backers, without whom I would have never made it there!


Poor & Pretty at the BUST Craftacular / World Maker Faire: Day One

This past weekend was the BUST Craftacular at the World Maker Faire and what a weekend it was! Stan and I borrowed my Dad’s truck, loaded it with products and booth flair, and headed into New York Friday afternoon to check in before the rush Saturday morning. After collecting our parking passes and lanyards, we checked into our hotel.

Now, I usually stay away from bashing businesses on my blog, but I was really skeeved out by our hotel, The Anchor Inn in Bayside. I won’t go into detail, but I should have listened to Suzi and stayed at the slightly more expensive but always trusty Holiday Inn! I ended up only getting 3 hours of sleep Friday night {technically Saturday morning}, and we did not stay the second night. I’ve got to hand it to myself though, even with a sinus infection, three hours of sleep, and rain at the beginning of the Faire, I functioned pretty darn well on Saturday!

Stan and I had the best tentmates ever. We were with Erica, the Clockwork Witch, maker of beautiful steam punk jewelry, and her hubby, Cornelius, self-proclaimed teller of bad jokes {although we thought he was pretty punny}. We had a great time alternating between hanging out and chatting and freaking out when it rained or got really busy. Erica and I were both new to the big-event scene, and we both were incredibly grateful to our sweet guys helping us out.

Speaking of sweet — I mean, very manly! — men, my Dad showed up halfway through the day with Suzi, Scarlett, and my stepmom, Carolyn. His friends had stopped by my booth earlier and bought one of my new Coco Body Balms, which my Dad used later on and offered to take this with-and-without shot for me:

The elbow on the left has Coco Body Balm and the elbow on the right does not! He’s also wearing a “Maker Dad” sticker that I modified for him. :)

More on my booth and the rest of the Maker Faire tomorrow!