DIY Beauty: oat & cornmeal exfoliating facial scrub & mask

DIY oat & cornmeal exfoliating facial scrub mask Poor & Pretty

Did you know we should be exfoliating our faces 2-3x per week to get rid of dead skin? Imagine making a mask every time you were going to exfoliate. I don’t have the time, do you? This is the easiest facial scrub/mask you’ll ever make, and it lasts forever! Here’s what you need:

  • ½ cup oats
  • 1 tbs cornmeal
  • mortar & pestle {or a sealable plastic bag & meat tenderizer}

grind oats in mortar & pestle Poor & Pretty

Grind up your oats with the mortar & pestle. I grind up the oats in thirds so that oats don’t fly everywhere as I smash them.

ground oats Poor & Pretty

The end result should look something like this.

ground oats & cornmeal Poor & Pretty

Add the oats to a small container, pour the cornmeal on top, pop the lid on, then shake.

oat & cornmeal exfoliating scrub Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream Poor & Pretty

And there you have it! Use about half a teaspoon and add a little bit of water or milk and you’ve got yourself a facial scrub or mask. I keep it my container next to my shower and mix it in with my favorite cleanser. Shake it up before you use it because the cornmeal settles to the bottom. Don’t forget to scrub your throat, and always follow it up with a moisturizer. Happy exfoliating!


Friday Faves 6.29.12: All new things

I’ve got an interesting collection of recently acquired things on my Friday Faves list today!

1. Kivik loveseat from Ikea. Unfortunately, they don’t have the red cover offered online, so if you’re digging it, call your store ahead of time to see if they carry it. I bought mine at the store in New Haven, CT. My Dad & I picked it up yesterday and Stan & I assembled it last night. It’s a bit stiff out of the box, but Jill and I tested all of the couches and decided this was the most comfy for my budget. The popular Klippan one, with all of its awesome changeable covers? Super uncomfortable.

2. Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Creme by Burt’s Bees. My previous favorite cleanser from Neutrogena was starting to dry out my skin, so I thought I’d give this one a try. It’s made almost entirely from natural ingredients and penetrates deep into your skin to remove dirt & oils without drying it out. Plus it smells amazing and tingles so you know it’s working! Definitely my new fave.

3. Buffy exfoliating body butter bar by LUSH Cosmetics. Yes, I admit, part of my initial attraction to this body butter bar was caused by my obsession with the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But, for more practical reasons, I wanted to try it out to have a good body exfoliator other than sugar scrub. One of the salespeople in the Danbury mall LUSH tested it out on me and it left my skin silky smooth, so I nabbed one, then talked about Buffy with them for about half an hour.

4. Angelfish slip-on boat shoes by Sperry Top-Sider. My Auntie Kathy bought these for my birthday. They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I was a little afraid that I was going to look like a total prepster wearing them, but I’ve been assured that they don’t cramp my funky style. I wear them with and without socks and they are equally comfortable and don’t make your feet smell.

5. Maddie Pushup Bra in hot pink by Aerie. As I described in my cheeky Pinterest comment, this bra is totally my new breast friend. I have small boobs, so it’s really hard for me to find a comfortable, well-fitting bra. It turns out that Aerie makes bras for people like me! So, if you’re having trouble finding a good bra in Victoria’s Secret, try Aerie. They’re way less expensive, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday Faves 11.19.10

Be forewarned: I am about to share my super nerdy side with you.


1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. If my house was burning down and I could save only two things, one would be my Harry Potter book collection {it’s in a collector’s box, so it’s definitely considered only one thing}. The other would probably be my MacBook, assuming my family is okay.


Anyway! Yes, I’m a big fan. I was working at Borders Books & Music when the Deathly Hallows book came out and I dressed as Hermione {above right, with a co-worker dressed as Snape}. That was the craziest night I’ve ever worked. When Stan and I first started dating, and my family/friends would joke about how he resembled Harry Potter, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go as Harry and Ginny for Halloween {above, left}. I think I could have made a good Luna, too, if you look at my facial expression {and if I had dyed my hair white instead of red}. I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night and it was everything I ever hoped it would be, and more. Go see it! {First image © Warner Bros}.


The rest of my Friday Faves have absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter:

2. Yes To Carrots™ Exfoliating Cleanser {also Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser}. I found the Yes To brand while checking out the natural beauty section at Target a week or so ago. The bright color and simplistic design caught my eye first, but when I read the ingredients, I was very, very happy. No Parabens, no Propylene Glycol, no Petroleum or SLS {which I’ll talk more about soon!} and no other nasty, harmful chemical ingredients. It’s choc full of nature: carrot, bamboo, aloe, shea butter, and Dead Sea mud. Plus, it’s made from 95% natural ingredients and is certified cruelty-free. It smells wonderful and leaves your skin seriously smooth and exfoliated, not dry or scratchy.

3. Yes To Carrots™ Lip Butter. The lip butter is just as wonderful. Because I’m addicted to lip balm/gloss and have to have one with me at all times, I’m very glad I found this one. It actually heals and hydrates your chapped lips, rather than just covering them up. It doesn’t sting, like Burt’s Bees does, and it smells great too! This is a cold weather must-have! Check out their website for the entire lip balm set — 5 certified organic lip balms for only $13!

4. Bamboo Wear™ Bamboo Compact & Silk Face Powder. Okay, I admit it. The packaging caught my eye for this, too. When people say not to judge a book by its cover, they’re lying. We all do that! But, once we get over the beauty/ugliness of the packaging/cover, it’s super important to find out what’s inside, too. This face powder, made by Physicians Formula®, is 90% natural, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, Paraben free, non-comedogenic {doesn’t block your pores, so it won’t cause blackheads}, oil-free, and Dermatologist approved. It also comes in a sustainable compact made from bamboo, a highly renewable resource. The compact also comes with a small bamboo brush applicator, mirror, and the powder compartment is magnetic so when you’re out of powder you can pick up a refill and re-use the same compact. Yay! I’m not a huge fan of the applicator, so I use a cruelty-free kabuki brush I bought from The Body Shop, but the powder goes on smooth, doesn’t get cakey, and doesn’t make me look old {some makeup just makes you look old}!

5. Vegan Liquid Foundation by Lollibomb Beauty®. I know, you get it, I love Lollibomb Beauty. I just had to include this in my Friday Faves because it’s another winter essential. I love my loose powder from Lollibomb, but in the winter, I need something liquid because my face gets super dry. This is perfect. You only need to use a tiny, tiny bit, too, so it will last a long time, and there’s a shade for everyone!