SoWa Sundays & my new vintage skirt

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty

This past Sunday, I vended at the SoWa Open Market again with Kleiner Eisbär, where I picked up this awesome skirt! Traffic was slow, so I was able to explore the different parts of the fair, including the vintage market.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage wall

I picked up the yellow skirt — made by dsb in the 1970’s — from Swift & Faire Co.

Swift & Faire Co. vintage

Another gem I found at the vintage market was Neatly Nested, run by Danielle Platzer, an interior decor lover and antique furniture enthusiast. Danielle breathes new life into run-down furniture through repair, reupholstery, and fresh paint, giving antique pieces a more modern look:

Neatly Nested dressers

Neatly Nested wooden bench

Neatly Nested wooden table

Danielle blogs about her new projects and house renovations at

IMPRESSED by nature booth SoWa 7-7-13

Back outside at the Arts Market, I fell in love with IMPRESSED by Nature, pressed botanicals sealed in thin plastic and turned into beautifully unique jewelry. It immediately reminded me of the pressed leaves and flowers Suzi and I used to make with our Nana when we were little.

IMPRESSED by nature earrings

Of course, these were much more elegant. I also loved the simplicity of the booth and displays.

IMPRESSED by nature necklace displays

We were also joined by our friends Rachel DeCavage of sugarplum USA and Julia Sloan, Brazen Betties, who were sharing a booth:

Sugarplum USA SoWa booth 7-7-13

And speaking of displays I love, Krissy and Dennis have fun ways of displaying their new screen printed baby and toddler clothing:

Poor and Pretty Kleiner Eiesbar SoWa booth 7-7-13

If you haven’t yet, come visit us at the SoWa Open Market on July 21, August 11 & 18, and we’ve added September 1 to our SoWa tour! :)

My new vintage skirt - Poor and Pretty


Outfit details: Sunglasses: Marshalls, $6. Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan in white, J.Crew, $20 on sale. Belt: courtesy of sugarplum USAWatch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex. Skirt: dsb, vintage, Swift & Faire Co., $24. Shoes: Bamboo, Urban OG, $18 (similar).

This post was inspired by the delightful finds at the SoWa Open Market, and is a part of Independent Fashion Bloggers Project #103 Vintage Vixens.

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Repel bath salt zombies! Stock up on Ginger Lime Fiesta! cupcake soaps

They’re climbing in your windows and eating your faces {or possibly kneecaps} off! With all of the gloom and doom and apocalyptic weirdness surrounding the inhalation of bath salts, you’re probably looking for some protection. Some kind of magical medallion, perhaps. Or, at the very least, a bath product you can trust not to turn you or your friends into a zombie. Thankfully, my Ginger Lime Fiesta! cupcake soap is here for you.

Ginger Lime Fiesta! cupcake soap Poor & Pretty 60b Photography

What can a cupcake soap do for you? This is not just any cupcake soap, friends. It has the power to ward of zombies! During the Great Torrington Zombie Outbreak of 2010, I was interviewed by locals Eric and Keith, who were checking up on their friend Julia Sloan, sole proprietor of the now-closed Brazen Betties:

So, really, there’s no cause for alarm. Ditch your bath salts in favor of a Ginger Lime Fiesta! cupcake soap and the zombies will trudge right on past your home. Find this, and other delectable body treats, in my Etsy shop.

Lead image: a vector illustration entitled “Sweet Meat” by Orlando Arocena, an unbelievably amazing freelance illustrator and one of my favorite new co-workers! Check out more of his art here. Ginger Lime Fiesta! cupcake soap photography courtesy of Jillian Farrell, 60b Photography.


This Saturday: Brazen Betties Cash Mob

Stop by the Brazen Betties Cash Mob this Saturday, from 11am-7pm! To show our support for Julia Sloan {pictured above, left}, who opened up Brazen Betties three years ago this month, we’re asking friends to swing by Brazen Betties and spend at least $20. Julia has done so much for Connecticut indie artists {including me!} and the local economy, so it’s time we give back!

There are plenty of wonderful, unique, handmade & vintage items in store for you.

Vintage & handmade clothing and handbags.

Handmade Raggie t-shirts and pottery.

One-of-a-kind headbands and hair accessories. Vintage & handmade jewelry.

And, of course, cupcake soaps, lip balms, and jars of frosting made by me!

Come to Torrington this Saturday, buy something wonderful, and give Julia a big hug for being one of the most amazing, inspiring, and fearless women in our great state of Connecticut! Can’t make it to the store? Shop online! {I promise it still counts.}

What’s a “cash mob,” you ask? Read about the successes of cash mobs in stimulating the local economy here and here.


Friday Faves: Rainbow Edition

I thought I’d so something different with my Friday Faves for a change. :)

Red: I have so many red things that I love, and this awesome vintage purse is the latest. I scored it for only $6 at Brazen Betties!
Orange: I love this Apricot mineral eyeshadow from Madison Street Beauty. Bridget’s handmade eyeshadows are vegan, hypoallergenic, chemical-free, fragrance-free, and oil & talc free. Plus, they never expire!
Yellow: You may remember my Tulle Yellow-So-Cute Coat I got from ModCloth. So happy I’ll be able to wear this again soon!
Green: My Bamboo & Sugar Cane cupcake soap is next in line for me to use in the shower! I love this fresh and slightly sweet scent.
Blue: I love all of the non-toxic nail polishes I bought from Priti NYC, but Blue Wedgewood may be my fave.
Purple: Since I know rainbows are technically 7 colors {Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet}, my pick for purple has a little indigo and violet in it. I wore this awesome striped/floral scarf from Forever 21 twice this week! Sabrina would be so proud.


Holiday Threads: Heart of Green

Okay so this is technically not a “Today’s Threads,” but trust me, you wouldn’t want to see what I’m wearing today. I’ve been sick for over a week with some kind of sinus infection/cold thing, so I’m in my jammies. Not doing a whole lot of jammin’ though. So, here’s what I wore to my Dad’s house for Christmas Eve.

xmas eve 2011

From the bottom up: Red vintage boots: Bellini, loveyvintage, $30. White leggings: Marshalls, $8. Green polka heart jumper: Forever 21, found at Savers, $8. White top: Old Navy, $5. Clock heart necklace: handmade by White Flag Designs (now OHWTO), Brazen Betties, $30. Brown headband: 3 for $1, Dollar Tree, bought when I was making hair accessories.

I also got a haircut, which I was in desperate need of. Thanks to Mish <3.