Maison St. Germain: A Vintage Boutique

Maison St Germain vintage boutique Woodbury CT

Nestled in a shopping center behind Dottie’s Diner at 744 Main Street South in Woodbury, CT is the sweetest little vintage boutique I’ve ever stepped foot in: Maison St. Germain.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - jewelry

Owned by mother-daughter team Debra and Nicole, it’s filled with wonderful little treasures that make you think you’ve stepped right into an Audrey Hepburn film.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - antique sofas

It’s only a few minutes from Timex, so my friend/co-worker/fellow thrifty shopper Ali and I popped in to check it out during lunch on Friday.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - English pub table

I have been to quite a few vintage shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, searching for the perfect backdrop or table to set up in my office for photos and I finally found it at Maison St. Germain! I took this adorable little English pub table home with me and immediately squeezed it into my already-crowded office. But it’s okay because next year I’m moving my office into what is currently our bedroom — a much bigger space for all my crafty supplies and madness! I so wish the cute green chairs came with it, but they were sold separately so I didn’t take them.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - orange dresser

I was also in love with this big orange dresser. Beautiful! And unlike many of the antique shops in the area, Maison St. Germain’s prices were very reasonable. I hate when shop owners find a trashy piece of furniture in a junk yard somewhere for pennies, and try to sell it to you for hundreds of dollars. It’s clear that Debra and Nicole carefully curate every piece they bring into their shop and lovingly transform it into something unique, filled with personality. Debra even writes a blog about their adventures: Capers of the Vintage Vixens.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - vintage tea cups and plates

Oh, and if you’re looking for vintage teacups to turn into candles, you’ll find plenty here!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - blue table

I love the way they merchandised everything. This table made me want to sit down and have a tea party.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - pink vanity

I can’t even handle how perfect this pink vanity is!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - dressing room small bust sign

…Or this sign I found in the dressing room. Ha! Amen, sisters!

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - vintage clothing

Their back room was filled with unique vintage clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories. I wanted that cute pale pink ballerina skirt, but I picked up a slightly more sensible purple pencil skirt and a gold purse instead.

Maison St Germain vintage boutique - cash wrap

Even their cash wrap/checkout area was set on a beautiful vintage dresser or countertop. I had a wonderful time poking around during my lunch hour, and am so happy with the table I picked up. I’m sure you’ll start seeing it here on the blog all the time now! ;)

If you’re in the area, or looking for somewhere to pick up unique antique furniture or clothing, please stop by Maison St. Germain and say hello to Debra and Nicole! Please note that the address listed on their website is their previous address. Their current address is: 744 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT.

Lead photo courtesy of Maison St. Germain. All other photos by me.


Woodbury Wandering: Carla Nichols Boutique

Carla Nichols Boutique in Woodbury

I’ve passed by Carla Nichols Boutique many times since they opened their pink doors last October, and every time I think, “Oh! I need to go in there!” Finally, the day before Suzi’s birthday, I did! {And I picked up a few awesome birthday/housewarming presents ~ right, Suzi?}

Carla Nichols Boutique table

It was even lovelier than I had imagined. A beautiful round table with a bouquet of fresh roses welcomed me in, and offered a great selection of skinny jeans. And where would skinny jeans be without the face that inspired their comeback? Large photos of Audrey Hepburn hang just above shelves that hold clutch purses and vanities draped with jewelry and handmade hair accessories.

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Indie Crafter Spotlight: Alexcia Patterson of Make & Mingle

Make & Mingle Wesport CT - Poor & Pretty

Alexcia Patterson is the creative force of nature behind Make & Mingle, a retail store and studio in Westport, CT. It’s a vibrantly decorated space where you can get crafty with friends and peruse the abundance of unique trinkets and handmade gifts from bracelets & earbuds to totes & wallets, and more. When I dropped off my products for the first time, I marveled at the beautiful space and chatted about all sorts of things with Alexcia. We were like kindred spirits! I’m so happy to share her story with you today.

Make & Mingle retail & studio 2 Poor & Pretty

Poor & Pretty: First, tell us a little about yourself, Alexcia. Where does your creativity stem from?
Alexcia Patterson: I grew up around art as my father is a Pre-Columbian art dealer. It was just all around us. I also traveled a lot and lived in different countries like Mexico, Australia, France, England, and Switzerland.

Make & Mingle crafting supplies

P&P: Wow, that’s a lot of traveling! That must have been very inspiring.
AP: Yes, absolutely. I was always inspired by different prints and patterns from different cultures. Having studied art history, I found I could go through the famous paintings and find beautiful prints throughout — everything from the blanket in the background of a Vermeer painting, the designs in Moroccan weavings, to the gorgeous colors of Picasso’s early period.

Make & Mingle sewing & needlework - Poor & Pretty

P&P: How did you find the courage to open such a crafty shop in a not-so-great economy?
AP: I noticed that DIY was going through a sort of renaissance. People were becoming more interested in the whole concept of making things and being creative without the old, stodgy feel that had formerly been associated with crafts.

making and mingling at Make & Mingle - Poor & Pretty

P&P: Hence, your crafty classes! You offer a range, for all ages at Make & Mingle – from sewing pillows to decorating headbands. What are your most popular classes?
AP: I would probably say that my “Learn to Sew” class is the most popular. I’ve heard so many moms and kids say they have a machine (still in the box) in the basement. They all want to learn how to sew but have just never found the right inspiration and/or fun place to learn. The next available dates are Thursday, February 14 or Tuesday, February 26, 4pm-6pm. Check out all of our February 2013 classes here and our drop-in classes here.

Make & Mingle Birthdays

P&P: Do you host special events like birthday parties?
AP: Yes! Birthday parties are a big part of our business. We make a special effort to pick fun and modern party themes that are all about decorating and embellishing. Everything from our tote bag “Animal Lover” theme to our “Fashion Runway.” The Fashion Runway is my favorite because kids are challenged to create an outfit from a myriad of supplies under an hour and a half. Cupcakes included :)

Truly - Make & Mingle - Poor & Pretty

P&P: Sounds perfect for me! So, you have three few kids… one of whom I met when I stopped by. Have they inherited your creativity?
AP: I have two daughters and a son. Truly  — who you met — is still only 1.5 years old, so we’ll see. She came to the store with me when she was 8 days old, so it’s probably already engrained in her. My son West loves to build with Legos. He has so many now that I made him a few pouches to keep them organized! My oldest daughter, Tessa, is more creative on the computer. She designs websites (including Make & Mingle’s) and has her own business, Pixelton Designs. She also recently created a really cool product called The Techlace, an iPhone case connected to an adjustable & fashionable necklace. I think that we are all creative in our own way, we just have to discover our own outlets.

West - Make & Mingle - Poor & Pretty

P&P: What do you envision as the future of Make & Mingle?
AP: Most of our products are fabric based. However, I would love to delve into other creative outlets like beauty products, yarn, etc. I’m also hoping to grow our online presence to share the crafty goodness. I would really love to get more local artisans/Etsy sellers in the store so that Make & Mingle can become a platform for people to touch and feel products of local Etsyans.

Make & Mingle retail & studio Poor & Pretty

P&P: Speaking of local artisans, what advice do you have for aspiring artists who want to start selling their creations?
AP: Promote yourself! I would say half of it is doing what you love but the other half is really all about getting yourself out there through social media, local events etc.

Stay in the loop with Make & Mingle! Sign up for their newsletter, read the Make & Mingle blog, “like” them on Facebook, Tweet @makeandmingle, and see what inspires Alexcia on Pinterest.