Wednesday Wishlist: Birthday Edition

Wednesday Wishlist Birthday Edition_feature

My 28th birthday is Sunday. 28!! I’m basically 30. I graduated high school 10 years ago. That is insane! I feels like only yesterday that I was in drama club (of course), that Jordan & I went to prom together, that I registered to vote… crazy. A decade! CRAZY. I can’t even. Let’s move on to the best part of birthdays: gifts! Here’s what’s on my wish list:

Wednesday Wishlist Birthday Edition

1. Patron Prestige Skirt in Pink via ModCloth. Flirty & feminine & pink & tulle. Yes, please.

2. Dream Catcher Eco Flowy Tank by Cinder + Salt. I pretty much want all of Rachel’s clothing in my closet, but this dreamy tank especially.

3. Florabunda Large Agenda by What girl doesn’t want a giant planner with stickers and inspiring prints inside?

4. Cherry Pop Nail Polish by 100% Pure. I love this color! It’s a deep red with a dash of purple ~ super sophisticated.

5. Beginner’s Cold Process Soap Kit by Bramble Berry. I want this so Stan and I can finally make soap from scratch together! (We’re weird/awesome that way.)

6. Cupcakes from NoRA Cupcake Co. Okay, maybe I don’t need a whole truck, but a few cupcakes from NoRA would be heaven.

Let’s pretend I’m not almost 30, okay? Okay. xo

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Highlights from Lake Placid, NY

High Falls Gorge @poorandpretty

Stan and I had a great time during our mini-getaway to Lake Placid, NY. It’s a bit of a drive (4.5 hours), but most of it is very scenic and beautiful, so we didn’t mind. I wanted to go somewhere and be surrounded by nature. We definitely chose the right place! Just check out the view from our hotel room:

Lake Placid - View from our room

We stayed at Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, just on the edge of Mirror Lake. I wish the weather had been a bit warmer and sunnier so we could have enjoyed swimming or canoeing, but we were able to do a little hiking Saturday afternoon.

Lake Placid - Chair 6 @poorandpretty

On the recommendation of a friend, we had lunch at Chair 6, a tiny little cafe just outside of Lake Placid’s downtown area. The food — prepared by the owner — was phenomenal. I wish we’d had room for dessert!

After lunch, we lazily strolled through the downtown area and poked our heads in a few of the quirky shops. We bought a few different chocolate treats from Adirondack Chocolates, and somehow managed not to eat them all in one go. Chilly from the walk, we headed back to our hotel room and relaxed in the oversized jetted tub (and vowed to put one in our bathroom), enjoyed a late dinner, then fell asleep almost immediately.

Stan High Falls Gorge @poorandpretty

Saturday morning, we checked out, ate a big breakfast, then headed out to High Falls Gorge for some light hiking and nature walking.

High Falls Gorge waterfall @poorandpretty

I tried not to take too many pictures — I wanted to soak in the surroundings — but I did snap a few of this 700ft waterfall.

High Falls Gorge waterfall underfoot @poorandpretty

They had one of those windows you could stand on and see the waterfall below. Mostly, you can just see our feet though.

High Falls Gorge cool spiderweb @poorandpretty

I wouldn’t normally get this close to spiders, but we were in nature after all. And his/her web was pretty neat.

High Falls Gorge hike @poorandpretty

There were a good number of people visiting the falls, so we got off the main path for a bit to take a quiet walk through the woods.

High Falls Gorge outfit photo @poorandpretty

I wasn’t exactly dressed for heavy hiking, so we stayed away from the really intense paths. By 2:00, we were back on the road again, but I did pull over twice to snap a few more photos:

Lake Placid - Olympic Jumping Complex @poorandpretty

This is the Olympic Jumping Complex, seen from Route 73. Though the site was home to many previous jumps, these were built for the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Adirondacks Lake Placid NY @poorandpretty

This is my favorite shot of the mountains, also from Route 73. It really was such a beautiful drive! It was the perfect nature retreat. :)


Cap’n Scarlett’s pirate birthday party


Yesterday was my niece Scarlett’s 11th birthday party, a pirate-themed affair.


Cap’n Scarlett was afraid of nothin’! Dueling to the death!


…And runnin’ from small puppies! ;)


Her ship was the biggest in the sea (backyard).


Her jolly roger raised high (upon her dad’s chest) with pride!


And she had bounties of treasure! (How awesome is this cake Suzi made?!)


So much booty had Cap’n Scarlett that she gave some to landlubbers and scalawags alike.


And she makes time for arrrr-t projects! (Flag-making contest: the best flag made in 2 minutes wins purple doubloons!)


Okay… I think I have to break out of character now. Suzi anticipated that we wouldn’t have the heart to cut open the treasure chest cake, so she supplied strawberry cupcakes, too.


I supplied these golden pirate soaps as part of the “booty bags” for the kids. (Though a few of the adults wanted the soaps, too!)


Scarlett always has great birthday parties, and yesterday was the perfect day for it. It got me thinking about what I want to do for my next birthday… At least I have plenty of time to plan!


Pre- and post-birthday shenanigans

I don’t think it’s a surprise that I really, really love my birthday. Happily, I have friends and family who (perhaps begrudgingly) allow me to have a whole birthday week. Yay!

It started on Sunday, May 20th, when my mom took Suzi, Tabi (my younger sister), and I to see Potted Potter at The Bushnell ~ a comedy act wherein two “dorky British boys” (as Suzi called them) perform all seven Harry Potter books in only 70 minutes. Definitely geared toward younger audiences, the four of us still had quite a few chuckles!

Potted Potter & hibachi birthday - poor and pretty

We finished the evening with a hibachi dinner at Ichiro in West Hartford. (Apologies for the image quality — it’s dark in there!)

birthday week Tuesday - poor and pretty

Tuesday, I wore this cute ensemble to work and to dinner with my Dad, where we happened to bump into Suzi and Scarlett, so they joined us! After dinner, Dad and I went to see The Great Gatsby (yes, I saw it again). I think it was even better the second time around! Dad also gave me my Alt for Everyone goodie box, which had come in the mail, so it felt like a birthday present from the Alt Summit folks.

I don’t have any photos of this, but I promise  you it happened: my boss took my co-workers and I out for dinner at Pies & Pints in Middlebury Wednesday night. We had some full-belly laughs when John (who tried to steal a dinosaur at the Bronto Summit) convinced our Polish visitor Bartek to try a very spicy buffalo wing. My boss joked that it was the longest we ever got Bart to stop talking. ;)

birthday balloon Thursday - poor and pretty

Thursday was a pretty dreary day… it rained so much! But my day brightened considerably when one of my co-workers gave me this balloon. :) And after work, I returned to Pies & Pints with Bartek and Dave (who helped screen print my tote bags) They surprised me with a birthday ice cream & cookie combo. I really wish I had photo-documented this week better…

birthday cupcake hat Friday - poor and pretty

Friday was my actual birthday! So, I put on this silly/cute cupcake headband my mom made me for Yule a few years ago and took a ridiculous photo of myself. I spent most of the day packing, and Stan came over in the evening for dinner at the taco truck. It was raining again, so we had an adventure running to and from the car. Friday night and Saturday morning, he helped me pack and make products for my upcoming SoWa Market debut on June 2nd! Oh, and Saturday night, we saw The Great Gatsby again. What? I really, really liked it! :)

And for the last day in my birthday week: Dad hosted a birthday party for me. Suzi made these amazing cake pops:

birthday cake pops! - poor and pretty

They even came with invisible candles!

invisible candles - poor and pretty

(Oh, that adorable, perfect-headed baby is my cousin Karyn’s son, SJ. He may have conquered his fear of me by the end of the party. I suspect he thought I was a giant fairy because I was wearing this dress.)

new birthday dress for mexico - poor and pretty

Speaking of dresses, Suzi got me this cute one as a birthday gift! It’s going to be perfect for our upcoming trip to Mexico!

new birthday sandals for mexico - poor and pretty

And so will these Havaianas flip flops from my Aunt Kathy.

It was a very good birthday week. It might seem less exciting compared to 24 and 25, but it was nice to relax a bit. Planning a murder mystery party is a lot a fun, but also a lot of work, especially if you’re moving at the same time. I would have been okay with seeing The Great Gatsby a few more times though… ;)