Recipe: White Sangria

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white sangria recipe via poorandpretty

I don’t drink much, but when I do, I prefer something light and sweet, like white sangria. It’s kind of my summer go-to. Plus, it’s easy to make a lot of it, so it’s perfect for cookouts and summer soirées.

white sangria - ingredients

You can make sangria so many different ways, but here’s what I use in mine:

  • 1 1/2 lemons, sliced thin
  • 8-10 strawberries, sliced lengthwise
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, cubed
  • 1 bottle of Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2 liters of lemon-lime soda

white sangria - fruit

1. Slice up your fruits.

white sangria - soaking fruit top

2. Put the fruit into a container and pour the white wine over it. Use a lidded container.

white sangria - soaking fruit

3. Store overnight in your refrigerator.

white sangria 2 via poorandpretty

4. Add in the lemon-lime soda, pour into a pretty pitcher, and enjoy!


Guest Post: Stan on what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day

Hello readers! Stan here, with a few ideas about what to get your male significant other for the upcoming holiday of looove. It’s only 10 days away!

stan's valentine gifts for your guy - poor & pretty

1. Sam’s Natural bath & body products. Sami gifted me the Simple Start Hygiene Bundle from Sam’s Natural, and I use it regularly, especially the Slick Shave Soap and After Shave. They provide a much more comfortable shave than any store products I’ve tried, and the aftershave smells great and moisturizes well. It’s nice to receive a gift that I enjoy using. Plus, they use all-natural ingredients, so I know I’m not putting garbage into my body.

2. Dollar Shave Club membership. Dollar Shave Club allows your guy to receive a fresh shipment of shaving razors every month so he doesn’t have to spend a fortune on them in-store. There are several blade types to choose from and you get a free handle with your first shipment. To top it off, he’ll get an ego-boosting postcard with each month’s razors. Also, their ad is hilarious:

3. Sun Jar. A sun jar is a frosted glass jar with a light inside of it. It’s powered by a battery connected to a solar panel. During the day, you leave it in bright sunlight to charge up and at night, it produces hours of soft lighting. It makes for a less practical gift but is interesting, inexpensive, and unusual.

4. iPad smart case. If your guy has an iPad and hasn’t tried out the Apple Smart Case for it, I strongly recommend it. The “Smart Cover” only protects the front and leaves you carefully placing your iPad down to avoid scratches. The Smart Case lets you close it up like a book and toss it in the passenger seat or in a backpack and not worry about it.

5. Electric tea kettle. These will boil a cup or two of water in about a minute — great if he’s just looking to drink some tea and not engage in a lengthy ritual every time. As a guy who enjoys hot beverages, I was very happy to receive one of these as a gift!


In which I gush about my iPhone 5 {and you have a sneak peek at the décor in my apartment}

Last night, I finally {finally!} procured my iPhone 5. It is wonderful. The first things I noticed were how fast it is compared to my 3GS and how beautifully clear the display is. And, being a blogger, I had to mess around with the camera. Check out my 3GS photos {left} compared to the 5 {right}. Note: these were all taken at the same time, and none of them were retouched.

My bedazzled lipstick pen, a gift from Scarlett. A fashion/beauty blogger must-have.

My motto!

Happy rainbow candles.

It’s hard to believe that these were taken at the same time! The iPhone 5 photos are so much brighter and more vibrant. This is going to make on-the-go blogging so much more fun!


Celebrate Independence Day with American Pie Cupcake Soap

Though I typically don’t re-stock my American Pie cupcake soap until Fall, I thought I’d show my American pride by releasing it a little sooner this year. The scent is unbelievably realistic — a mixture of slightly tart and sweet with cinnamon, apples, sugar and delicious pie crust, warm from the oven. Topped with blue and red jojoba beads.

American Pie cupcake soap, available at

Tell your sweet tooth to take a hike; this cupcake is for your body! Get it here, while it’s hot ;)


American & Pumpkin Pie cupcake soaps in the shop

Just in time for Fall, I’ve added two yummy pie-scented cupcake soaps to the Poor & Pretty shop: American Pie & Pumpkin Pie. The scents are very realistic, so please don’t eat them :)

Is there anything more American than apple pie? Well, probably, as apple pie dates back before the European colonization of America, but still. This cupcake soap is spot-on — slightly tart and sweet cinnamon, apples, sugar and that delicious pie crust, warm from the oven. Topped with blue and red jojoba beads.

My friend Jordan’s favorite, pumpkin pie is a signature fall dessert. Sweet cream pumpkin paired with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger and rounded out with buttery vanilla. Hurry, before Jordan buys them all! <3

Note: As of right now, these are only listed in the Big Cartel shop, not on Etsy.