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Focusing on the Good + DIY Sneak Peek

focus on the good

Guys, this week has kind of sucked. My car died on Wednesday, so I’ve spent all of my free time car shopping, which is crazy stressful. But I’m trying really hard to be positive. Dave and Jon took me to look at a car during lunch on Wednesday, then Dave hung around and waited with me until it got towed after work. Stan has been great about bringing me to work and back, and my boss took us out for froyo yesterday. And, hey, now I can finally get a car with an auxiliary input and listen to music decently. All good things, right?

Plus, here’s a sneak peek of a project I worked on last weekend:


How cute is this hand-painted ombre pot? It will be up on the blog in a few weeks. For now, let’s all have a relaxing weekend okay?

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April Fool's! 10 Last-Minute Office Pranks You Can Still Do Today

Post-It prank

Put Post-It notes on EVERYTHING. This will take some time, so do it when your co-worker has gone to lunch or is in a long meeting (via ViralNova).

Bieber Fever prank

Alternately, cover their cubicle with photos of Justin Bieber and heart-cutouts. My favorite part of this prank is the little banner, “And then I saw his face. Now I’m a Bieber!!!” Ha! (via World Wide Interweb)

Air horn door stopper

Tape an air horn to a door stopper. Whoa, good morning! (via Buzzfeed)

let me Google that for you

If your boss asks you to look up something you know they can easily Google, send them a Let Me Google That For You link. In case they’ve been fooled by LMGTFY before, disguise it as a bit.ly link before sending.

Hallway water maze prank

Cover a hallway with cups of water. See who tries to walk around them, and who actually moves them (via Mashable).

Keyboard language prank

Change your coworker’s keyboard language. On a Mac, go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources. Check a language (I recommend Dvorak as it’s the same as English, but the keys are in different places, so it will drive your target NUTS). Make sure “Show Input in menu bar” is unchecked so it doesn’t give your prank away. On a PC, Go to Control Panel > Languages > Add (via Digital Trends).

If your office has cubicles, remove a wall from one cubicle, and use it to box in your coworker’s (via Huffington Post).

This is one of Stan’s favorites: Fax letters to your co-worker from themself from the future. (If you can get at their computer, this could also work as emails). You might remember this one from The Office. There are a few more great Jim/Dwight pranks in this video, too! See all of Jim’s pranks here (via NBC).

out of order

Post erroneous signs in places they don’t belong…


I’m talking EVERYWHERE. I did these two things this morning. The second is a little more of an inside joke. My friend/coworker Dave (a copywriter) hates that I use exclamation points all the time. Here’s to you, Dave!!!!!!!!!!


Diet Coke soy sauce prank

Okay, this one is a little mean. Really, this would work with any dark brown soda. If you have to, run to the nearest grocery store or even gas station to grab soy sauce. Just make sure you are well out of spitting range when they drink it! (via Prankked.com)

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Friday Faves: Springtime on Etsy

Springtime Etsy Faves via @poorandpretty

I love how many beautiful, springy things there are on Etsy right now. Maybe because we’ve had such a harsh winter, we’ve kept ourselves busy creating lovely handmade goodies.

These are just a few of my favorites: 1. Pastel Berry Twig Hair Crown by littlehoneypies. 2. Layering Beaded Strand Necklace by NestPrettyThingsShop. 3. Set of Painted Wooden Vase and Candle Holders by ShadeonShape. 4. Rainbow Carrot Mix (250 heirloom seeds) via SmartSeeds. 5. Pastel Triangle Felt Garland by CoutureByAyca.6. 5 Pastel Painted Mason Jars by StyleJarsandCans.

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Bedroom Inspiration: Dark or Light?

People aren’t kidding when they say it takes forever to finish a house. Okay, so we’ve only been in our condo for nine months, but I did hope we would have accomplished more by now than just my office (which, embarrassingly still has painter’s tape around the trim!). It feels like it’s been ages since I posted my kitchen inspiration, but now I’m on to the bedroom. Stan and I are debating between dark or light. Here are some of the dark bedrooms I like:


El Fenn hotel in Morocco via SF Girl By Bay.

Sooz Gordon green blue bedroom

Sooz Gordon’s bedroom via Apartment Therapy.

Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom via The Everygirl.

I think if we go dark, we’d need to use a lot of light colors for bedding, furniture, etc. to keep a good balance. But I’m also drawn to really light and airy rooms like these:

airy white bedroom apartment therapy

Airy white bedroom via Apartment Therapy.

greenish bedroom lonny

Light green bedroom via Lonny.

Ikea bedroom light blue

Blue and white Ikea bedroom — this one is kind of in the middle, so maybe that’s where we’ll net out. I just can’t decide!

What do you think — dark or light?

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Craftsy Giveaway: Win a Class!

Craftsy Giveaway

Great news, readers!! I’ve partnered with Craftsy on a fun giveaway for you. If you’re looking to learn a new skill or possibly flex the muscles you already have, you’re going to love this. Craftsy has lots of great creative classes, and you get to win one! Here are a few of my favorites:

Craftsy Class: Decorating Cakes From the Inside Out

Amanda Rettke’s Decorating from the Inside Out. How cute would this cake be for a wedding?

Craftsy Class: Tiny Cupcake Toppers by Sheryl Bito

Tiny Cupcake Toppers with Sheryl Bito. I can’t even get over how adorable these cupcake toppers are.

Craftsy Class: My First Sweater by Amy Ross

My First Sweater with Amy Ross. I’d have to get started on this now, because it would probably take me until next winter to finish my sweater!

Craftsy Class: Sew Ready: Garment Basics by Brett Bara

Sew Ready: Garment Basics by Brett Bara. I have had my sewing machine for over two years now, and I’ve only sewn scraps, an inside-out pillow (I didn’t turn it inside out before sewing!), and my poppy pouch. Seriously. I’ve gotta amp it up.

Okay, so how do you enter the giveaway? Easy. Just peruse the classes on Craftsy.com, fill out this form, and you’re entered! Bonus points if you tell me which class you’d like to win in the comments! This giveaway is open to anyone, whether you’re already a Craftsy member or not. The contest ends Friday, April 4th. Good luck!

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