Legal Stuffs (Disclaimers, Disclosures, and more!)

Site Disclaimer

Thanks for visiting Poor & Pretty! This is my personal lifestyle blog where I sometimes share tips and tutorials about things I love (namely, eco-friendly, non-toxic beauty and sometimes baking!). To write my posts, I use my experiences, the experiences of others, and various other resources including but not limited to the interwebs and a few fabulous books (which I always credit!) That said, my advice doesn’t come with any guarantees, especially if you are testing out one of my at-home, DIY beauty products. We all have different skin quirks, so I recommend doing a spot test before putting something all over your body or face. Case in point: I use Shea Butter all the time on my body with only the best results, but one time, I used some unrefined & organic Shea Butter on my face, and I broke out in a rash. :( So, by visiting this site, you’re essentially signing a contract that says that you understand that I make no guarantees, and you won’t try to sue me or report me to OSHA. Because that? Would be awkward.

Affiliate Disclosure

Guess what? If you click on a link that I’ve provided or a sidebar ad, it might be a link to someone who will give me a commission if you buy something from their site. That means that I might get paid if you click on that link. And the reason why I’m telling you this is because I want to be upfront with you, because trust is the foundation of every relationship. Please note: I will never, ever feature products, companies, or brands that I do not truly believe in. Anything that appears in a post or an ad will be for a product, company, or brand that I have personally reviewed and personally love. You trust that the opinions I express in my posts are my own, and they always will be. That said, I promise to use any affiliate commissions earned for good causes: Things like reinvesting in Poor & Pretty to bring you even better content, and to work toward my goal of becoming fully self-employed. Read more about that + my advertising promise here.

Comment Policy

I love receiving comments from readers! It’s one of my favorite things ever. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, inspirations, life stories, and opinions in the comments after each (and almost every) blog post. I love hearing what you have to say. I will not, however, tolerate rude, insensitive, mean-spirited comments or language. I do my best to live by the Thumperian Principle (“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all” — or, in proper English: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!), and I expect my readers to do the same. Criticism is welcome, but intentionally hurtful comments are not. If you want to write something really mean, put it in a diary. You are welcome (encouraged!) to leave a link to your blog, but I will not publish any comments that I deem off-topic or spammy. I reserve the right to remove any and all comments from my posts at any time.

Site Terms & Conditions

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