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These are a few of the wonderful people in my life, some of whom have written guest posts for Poor & Pretty.

I’m almost certain that Ben is my twin, that we were separated at birth, and that one of us has been lied to about our age. He’s pretty much the male version of me, but he lives much too far away, in Michigan. He orchestrated the Conscientious Christmas Challenge of 2011. He is an amazing activist and writer, and I wish he would blog more.

Emily is Ben’s actual sister, and boy does creativity flow in that family! Emily is a horse trainer & riding instructor, a blogger, and a farmer. She just recently began a bakery. One day, I will return to Michigan and taste test everything she bakes!

Jennie Fresa is the owner of the Jennie Fresa Makeup and Skincare Boutiquerie in Clinton, Ct. She’s a champion for small businesses, a great networker, and an all-around amazing and inspiring woman. I have written several guest posts for her blog {also archived here} Her boutique carries my cupcake soaps, lip balm, and Jars of Frosting.

Jenny, like me, has a whacky/wonderful sense of fashion. She sells great vintage finds through loveyvintage and sells her wonderfully unique handmade upcycled hair accessories, fascinators, and fabric jewelry through loveycraft.

I love Jill because she’s not afraid to be a little crazy and live life on her own terms {hence her blog, live intrepidly}. She has excellent taste in books, movies, and television shows. She’s also a fantastic photographer, and has probably taken thousands of photos for me/Poor & Pretty, including the header. She totally stole my pink sparkly Toms.

Julia is the owner of Brazen Betties, a fashion & art boutique in Torrington, Ct. She is fierce, creative, and sweats inspiration. Seriously. She has helped me big-time with product design and marketing. Brazen Betties carries my cupcake soaps, lip balm, and Jars of Frosting.

Marcus is super silly. He lives in Michigan with Ben and cooks some seriously delicious food. He contributed a sweet & sour stir fry recipe to the blog.

Mayya and I were classmates at the University of Connecticut, where we both received B.A.’s in Communications. She is smart, sassy, and always knows when there are insanely good deals at major retail stores. She’s also a photographer. See her latest work here.

Mish is a super talented makeup artist and hair stylist, who I’ve known for a long, long time. She’s also the frontwoman for the New Britain-based band, Hardware City Hooligans.

Rebecca is a fellow soapmaker, except her soap is for your laundry! She’s the owner of Like a Fresh New Penny, which I blogged about here. I’ve used her all-natural laundry soap, and it made my clothes super soft.

Sabrina is a fashion/style consultant, dreamer, and blogger. I swear, she could wear a garbage bag and make it look amazing. I had tons of fun during our style session, and we should probably do another one soon!

Stan is my best friend, love, and biggest fan. I love him because he is equal parts silly, sweet, curious, funny, devious, and handsome. His glasses fogging up is one of my favorite things in the world. He has written two guest posts for Poor & Pretty — one on couponing and the other is a recipe for strawberry lemonade — but he provides endless inspiration. <3

Suzi is my older sister and, like me, is always doing a million things at once. She’s a teacher, performer, mother, and very talented baker! She has put up with a lot of my crap throughout the years, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.