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Focusing on the Good + DIY Sneak Peek

focus on the good

Guys, this week has kind of sucked. My car died on Wednesday, so I’ve spent all of my free time car shopping, which is crazy stressful. But I’m trying really hard to be positive. Dave and Jon took me to look at a car during lunch on Wednesday, [Read on...]

April Fool's! 10 Last-Minute Office Pranks You Can Still Do Today

Post-It prank

Put Post-It notes on EVERYTHING. This will take some time, so do it when your co-worker has gone to lunch or is in a long meeting (via ViralNova).

Bieber Fever prank

Alternately, cover their cubicle with photos of Justin Bieber and heart-cutouts. My favorite part of [Read on...]

Bedroom Inspiration: Dark or Light?

People aren’t kidding when they say it takes forever to finish a house. Okay, so we’ve only been in our condo for nine months, but I did hope we would have accomplished more by now than just my office (which, embarrassingly still has painter’s tape around the trim!). It feels like it’s been ages since I posted my kitchen inspiration, [Read on...]

Last day for cupcake soaps!

poorandpretty etsy shop closing

The end is nigh, my friends! Today is the very last day you can place an order in my Etsy shop. Load your bathroom up with your favorite Cupcake Soaps, stock your freezer with Coco Balms and Coco Body Balms (they keep better that way ;), and grab [Read on...]

Say hello at Brit + Co.!

So you know how I mentioned working on some exciting personal projects? I am so psyched to be guest blogging at Brit + Co.! I can’t think of a more fun & perfect blogging partnership. Check out some of my latest posts:

Natural Beauty DIYs Brit + Co.

15 Natural Beauty DIYs for under $15 [Read on...]