Maker Takes: Veritas

For the Makers Veritas feature

For the Makers - Veritas

Veritas, the latest For the Makers collection, is all about back-to-school marbling. But I have to be honest: I’m not really into the marbled look. I think it’s a beautiful art form, but it’s not really my thing. So, I color-blocked everything in my kit instead.

For the Makers Veritas - finished projects via @poorandpretty

This may come as a shock to you, but I’m more into pink than blue. (Who knew?! ;) So I did a lot of color substitution.

For the Makers Veritas - color block honor society notebook supplies via @poorandpretty

For the Honor Society Notebook, I mixed together magenta and white acrylic paints (actually, I think the magenta is a fabric paint) for a lighter pink color.

For the Makers Veritas - color block honor society notebook painting via @poorandpretty

I taped off the section I wanted to paint with washi tape and used a foam brush to slather on the pink. Don’t forget the spine!

For the Makers Veritas - cork stamp via @poorandpretty

While I waited for the paint to dry, I made a heart cork stamp using leftover supplies from the Toketee Collection.

For the Makers Veritas - color block honor society notebook via @poorandpretty

After affixing my label, I dipped my stamp in the paint and stamped little hearts all over the front of the notebook. Cute! Here’s a tip for stamping: it’s better to apply the paint to the stamp with a brush, rather than dipping it in the paint. As you can see, I have a few half circles from the cork getting into the paint.

For the Makers Veritas - color block pencils via @poorandpretty

I liked the pink color so much, I decided to color block the pencils with it! I also used the gold fabric paint that came with my tote bag Brit Kit I picked up during my road trip! I did 3-4 layers of gold because it was a bit more translucent.

For the Makers Veritas - color block aurelian locket supplies via @poorandpretty

Occasionally, For the Makers will share an alternative way to make one of their projects on their blog, The Source. They suggested painting their Aurelian Lockets with nail polish for an enameled look. So I grabbed a hot pink OPI color and painted away! You can see the finished locket below:

For the Makers Veritas - Dalton Pennant Create via @poorandpretty

I squeezed the word “CREATE” on my Dalton Pennant, which of course is also very pink. I love how it came out! So inspiring. :)

For the Makers Veritas - finished projects via @poorandpretty

I went a bit outside the box, but I really love how everything came out. Yay creativity!

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Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by For the Makers, but if you sign up for a subscription using the link above, I will receive a small discount off of my next box. (Lead image is from For the Makers.)


Maker Takes: Honey Nectar & Makena

Since I was on a road trip for a good chunk of last month, I missed a lot of crafting time (totally worth it though!) So this is a double-whammy Maker Takes for both June and July’s kits. Let’s start with June / Honey Nectar:

Honey Nectar collection via For the Makers

I was so excited about the Honey Nectar collection! I love the sun kissed palette of gold, copper, and peachy pinks. It came with pretty iridescent lamé fabric and vinyl covered fabric for the adorable Foxtail Twist Scarf, chain and embroidery floss for the Marmalade Bracelet (which I haven’t yet made), a gold plated base and peach and pink rhinestones for the Linden Ring, and my personal favorite: organic coconut oil, beeswax, honey, beet root powder, and a gold tin for the Wild Pollen Lip Balm. Love!

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Linden Ring

I made the ring first, which was pretty easy. I substituted super glue for the E6000 glue as I usually do because the E6000 glue has these warnings all over it that it is known to cause cancer. Yikes! I’ve been wearing chunky cocktail rings more lately, so I’m happy to add another to my collection.

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Wild Pollen Lip Balm

I’m a pro at making lip balm, so I had no trouble with this one, and I love how it came out. It leaves your lips with a pale pink shimmer, which I love. I will say, it’s very difficult to mix in the honey. I found this out while I was making my own soy-based Coco Balms, which is why I sweetened those with Stevia extract rather than honey. Plus, I wanted my Coco Balms to be purely vegan, and many vegans do not eat honey.

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Botched Foxtail Twist Scarf

Because I was watching Saved by the Bell while working on the Foxtail Twist Scarf, I totally botched cutting and sewing the fabric. I did the complete opposite of what you’re supposed to do and ending up making a flag or banner of some kind. But the head scarf is SO CUTE that I’m going to buy the solo kit so I can do it right. I’d better turn off the TV the second time around.

Makena collection via For the Makers

The Makena Collection is inspired by richly colored African prints and tropical paradises. I was most excited about making the Zozo Eye Pillow.

For the Makers Makena collection - Zozo Eye Pillow

I chose not to use the pom pom trim because it’s so fun, I’d rather save it for something else! The pillow took me quite a while because I forced myself to do it on the sewing machine. The only part I sewed by hand is the left seam, to close up the pillow. After it was filled, I didn’t trust myself not to mess it up on the sewing machine, which would have probably resulted in lavender, chamomile, and rice stuck in the machine.

For the Makers Makena collection - Dory Pinch Pot

The Dory Pinch Pot was very easy — all I had to do was paint! (So easy, I did this while watching SBTB and didn’t mess up ;) It’s great for storing rings, little charms, buttons, or other tiny things we tend to lose if we don’t put them somewhere safe.

For the Makers Makena collection - Sapeurs Bangle

I haven’t made the West Cape Hoops or Sapeurs Bangle yet because I can’t wear normal earrings (I’ve got orbitals, remember?) and I kind of like the bright blue bangle by itself. Maybe I’ll use the fabric for a headband.

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Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by For the Makers, but if you sign up for a subscription using the link above, I will receive a small discount off of my next box. (Collection images ©For the Makers.)


I’m going on a road trip!

A few weeks ago, I came to this realization: I have not traveled nearly as much as I would have liked to at this point in my life. So, to remedy that, I’m going on a road trip!!! It’s a bit spontaneous, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

sami road trip 2014

Next Saturday, I’ll depart Connecticut and head west to Michigan (to visit Ben!), Chicago,  see the Badlands in South Dakota, up to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, then back down the Salt Lake City, through Nevada to San Francisco. Then, I’ll drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit my uncle in Los Angeles, check out Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, do a Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque, stop in Oklahoma City, Memphis, Nashville, and head back up through Virginia to home. I’m hoping to do this all in 14 days and return home on July 4th!  It’s pretty aggressive — especially since I’m doing it alone — but it’s going to be amazing.

I will try to blog at least twice a week while I’m on my trip, but make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@poorandpretty) ’cause that’s where all the action will be. I’m still trying to come up with a clever hashtag for my journey, but I’m not crazy about what I have so far: #samitrip #gosamijo #usamitrip (kind of looks like University of Sami vs USA + Sami – right?) or #samerica (I was so excited about this one, but people use it for South America, so maybe not). How about this? If you can come up with a sweet hashtag for me, I’ll send you a postcard!


Being Grateful: Jenipher Lyn’s Book Launch Blog Party

Jenipher Lyn book launch blog party

Jenipher Lyn of Nightly Doodles and Cherry Runway sent me a sweet email at one of the most challenging times in my life. I didn’t talk about this much on the blog, but you might have noticed that Stan and I lived apart for a year, from June 2012—June 2013. Having never lived alone before, I became very anti-social and withdrawn during that time, which made it more difficult to deal with the self-esteem issues that caused problems in my and Stan’s relationship.

Jenipher Lyn

So when I received Jenipher’s email in August 2012, it hit home for me. It was completely out of the blue — she happened upon Poor & Pretty and wanted to reach out to say she loved my blog, thought it was adorable that Stan had written a few posts for me, and attached a few of her upbeat doodles. Sometimes new people appear in your life when you really need it, so I’m happy to repay her by promoting her book, How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular SAVED My Life.

Jenipher Lyn book cover

Jenipher’s book is filled with encouraging and honest doodles, chronicling some of the hardest times in her own life. Like many young women, Jenipher battled with body image issues, depression, unpopularity, and feelings of inadequacy. There are tons of self-help books written for teens by therapists and adults who are pretty sure they get it, but don’t really. But Jenipher’s book is truly unique because it’s for young people written by a young person. It’s not full of psychoanalytical challenges and breathing exercises, but rather raw truth, confessions, and self-actualizations. Because no matter what a therapist says, you’ve got to find awesome inside of yourself before you really believe it’s true. I’m so inspired by her because she took some really rough parts of her life and turned them into something incredibly positive that will help other young women.

Jenipher Lyn book doodle

I’m grateful to Jenipher for appearing in my life when I needed someone just as bubbly and kind as she is, reminding me that I have good inside of me, despite by fears and self-doubts. And I’m grateful for good friends and family, who pull me out of that scary dark tunnel of depression and encourage me to do amazing things. I’m grateful for Stan, too, who continues to love me — even when I go a bit mad — and pushes me to be a better, happier person.

Buy this book for yourself and every young girl you know!



Bathroom Inspiration: Japanese Zen

As I was scoping out chic bathrooms for my latest Brit + Co. post, I collected inspiration for our own (eventual) bathroom re-design. As much as I love colorful, shabby chic design, Stan and I want our bathroom to be a bit more subdued, understated, and zen. During our brief trip to Lake Placid, our room had a glorious oversized whirlpool tub that served as the centerpiece of my inspiration:


(Photo courtesy of Golden Arrow) Then, I discovered this minimalistic wood/white bathroom via The Design Files:

I was sold. We’ve got to have a deep, wood-paneled tub. When we decided we were okay with separating the shower and the tub, the possibilities really opened up, and I began to find beautifully zen bathrooms, inspired by Japanese soaking tubs like this one from dwell:


We won’t be able to put a stone walkway leading up to it, but I do like the floor tile and the gray stones surrounding the tub.


Here’s another great soaking tub, surrounded by stones (via Remodelista). I love how light this room is, but Stan reminded me that it will only look like this when it’s spotless. And light floors will dirty quickly!

This bathroom is a little dark for my tastes (and no wooden tub), but I do like the slate gray tiles (via Our Humble Abode). Dark gray, wood, and white go so well together.

I’ve had a kitchen inspiration, bedroom inspiration, and now this. We really need to get started! Okay, Stan: finish paying your student loans, finish up the basement, then let’s do this! ♥