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Recipe: Chocolate Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes with Guinness & Bailey's

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for St Paddy's Day via poorandpretty

My favorite cupcake from NoRa Cupcake Co. is the Irish Car Bomb Cupcake. Based on the beer cocktail with a highly controversial name, it’s a chocolate Guinness cake with Jameson dark chocolate ganache and Bailey’s cream cheese frosting topped with a malt [Read on...]

Recipe: Pink Sugar Cupcakes

Pink Sugar Valentine Cupcakes Recipe via poorandpretty

Suzi and I had so much fun making these, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, too! ♥ It’s a pretty simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, with a few unique twists. We had a few topping ideas — candy hearts, handmade flags (we used washi [Read on...]

Recipe: Matcha green tea ice cream


Stan and I are obsessed with green tea ice cream. We have it every time we eat at a Japanese restaurant, but that isn’t nearly enough, so I decided to try making it at home. It took a fair amount of research and attempts before I got it right, but I [Read on...]

Recipe: Cuckoo for Coconut Cupcakes


Happy Winter officially! Suzi and I made these snowball-looking coconut cupcakes for our uncle’s Christmas party this weekend, inspired by my Cuckoo for Coconut cupcake soaps (below), and a recipe from Georgetown Cupcake (though we made a few edits). They’re perfect for holiday or New Year’s Eve parties!

Read on…]

6 Yummy Recipes for National Bake Cookies Day

Pft. As if we needed a designated day to bake cookies, right? I hope my coworkers are excited ’cause I’m bringing in some of these tomorrow.


1. Tra La Las / Anginettes / Iced Italian Cookies via Poor & Pretty — these go by many names, but they’re always the same and very [Read on...]