Come sail away: an Etsy treasury

adjust-the-sails-ship-greeting card-parrot-design-studio

For a brief period of time when I was a teen, my Dad co-owned a sailboat with one of my uncles. Looking back now, I wish I had gone sailing more often. There’s something inherently peaceful in having the wind in your hair, salty water spraying at you as you cut through waves, no Internet or phones, just you and your shipmates, just thought and conversation. I do miss it.


So, I put together a nautical/sailing themed Etsy treasury. Check it out here.

Top photo credit: Parrot Design Studio, Sail Boat Letterpress Card.


Color loving: Spring pastels

color loving - spring pastels

It was a little bit warm yesterday, which makes me think color is slowly making its way back into Connecticut. Pastels are popping everywhere, especially with Easter being next Sunday! Inspired, I put together a lighter shade of spring Etsy treasury, filled with mint, baby blue, peach, and powder pink. I’ve showcased a few items above, but see the full treasury here. Then I remembered my long-forgotten Colour Lovers account and made a spring pastels palette. Enjoy!


Now available: Mini cupcake soaps and bespoke wedding favors

After vending at my first Bridal Expo yesterday, I’m officially declaring that wedding season has begun! This means two important additions to the Poor & Pretty Bath Sweets & Body Treats lineup: mini cupcake soaps & custom ordering for birthdays, weddings, and other parties/occasions.

mini cupcake soaps - Poor and Pretty

Because of their petite size, these cupcake soaps make it easier to give one-of-a-kind party favors or to try out different scents. Here’s a reference photo of a mini cupcake soap compared to a regular one:

mini cupcake soap comparison - Poor and Pretty

Minis are available as a mini cupcake trio or a sampler box for retail pricing. For pricing on bulk or custom orders for birthdays, weddings, or other parties & occasions, please contact me.

Custom wedding cupcake soaps - Poor and Pretty

Turning 16? Getting married? Having a baby? Yippee! I now offer customization options for my regular and mini-sized cupcake soaps. I’d be happy to work with you to create bespoke favors based on your color choices and favorite fragrances. I can even match the design of your wedding or party invitations! Pricing starts at just $5.50/regular-sized cupcake and $3/mini-sized cupcake. Contact me for a free quote!


Sweet Valentine Deals!

Let’s be honest, us ladies are tired of getting chocolates & flowers for Valentine’s Day. We want something a bit more imaginative! Because I love you, I’m bringing back two popular promotions: The Cupcake Trio & The Sweet Deal.

Poor & Pretty Cupcake Trio Valentine

The Cupcake Trio is always a hot seller at my booth! 3 cupcakes for only $20 ~ you save $4!

Poor & Pretty Sweet Deal Valentine

I introduced The Sweet Deal during on Black Friday last year and it sold like hot{cup}cakes! Get a box of Bath Truffles {four in a box}, all-natural Coco Balm, and Cupcake Soap for $16 ~ you save $3!

Don’t have a honey? Treat yo’ self! xo


Celebrate Independence Day with American Pie Cupcake Soap

Though I typically don’t re-stock my American Pie cupcake soap until Fall, I thought I’d show my American pride by releasing it a little sooner this year. The scent is unbelievably realistic — a mixture of slightly tart and sweet with cinnamon, apples, sugar and delicious pie crust, warm from the oven. Topped with blue and red jojoba beads.

American Pie cupcake soap, available at

Tell your sweet tooth to take a hike; this cupcake is for your body! Get it here, while it’s hot ;)