Snowed In? Here Are Some Things to Keep You Busy.

Depending on where you live everyday isn’t going to be perfect weather… especially if you live in Connecticut.  This time of year things can get pretty nasty and snow storms can leave you stuck at home from school or work alone with nothing to do.  A few things we like to do when we’re stuck at home…

Make Cupcakes!


Okay maybe this one was pretty obvious considering who it’s coming from <3  The good thing about making these tasty treats is you can be creative when decorating them {which is the best part!}  Use candy, sprinkles, fruit, or whatever else you have laying around the house that’s yummy!  Share them later on with your friends or family<3

Pamper yourself!


Why not enjoy and treat yourself to a spa day at home?  Give yourself a mini facial!

What you’ll need: A deep cleanser, towel, bowl of hot water, a face mask and a face moisturizer.

  • First you’ll need to cleanse your face with a deep cleanser to clear the pores.
  • Pat face dry with a towel.
  • Next use the towel and dip it in the bowl of hot water and wring out…place towel over face to open up the pores to allow for the mask to penetrate deeply. Sit for a few minutes.
  • Apply mask all over face and wait for time directed, and clean off with warm damp towel.

Clean house!

The space you live in has an impact on how you feel… {considering you probably spend a lot of time there}.  If you’re looking for something to do while the cupcakes bake ;) then organize your living area.  Tidy up your closet, organize your music, decorate your room differently… whatever makes your space more comfy.

Curl Up & Watch Movies!

We looove movies — all kids of movies. Thriller, Action, Comedy, Chick Flicks… So snow days are an excellent excuse for us to cocoon ourselves in warm, fuzzy blankets, make some hot chocolate and popcorn, and pop in our favorite movies. Snuggle up with your boy/girlfriend or a pet, or invite your best friend over and have a movie marathon!


meditationBecause our lives are crazy hectic, we’re always high-energy, non-stop getting things done! Snow days are perfect for staying in and relaxing in general. Try lighting some candles and meditating for a good hour or so, just to clear your mind and de-stress. Try some Yoga stretches, even if you’ve never done Yoga before. You can easily find hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you how to do some basic Yoga stretches, though they work best if you already have a Yoga mat.

Most importantly, have fun on your day off!


Colorful & Sassy AdamsMorioka

Since February, I’ve been employed at a small communications firm and we are totally submersed in the graphic design world in that we do a lot to promote and honor designers — one of our clients is a top graphic design university. We also know a lot about paper, because another of our clients is a fine paper company. Many times, we bring graphic designers and paper together, and that’s a big part of what I blog about. So, during this time, I’ve seen so many cool graphic design projects and books, and I’ve been introduced to a whole new culture, which has propelled me to learn more about design, and possibly even pursue some classes in graphic design before I graduate.

One design firm I totally love is AdamsMorioka, based in Beverly Hills with an office in New York, too. Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka founded the firm in 1994 with “clarity, purity and resonance” as their core philosophy. Their work is almost always really bright and sassy without being too in-your-face. They tend to combine simple elements like circles and squares with more complex scribbles and groovy typefaces. They also take the environment into consideration when printing their materials and try to specify papers with high recycled content. They’ve worked with Disney, GAP, ESPN, Nickelodeon, {I could go on and on…}

Here’s some of my favorite work from AdamsMorioka:

notebook_setScreen shot 2009-10-22 at 4.32.47 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 4.34.24 PMScreen shot 2009-10-22 at 4.29.16 PM

The first project, the Via Notebooks Set, is actually for sale on one of my favorite paper goods sites, the Felt & Wire Shop. The Shop has a few AdamsMorioka products including a poster, a nifty mug, and vibrant anytime wrapping paper. You can get to their shop by clicking here.