Crafternoon: Par-DIY with Timex and Brit + Co!

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY feature pic

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - my watch

Yesterday, I hosted a par-DIY — or “crafternoon” as I’m calling it — in collaboration with Brit + Co and Timex. The two companies teamed up to put together a craft box with everything you need to embroider your very own watch.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Timex Weekender BritKit in lime

The kit — similar to the ones I get from For the Makers — came with a Timex Weekender Slip-Thru watch in lime green or orange, a set of embroidery needles, three colors of embroidery thread, and instructions. The kits are not available for purchase, but if you want to do this fun activity at home, you can pick up a Timex Weekender Slip-Thru here (in lots of fun colors!) and grab embroidery thread and needles from your local craft store. Brit + Co even published their tutorial here.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - lime green + orange

I wore lime green and orange (remember this outfit?) for the occasion, and chose the lime green watch.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - guests!

After a few last-minute cancelations, my crafternoon ended up being a more intimate gathering of myself and five friends — Brittany, Michele, Mish, Nicole (Nic), and even Jeff came by!

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Brittany's watch

Brittany chose the orange Weekender and created her own dotted Aztec pattern.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Michele's watch

Michele went with the green watch and used the chevron pattern from the Brit + Co tutorial.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Mish embroidering watch

Mish also chose orange and went with a fun triangle pattern.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Nic's ombre watch

Nic’s green watch ended up being the party favorite — she also embroidered triangles on the strap, but she used the three colors of embroidery thread in her kit to create an ombre pattern.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Jeff's watch

Jeff impressed us all with a story about his very own symbol. “Like Prince?!” Brittany asked. Yep! When Jeff was in art school, he created this symbol that he has used as a signature ever since. Naturally, he stitched it on to his watch!

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - guests

I set up a table in the kitchen as our work area and tried to add as much vibrancy and inspiration to the room as possible.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - tissue paper pompoms

Stan and I have yet to tackle the horrific green walls and countertops in our kitchen, so I put up a few handmade tissue paper pom poms in various colors. (Learn how to make your own here.)

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - fruit kebabs

I also served snacks on colorful platters…

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - sangria in multicolored glasses

And drinks — including my delicious homemade sangria — in my favorite glasses, made by Rachel DeCavage of sugarplum USA. I wish she had been able to attend, but she was vending her new brand, cinder + salt, in Boston.

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - pink paper straws

Can you believe I found these cute paper straws at Stop & Shop?! They’re pretty and biodegradable — double win!

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - Mish's watch

Timex Brit + Co ParDIY - my watch and matching outfit

The watches came out so great! I loved hanging out with a few of my craftiest friends to step away from screens and create and chat for a few hours. Thank you so much to everyone who made it, and to those who didn’t: maybe we’ll see you next time! I’m already thinking up ideas for crafternoon two!


Maker Takes: Honey Nectar & Makena

Since I was on a road trip for a good chunk of last month, I missed a lot of crafting time (totally worth it though!) So this is a double-whammy Maker Takes for both June and July’s kits. Let’s start with June / Honey Nectar:

Honey Nectar collection via For the Makers

I was so excited about the Honey Nectar collection! I love the sun kissed palette of gold, copper, and peachy pinks. It came with pretty iridescent lamé fabric and vinyl covered fabric for the adorable Foxtail Twist Scarf, chain and embroidery floss for the Marmalade Bracelet (which I haven’t yet made), a gold plated base and peach and pink rhinestones for the Linden Ring, and my personal favorite: organic coconut oil, beeswax, honey, beet root powder, and a gold tin for the Wild Pollen Lip Balm. Love!

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Linden Ring

I made the ring first, which was pretty easy. I substituted super glue for the E6000 glue as I usually do because the E6000 glue has these warnings all over it that it is known to cause cancer. Yikes! I’ve been wearing chunky cocktail rings more lately, so I’m happy to add another to my collection.

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Wild Pollen Lip Balm

I’m a pro at making lip balm, so I had no trouble with this one, and I love how it came out. It leaves your lips with a pale pink shimmer, which I love. I will say, it’s very difficult to mix in the honey. I found this out while I was making my own soy-based Coco Balms, which is why I sweetened those with Stevia extract rather than honey. Plus, I wanted my Coco Balms to be purely vegan, and many vegans do not eat honey.

For the Makers Honey Nectar collection - Botched Foxtail Twist Scarf

Because I was watching Saved by the Bell while working on the Foxtail Twist Scarf, I totally botched cutting and sewing the fabric. I did the complete opposite of what you’re supposed to do and ending up making a flag or banner of some kind. But the head scarf is SO CUTE that I’m going to buy the solo kit so I can do it right. I’d better turn off the TV the second time around.

Makena collection via For the Makers

The Makena Collection is inspired by richly colored African prints and tropical paradises. I was most excited about making the Zozo Eye Pillow.

For the Makers Makena collection - Zozo Eye Pillow

I chose not to use the pom pom trim because it’s so fun, I’d rather save it for something else! The pillow took me quite a while because I forced myself to do it on the sewing machine. The only part I sewed by hand is the left seam, to close up the pillow. After it was filled, I didn’t trust myself not to mess it up on the sewing machine, which would have probably resulted in lavender, chamomile, and rice stuck in the machine.

For the Makers Makena collection - Dory Pinch Pot

The Dory Pinch Pot was very easy — all I had to do was paint! (So easy, I did this while watching SBTB and didn’t mess up ;) It’s great for storing rings, little charms, buttons, or other tiny things we tend to lose if we don’t put them somewhere safe.

For the Makers Makena collection - Sapeurs Bangle

I haven’t made the West Cape Hoops or Sapeurs Bangle yet because I can’t wear normal earrings (I’ve got orbitals, remember?) and I kind of like the bright blue bangle by itself. Maybe I’ll use the fabric for a headband.

What have you been making lately? Need a monthly reminder to craft? Sign up for a For the Makers subscription here.

Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by For the Makers, but if you sign up for a subscription using the link above, I will receive a small discount off of my next box. (Collection images ©For the Makers.)


Maker Takes: Toketee

For the Makers Toketee Collection

This month’s For the Makers collection jived really well with my birthday getaway to Lake Placid. Inspired by “epic waterfalls, precious minerals and endless hiking trails,” the Toketee Collection is all about getting back to basics and seeking adventures in our natural environment.

For the Makers Toketee Collection - supplies

The kit came with a lot of natural colors — wooden knobs, a natural cotton four sack towel, and leather chord — offset by blue and green paints and semi-precious stones, and glittery gold-plated brass beads.

For the Makers Toketee - Confetti Trail Tea Towel supplies via @poorandpretty

I’m not normally much of a painter (except for the occasional succulent sprucing), but I really enjoyed the Confetti Trail Tea Towel.

For the Makers Toketee - Making the Confetti Trail Tea Towel via @poorandpretty

Who knew making your own stamps could be so easy? All you need is cork and sticky back foam! Or a block of wood and foam would work too.

For the Makers Toketee - Confetti Trail Tea Towel via @poorandpretty

I made it easy on myself and just did one shape and color, but I think it came out pretty neat, if a little uneven.

For the Makers Toketee - Tasi Wall Hooks via @poorandpretty

I stuck with solid colors for the Tasi Wall Hooks, which will likely go either in my office (which you might remember has bright yellow walls) or our bedroom.

For the Makers Toketee - Triangle necklace & bracelet via @poorandpretty

I usually stick pretty closely to the projects in the kit, but I can’t wear normal earrings due to my orbitals:

orbital piercing via @poorandpretty

So instead of making the Little Point Earrings and the Nebi Ladder Necklace, I combined supplies from each and made a matching bracelet and necklace:

For the Makers Toketee - Triangle necklace & bracelet worn via @poorandpretty

I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box! Sign up for your subscription here.

Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by For the Makers, but if you sign up for a subscription using the link above, I will receive a small discount off of my next box. (Lead image is from For the Makers.)


Make the Cut: Design a ModCloth scarf!


Got an passion for fashion? ModCloth just announced their second Make the Cut Contest of the year, with a new twist: you could design a scarf! Here’s how it works: You download their scarf template, give it a pretty printed pattern, and submit it by Friday, May 30th. Beginning June 9th, the top 10 submissions will be hosted in ModCloth’s Be the Buyer section, where the community votes on their faves. The winner will have their design produced and sold by ModCloth and receive $500! Official contest rules can be found here. Good luck!

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DIY Yarn Pom-Pom Garland

DIY Yarn Pom Pom Garland intro via @poorandpretty

If you saw my latest posts on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been busy making lots of yarn pom-poms for the past few days. And now you know why!

Yarn Pom Pom Garland via @poorandpretty

I’m a big fan of yarn pom-pons — you might remember my ornaments from last year. They’re very easy to make. All you need is:

  • yarn — use as many colors as you’d like!
  • a wire potato masher or large salad serving fork (or you could use your fingers like I did with my ornaments)
  • scissors
  • large embroidery needle

I even put together a quick video on how to make a pom-pom:

(Can’t see the video? View it here.) Music: “We Talk Like Machines” by Savoir Adore. (I love them!)

Stringing Yarn Pom Pom 1 via @poorandpretty

Once you’ve made plenty of pom-poms (I’ve got about 40 in mine), string them onto a long piece of yarn with your embroidery needle.

Stringing Yarn Pom Pom via @poorandpretty

Push the needle right through the center of your pom-pom. It should go through pretty easily.

Yarn Pom Pom on string via @poorandpretty

When you’re finished, string it up and celebrate!

Yarn Pom Pom Garland in living room 2 via @poorandpretty

It’s added much-needed color to our living room. :)

Yarn Pom Pom Garland on Stairs @poorandpretty

And I love how it looks on the bannister!

Happy weekend, friends!