Inspiration: Jay Roeder

Jay Roeder feature

Jay Roeder - Simple Significant

I was in need of a little inspiration, so I thought I’d introduce you to designer and illustrator Jay Roeder. I met him at the SoNo Arts Fest this summer and brought home a few of his prints, including this one which I just hung in our living room. I love how it looks with my homemade pom-pom garland.

Jay Roeder - Make it Happen

Jay is a Minnesota native, trained at Sacred Heart University, and now living in Fairfield. I’m so glad he is, too, because I really love his work! It doesn’t look like his online shop is fully set up yet, but you can buy a few of his things via Society6, and probably message him on Facebook if you see a design you want.

Jay Roeder - Win Some Learn Some

I love what this implies: you’re always learning, even if it’s from mistakes.

Jay Roeder - Real Not Perfect

We have to remember that we’re never going to be perfect, and that’s okay.

Jay Roeder - Pizza Correct

Is it just me, or does anyone else think pizza looks way better when it’s cartoonized?

Jay Roeder - Be so Good Steve Martin

Such a great Steve Martin quote.

Jay Roeder - Tomorrow

And this, of course, reminds me of Jesse Pinkman.

Happy weekend!


Bathroom Inspiration: Japanese Zen

As I was scoping out chic bathrooms for my latest Brit + Co. post, I collected inspiration for our own (eventual) bathroom re-design. As much as I love colorful, shabby chic design, Stan and I want our bathroom to be a bit more subdued, understated, and zen. During our brief trip to Lake Placid, our room had a glorious oversized whirlpool tub that served as the centerpiece of my inspiration:


(Photo courtesy of Golden Arrow) Then, I discovered this minimalistic wood/white bathroom via The Design Files:

I was sold. We’ve got to have a deep, wood-paneled tub. When we decided we were okay with separating the shower and the tub, the possibilities really opened up, and I began to find beautifully zen bathrooms, inspired by Japanese soaking tubs like this one from dwell:


We won’t be able to put a stone walkway leading up to it, but I do like the floor tile and the gray stones surrounding the tub.


Here’s another great soaking tub, surrounded by stones (via Remodelista). I love how light this room is, but Stan reminded me that it will only look like this when it’s spotless. And light floors will dirty quickly!

This bathroom is a little dark for my tastes (and no wooden tub), but I do like the slate gray tiles (via Our Humble Abode). Dark gray, wood, and white go so well together.

I’ve had a kitchen inspiration, bedroom inspiration, and now this. We really need to get started! Okay, Stan: finish paying your student loans, finish up the basement, then let’s do this! ♥


Bedroom Inspiration: Dark or Light?

People aren’t kidding when they say it takes forever to finish a house. Okay, so we’ve only been in our condo for nine months, but I did hope we would have accomplished more by now than just my office (which, embarrassingly still has painter’s tape around the trim!). It feels like it’s been ages since I posted my kitchen inspiration, but now I’m on to the bedroom. Stan and I are debating between dark or light. Here are some of the dark bedrooms I like:


El Fenn hotel in Morocco via SF Girl By Bay.

Sooz Gordon green blue bedroom

Sooz Gordon’s bedroom via Apartment Therapy.

Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom via The Everygirl.

I think if we go dark, we’d need to use a lot of light colors for bedding, furniture, etc. to keep a good balance. But I’m also drawn to really light and airy rooms like these:

airy white bedroom apartment therapy

Airy white bedroom via Apartment Therapy.

greenish bedroom lonny

Light green bedroom via Lonny.

Ikea bedroom light blue

Blue and white Ikea bedroom — this one is kind of in the middle, so maybe that’s where we’ll net out. I just can’t decide!

What do you think — dark or light?


Wednesday Wishlist: Harry Potter Etsy Treasury!

Stan and I are in Florida this week, celebrating our five-year anniversary at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios!!! Eeeeee! I will definitely be going home with some sweet souvenirs, but I found a few gems on Etsy I may order, too. Look forward to photos when I return. Until then, see snippets on Facebook and Instagram. :)

Harry Potter Etsy Treasury

 1. Long Live Hedwig necklace by Enchanted Leaves. 2. Luna Lovegood crochet lion hat by Lily Boo Boutique. 3. Harry Potter inspired sweater by Tomorrows Unknown. 4. Dumbledore’s Office and Butterbeer soy candles by Frostbeard. 5. Harry Potter Travel Poster series by 716 Designs. 6. Luna Lovegood’s Radish Earrings by Rainbow Angel Creations.

See even more fun handmade Harry Potter stuff in my Etsy Treasury, including a customizable Hogwarts acceptance letter like the one I gave Jill two years ago.


Kitchen inspiration: Pops of color


I’m slightly embarrassed at how little remodeling Stan and I have been able to do since moving into our condo this Summer. We have done small things here and there, but the only room we’ve painted is my office. It’s technically still unfinished because we haven’t done my washi tape wall, hence the lack of photos (I take full responsibility). While we work on our game plan for remodeling, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration I have for our kitchen. The photo above is a major source of inspiration (thank you, Apartment Therapy!)


The basic idea is: white walls, light wood cabinets, and pops of color here and there. Above is another example, from a Norwegian blogger’s kitchen.

Of course, we’ll need those pop-of-color kitchen tools, furniture, and decor, right? Here are a few on my list:


1. La Frutta art print by anek.

2. Dip-dyed barstools from a spring 2012 photo shoot (via Glitter Guide). There’s a great DIY tutorial here.

3. Dip-dyed wooden spoons via Leif Shop. We’ll probably make our own from this tutorial.

4. Color blocked chargers/wooden plates seen on The Every Girl. Here’s how to make them.

5. Fizz and Swizzle Glass Set via ModCloth.