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Bedroom Inspiration: Dark or Light?

People aren’t kidding when they say it takes forever to finish a house. Okay, so we’ve only been in our condo for nine months, but I did hope we would have accomplished more by now than just my office (which, embarrassingly still has painter’s tape around the trim!). It feels like it’s been ages since I posted my kitchen inspiration, [Read on...]

Wednesday Wishlist: Harry Potter Etsy Treasury!

Stan and I are in Florida this week, celebrating our five-year anniversary at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios!!! Eeeeee! I will definitely be going home with some sweet souvenirs, but I found a few gems on Etsy I may order, too. Look forward to photos when I return. Until then, see snippets on Facebook and Instagram. [Read on...]

Kitchen inspiration: Pops of color


I’m slightly embarrassed at how little remodeling Stan and I have been able to do since moving into our condo this Summer. We have done small things here and there, but the only room we’ve painted is my office. It’s technically still unfinished because we haven’t done my washi tape wall, [Read on...]

Free printable: i need more chocolate

Whew. This week was slightly crazy. The only thing that I feel can fix it right now is chocolate, and maybe a free poster.


So, I designed this poster for you, and now I’m going to eat more chocolate. Download the full-sized (8.5 x 11) poster here. Like this post? Share it! xo


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Condo inspiration: Office color palette

My apologies for the less-than-usual blog posts this past week. I mentioned previously┬áthat Stan & I are moving again. He is in the process of buying a condo, so things have been a bit stressful and hectic. But! That hasn’t stopped us from planning out rooms in our heads, and I’ve been making color palettes like a madwoman. Here’s what [Read on...]