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Earth Day DIY: Painted Pot Succulents


I don’t know who started the trend, but suddenly succulents were sprouting up in the home of every lifestyle blogger and interior decorator across the U.S. This DIY is very simple, so even if you aren’t an artist with a brush (I certainly am not!), you can feel confident that these [Read on...]

4th Annual Trashion Show this Saturday!

Trashion 2014_sm

It’s that time of year again! The 4th Annual Trashion Fashion Show is this Saturday, April 19th 6-9pm at Hartford City Hall. Get your tickets here. (All proceeds support the Sustainable Farm School.)

I’ve been lucky enough to vend at the past two shows, but this year will be a [Read on...]

Outfit: The Ladybee: Yellow & Black

Ladybee black and yellow outfit - shades on @poorandpretty

I woke up yesterday and thought, “I want to wear yellow tights.” And so I did! I think my black skirt and shirt offset them nicely though. Come to think of it, the outfit is kind of a cross between a bumble bee [Read on...]

DIY Homemade Natural Perfume Spray

DIY Natural Perfume via @poorandpretty

I’ve never been big on wearing perfume, especially once I discovered all the weird and toxic ingredients in them. But Stan really, really likes when I wear pretty fragrances, so I promised I’d learn how to make my own. I was kind of blown away by how [Read on...]

Focusing on the Good + DIY Sneak Peek

focus on the good

Guys, this week has kind of sucked. My car died on Wednesday, so I’ve spent all of my free time car shopping, which is crazy stressful. But I’m trying really hard to be positive. Dave and Jon took me to look at a car during lunch on Wednesday, [Read on...]