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Guest Post: Stan on what to get your guy for Valentine's Day

Hello readers! Stan here, with a few ideas about what to get your male significant other for the upcoming holiday of looove. It’s only 10 days away!

stan's valentine gifts for your guy - poor & pretty

1. Sam’s Natural bath & body products. Sami gifted me the Simple Start Hygiene Bundle [Read on...]

Guest Post: How to make origami crane ornaments with Maura

Hi, I’m Maura, Sami’s friend and co-worker. We’d been brainstorming about homemade Christmas ornaments when I mentioned how I made a paper crane out of a piece of a NYC map to use as an ornament. Sami asked if I could make one for her tree. So I did. Then we thought it would be great to make a “how to” [Read on...]

Guest Post: Sani’s DIY French Mani/Pedi

Hello everyone, I’m Sani, Sami’s “twin sister”. Sami and I met working at Apple and ever since she has been an awesome best friend. You might remember me from Sami’s strawberry mask post, and her post about the New Haven cupcake truck. Speaking of cupcakes, have any of you tried her amazing cupcakes? Ha! If you do, don’t say I [Read on...]

Guest Post: Stan’s All-Natural Strawberry Lemonade

Hi readers! Remember me from the couponing post? I’m Sami’s boyfriend Stan and I’m back with a recipe for strawberry lemonade! Traditionally, Fall isn’t the proper season for delicious cold beverages, but we common folk don’t get to choose when lemons go on sale! On our shoestring budgets, Sami and I have developed quite a taste for anything healthy and inexpensive, [Read on...]

Guest Post: Crocheting with Jeff

Hey everyone!  Jeff here, I’m a friend of Sami’s and she asked me to write a guest post for her superawesomeblogaboutbeingfashionableinexpensively, ::pause to take a breath:: also known as Poor and Pretty!  But, you obviously knew that already since you’re here!


ANYWAY, I don’t really consider myself poor [Read on...]