Poor & Pretty is now florapothecarie

Hello there! 

It’s been over a year since I last updated, so you may have wondered where I’ve been. The truth is, while I loved, lived, and breathed Poor & Pretty for 7 years, it’s time for me to move on. I thought after re-branding my product line to florapothecarie, I might still want to blog here occasionally, but I’ve decided not to. I’m now focusing all of my creative energy into florapothecarie with the intent of making it my primary source of income by 2019. (Or maybe sooner!)

I’m keeping the Poor & Pretty archives alive, but I’ll be moving many of my DIY natural beauty posts over to the florapothecarie blog. I’ve also re-named my eBook: DIY Natural Beauty on a Budget, but it’s still the same great information and still only $15!

Thank you for your loyal readership; I hope to see you over at florapothecarie!


florapothecarie lineup

In January, I re-branded my product line and launched florapothecarie! (flor-uh-poth-uh-cary) Still 100% natural, but now with even more organic ingredients and beautiful new labels. I could write a whole separate post on my decision to rebrand (I may still!), but for now I will say this: it’s always a tough decision, but I did it for a few reasons: I want to be self-employed someday soon, and I wasn’t charging nearly enough for my products in order to pay myself, so I knew I needed to raise my prices. I also felt the name “Poor & Pretty” did my high-quality, handcrafted products a disservice, so I knew I needed a new name. I wanted to bring color back into my branding (I love color!), so I knew the aesthetic needed to change. I wanted to get away from Etsy. Anyway, it’s done and launched and beautiful and I’m so happy! You can shop the full lineup on my new website right here!


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