Finding Center…



Hey there.

You might have noticed I’ve been quiet lately. While the impending holidays have kept me very busy, the truth is, I’m also going through a pretty rough breakup. I’m okay, but it hasn’t been easy. Stan and I were together for 7 years, and our lives are very intertwined. We love each other very much, but as Adele sings: Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead…

I’m very lucky to have a great support group of friends & family. I’m taking one day at a time and reminding myself that I am a good person who does some pretty cool stuff, that I am beautiful and lovable, which we can easily forget (especially us women). I’m trying to find my center and look at the scary unknown future as a positive thing, stretching out before me and waiting for me to figure out who I am and where I want to go.

For now, I will be blogging much less. Blogging used to be something that brought me joy and fed my creative soul, but it has begun to feel like a chore. And with my emotions currently running wild, it’s very difficult for me to find words or to focus on anything other than what I am going through personally. I don’t think I will stop blogging entirely, because I do enjoy sharing beauty tutorials and other DIYs with you, so let’s just call it a hiatus for now.

As for the Poor & Pretty Apothecary, I will be closing down my Etsy and Scoutmob shops on Friday, December 18. Please place any orders by Thursday, December 17 or stop by one of my events this weekendFor the past few months, I’ve been secretly working on rebranding my product line. This took a back burner so I could focus on taking care of me for the last two weeks, and now I have to clear my head and decide if it’s something I’d still like to go forward with. I’m sure it is, but it does require quite a bit of effort and attention, and I’m not able to give it that right now.

Finally, I’d like to give a very heartfelt thank you for your support over the years. I’m not sure what the future holds for Poor & Pretty, but I’m glad to have fun, crafty, lovely people like you with me on this wild ride, and I hope that you will bear with me during this difficult time. We all struggle with demons, but when you do I hope you will remember that the pain is temporary and that you, too, are beautiful and lovable. Treat yourself with kindness.



  1. Mish   •  

    I love you!!! You are amazing!!!

  2. Auntie Kathy   •  

    Never forget how important you are to me and to the world….my iron butterfly! XO

  3. Suzi   •  

    You, my little sister, are an amazing woman with a big heart, spirit, and creative mind. Although it may bend you a little, this will not break you. xoxo

  4. Christine   •  

    Hey Sami, We may not be that close, but I want you to know that you are still very important to all of us and we love you very much. You are a very bright, intelligent, and beautiful young lady. You are an inspiration to many. I am so sorry about you and Stan. Keep your head up and give your heart time to heal. Know that you are very loved by many and your welcomed to come visit anytime, we will always have a room for you.

  5. Sami   •     Author

    Thank you ladies for the love & support. I’m lucky to have all of you in my life! <3

  6. Theresa   •  

    Hang in there Sami… The best is yet to be… You are a sweet and beautiful woman inside and out! Cheers to a new year! T

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