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Local Love The Confetti Bar feat via @poorandpretty

It’s time for another edition of Local Love, my interview series with Connecticut entrepreneurs! Today, I’m chatting with Jessica Serra Huizenga, the Confetti Queen / Expert Confetti Mixologist behind The Confetti Bar. This might be the most colorful post yet. Ready to party?

Local Love The Confetti Bar tall via @poorandpretty

I first picked up a bag of Jessica’s confetti at Hartford Prints and did a double-take. We have a confetti company in Connecticut?! I was amazed. Then I found out The Confetti Bar was just one person. And she’s made custom confetti mixes for kate spade new york, KEDS, the Girl Scouts, and Twitter. And she was one town away from me. I had to meet her! So of course I Instagram stalked her for a while, then finally emailed her, and had her over for my holiday crafternoon, and hung out with her at Monarch Workshop, and used her studio for hundreds of outfit photos, and brought her homegrown kale, so I’m pretty sure that means we’re friends now. :) AND we have a really awesome event planned for November. Details at the bottom of this post! ;)

{ photo from A Day in the Life of a Confetti Girl series by Victoria Gloria Photography }

Sami: What got you started in confetti-making?
Jessica: I literally woke up one day and told my husband I wanted to start a confetti shop. I used to collect and sort metallic confetti/sequins from the craft store, but when it came to actually using confetti, I found there was a real shortage of really cool, colorful, unique mixes. SO I started making my own, and voila! The Confetti Bar was born :)

Sami: So how does one learn how to make confetti?
Jessica: I just sort of started doing it lol. There has been a lot of trial and error — and I am still constantly coming up with new techniques and materials — but otherwise it’s been a self-taught journey.

{ custom confetti mix for Glitter & Bold }

Sami: What feeds your creative energy?
Jessica: Everything! Anything! Seriously, I get inspired by so many things, but I also love collaborating. Working with other creatives is a great way to push yourself and see things from a different perspective.

{ the ingredients for The Confetti Bar’s biodegradable flowerfetti mixes }

Sami: You’re surrounded by bright colors all day, so I can’t imagine you encounter creative block very often! When you do how do you combat it?
Jessica: I try not to force it. If I’m feeling stuck, trying to make something happen isn’t going to work. I step away, which usually sparks something when I least expect it.


Sami: What’s your favorite thing about being a solopreneur?
Jessica: I love that I get to be in control of how I design my time. I mean, sure it’s a lot more work (and pressure!) working for yourself and knowing you are solely responsible for everything, but the freedom that comes with that is also beneficial.


Sami: What do you do to relax?
Jessica: I love to read. And watch Netflix with my husband (and cat!) haha. And do confetti yoga!

Sami: What’s your catch phrase or mantra?
Jessica: Patience! My favorite quote is “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” (Earl Nightingale). I am like, the most impatient person ever, so I’ve really been focusing on being patient, in business and in life!


{ random acts of confetti }

Sami: If you could give your fellow entrepreneurs just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Jessica: Commit. Decide to do something, and then really go for it. It might take time, but if you stick with it it will grow and evolve and get better and better.

Sami: The best thing you ever read about the entrepreneur life?
Jessica: I love this article on what it’s like to work for yourself. Not really advice, but so spot on! I also recently read what I think is one of the best business books: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37Signals.

{ the ice cream collection }

Sami: What’s your favorite Connecticut eatery?
Jessica: Pure Alchemy Juice Bar & Cafe in Wallingford, CT. They’re walking distance from me, and their organic juices and smoothies are my favorite thing ever. Try the Apple Pie Face smoothie! (PS – I’ve been to Pure Alchemy and I wish I was in walking distance too!) After battling the evil Candida, I started to cook a lot more and started Simple Unsweet, a blog where I share sugar-free recipes and other tips on living naturally, purposefully, and sugar-free.

Sami: If you could invite three people (alive or dead) over for a picnic, who would you invite?
Jessica: My dad and my maternal grandparents. We lost them all in 2008 & 2009, and I’d love to tell them all about the things I’ve been up to :)

Shop all the confetti goodness you can handle online where you can request a custom mix, or stop by Jessica’s recently-opened Confetti Land HQ in downtown Wallingford. She hosts lots of fun, creative, confetti-filled events so be sure to check her event calendar often! Oh, and speaking of which… we’re co-hosting a DIY beauty workshop!

DIY Flowerfetti Beauty sq2

Flowerfetti + natural beauty = magic. We’ll be mixing up sugar scrubs, bath teas, and body oils/perfumes with 100% natural ingredients PLUS The Confetti Bar’s all-natural, biodegradable flowerfetti. It’s all happening Saturday, November 7, and it’s going to be dreamy. Reserve your spot now! 


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