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Local Love Rayne Home Decor feature via @poorandpretty

Local Love Rayne Home Decor interview with @poorandpretty

We’re continuing my Local Love entrepreneur interview series with Jolie Vazquez and Randi Bayne, the candlemakers and abstract artists behind Rayne Home Decor. I first met Jolie and Randi at a Hartford Prints! Mother’s Day event this year, and instantly fell in love with their minimalist packaging, zen display, and of course the smells! I was surprised at how much I loved their blends of fragrances I’d never think to put together — but hey, that’s why they’re the candlemakers, and not me. ;) Let’s get to know them!

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Sami: What scents are you burning right now?
Jolie & Randi: We’re burning our new Ruby Rose candle (grapefruit & rosemary), which we named through a social media contest, as well some Sensual Hut (caribbean teakwood) tealights.


Sami: That sounds heavenly. So what got you started in candle making?
Jolie & Randi: Lighting candles has become an important daily ritual for us for years now. We started looking into how many waxes, additives, etc… that could possibly be in candles and we weren’t very pleased. So we we decided to start making soy wax candles so that we could know what we’re burning and so that we can offer quality made candles for others at affordable prices.

{ Fresh Citrus – bergamot & bamboo – and Lavanilla – lavender & vanilla }

Sami: Are you self-taught candle makers, or did you pick it up from someone?
Jolie & Randi: We’re self taught. There’s not really much information on the art of chandling (candle-making) because there are so many variables. Every wax is different, every container needs a different wick size, even each fragrance oil affects the wax differently. It’s really all trial and error. It took us a good 6 months of trying different combinations of all of those before we made a candle that we thought burned well, and had a good fragrance throw (both hot and cold).

Sami: And you paint, too?
Jolie & Randi: Yes! We have a few of our abstract paintings for sale on our website.


Sami: Wow! What feeds your creative energy?
Jolie & Randi: Our packaging has a very simple, clean aesthetic. We wanted to showcase the fragrance and not have anything take away from that aspect. This forces us to come up with unique ideas that can bring life to our company in other ways. Like instead of just saying “re-purpose this glass” on the back of our tumbler labels, we have a letter from the ‘Glass’ to the person telling a little bit about himself and showing fun ways he can be re-used (5 different labels so far, see one below). Also, we want to introduce people to new scents combinations so if for example they thought they hated floral scents, if mixed with say a musky scent or vanilla etc…it may open their noses to new fragrances!

Rayne Home Decor Letter from Glass packaging
{ “Letter From Glass” – isn’t it fun? }

Sami: I love your letter from the glass! It’s very quirky. Do you ever feel creative block? How do you combat it?
Jolie & Randi: Our bigger problem to is combat not doing everything at once lol! We have a bunch of ideas and we have to constantly remember we have pace ourselves. But it’s hard not to get new ideas for scents, containers, even other products we eventually want to work on. If ever we get really stuck, watching silly stuff on You Tube helps. :)

{ One of the many ways to repurpose your Rayne Home Decor glass! }

Sami: What do you love about being entrepreneurs?
Jolie & Randi: We LOVE coming up with new scents and new names! We’re both Aquarians (known for their natural creative spirit) so we love having a creative outlet. Also, knowing that we’re hand-crafting something ourselves is the most amazing feeling. Last, but not least, we adore interacting with our customers! Seeing them smell our candles for the first time at markets or talking to a customer after they purchase a candle and seeing how happy they are is probably the best thing ever!

Lavanilla by Rayne Home Decor
{ I like to burn Lavanilla tea lights at my booth while I’m vending. }

Sami: Who do you turn to for entrepreneurial advice?
Jolie & Randi: Marie Forleo (MarieTV on YouTube) and Gary Vaynerchuck (Ask Gary V and all of this books). Oh, and we love the Being Boss podcast!

Sami: And what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?
Jolie & Randi: Three things:

  1. Take Your Time – Don’t rush the process. Your ideas will definitely evolve over time so give them and yourself some breathing room.
  2. Make Friends – Have a support system with other entrepreneurs, whether it’s a Facebook Group, a co-working site, or a bunch of awesome people you meet along the way. It’s tremendously helpful to have someone on your side who’s been through the ups and downs and can be there for you when you need them. We were pleasantly surprised to see how supportive many local business people are and we couldn’t have gotten this far without their support.
  3. Don’t Take It Personal - Sometimes business relationships don’t work out, or a deal falls through. Don’t let it get to you; it has nothing to do with you personally. Just know in your heart that the Universe has a plan for you and try your best to stay the course. Things will fall into place.

{ And of course I burn Meditate while I meditate }

Sami: That is some solid advice for life in general! What are your mantras?
Jolie: Calm the F*ck Down. (I’m very zen so I have to remind people from time to time to just chill out.)
Randi: Fair is Fair AND This is just a moment in time.

Sami: What do you do to (to put it in Jolie’s words) Calm the F*ck Down? I’ll bet it involves candles ;)
Jolie & Randi: Of course! We light candles, lol! And we take walks to get some fresh air. Oh, and cocktails help too!

{ Rayne Home Decor’s very zen booth. }

Sami: Your favorite CT restaurant?
Oh boy, we could be here all night! Okay, we have three: Vasi’s in Waterbury (try the Zuppa de Pesce), Barcelona in Fairfield, and Valencia’s Luncheria in Norwalk.

Sami: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Jolie & Randi: We have a HUGE list, but Egypt, Switzerland, and Bora Bora are our top picks!

Shop Rayne Home Decor’s candles and abstract art in their newly-launched website! And okay, okay, if you’re going to make me choose favorites, I really love their Fresh Citrus (bergamot & bamboo) and Sicilian Gardens (blood orange & rose). Sometimes, I burn their Lavanilla (lavender & vanilla) at my booth and of course, I meditate with Meditate (nag champa & amber).


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