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Local Love - Glitter & Bold feat via @poorandpretty

Say hello to Local Love! A reincarnation of my Etsy Spotlight and Indie Spotlight interview series, Local Love highlights creative entrepreneurs living in Connecticut (and maybe beyond!). Over the course of my blog and business, my little state has seemingly gone through a renaissance period — artists, makers, and DIYers are popping up all over the place. We’re banding together to make Connecticut a little more creative, and I’m so happy to be part of it. So twice a month, I will interview a local boss babe (or dude) to share their start-up story, inspirations, and tips for other creative entrepreneurs.

Local Love - Glitter & Bold via @poorandpretty
{ Photo: Victoria Gloria Photography }

We’re kicking off Local Love with Brittany Morgan of Glitter & Bold! Brittany’s hand painted mugs, pillows, and tea towels are beautiful, fun, hilariously sassy, and right up my alley. She recently launched a line of iPhone cases through Casetify and downloadable prints in her Etsy shop. I met Brittany earlier this year at Vintanthromodern, but we really got to know each other during (and after) Monarch Workshop. She whipped my chicken scratch handwriting into shape during her Modern Brush Hand Lettering class. Before starting Glitter & Bold, Brittany was an English teacher, and taught for almost a year at a university in the Dominican Republic. Yeah, she’s pretty darn awesome.

Live Bright Be Bold and Sparkle hand painted mug by @glitterandbold{ Live Bright Be Bold and Sparkle mug }

Sami: What got you started in hand lettering?
Brittany: Weirdly enough, copying other designs/fonts got me really interested in actually sitting down and making my own designs. Once I realized I was actually GOOD all on my own, I dove head first in all things hand lettered. Books, blogs, videos, trial and error, and lots and lots of Instagram ogling.

{ Brittany’s Glitter & Bold mood board }

Sami: What feeds your creative energy?
Brittany: Iced caramel macchiatos with soy. Also, surrounding myself with bright, bold, glittery, fun stuff. I’m lucky to have an entire room devoted to G&B in my house, and I’ve put a lot of energy into making it look like my brand exploded (think tassle garlands, confetti candles, flamingos, piñatas (plural), and tons of beautifully lettered prints). I feel like fostering a creative space really helps fuel my own creative energy. I’m also inspired and motivated to keep creating by all the wonderful work I see on the internet and social media. I’m constantly taking screen shots of things I like to store away and fuel the fire when I’m feeling burnt out. 

I Eat Glitter for Breakfast tea towel via @glitterandbold
{ I Eat Glitter for Breakfast tea towel }

Sami: What’s your favorite thing about being a solopreneur?
Brittany: Being totally in charge of my day. Before this, I worked in a school, and then an office, and then a school again. At one point, I had about 10 minutes to each lunch and go to the bathroom, and I couldn’t even decide when. I loved teaching, but the freedom to decide how my day is going to go is something I didn’t realized I wanted until I had it, and now I can’t imagine working another way. Surprisingly, I also love the community of being a solopreneur. I’ve met so many incredible solopreneurs in the last year, and love that camaraderie that you instantly have (the “yes, I too work in yoga pants and mostly talk to my dog all day and am not 100% sure how I actually pay bills at the end of the day but love it” thing).

I'm so Crafty I Sweat Glitter mason jar tumbler via @glitterandbold
{ I’m so Crafty I Sweat Glitter mason jar tumbler }

Sami: How do you combat creative block? 
Brittany: Create! Running G&B full time means that 99% of my day takes creative energy. It’s incredibly easy to fall into a total slump. Austin Kleon makes a great point in his book Steal Like an Artist, and I’ve completely adapted it to get me through my day: when you’re in a creative slump, just create something. My office is covered in pages of doodles and random quotes I’ve lettered throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll switch gears entirely and make something pretty just for myself or a friend. And when all else fails, I go to Starbucks :) 

The Struggle is Real hand painted mug by @glitterandbold
{ The Struggle Is Real mug }

Sami: What’s your one piece of advice for creative entrepreneurs?
Brittany: Remember there always comes a point in the day when you can say “that’s enough.” As a creative entrepreneur, you never really get the chance to leave work mode when you leave the office, because the work is almost all in your head. Add in the idea that there’s always more you could be doing to better your business, and hello sleepless nights! It’s really important for both you and your business to remember that you can’t do everything in a day, and that’s totally okay. 

You're the Gin to my Tonic hand painted pillow via @glitterandbold{ You are the Gin to my Tonic pillow }

Sami: What’s your catch phrase or mantra?
Brittany: “I will not be a cranky bitch.” This sounds HORRIBLE when actually writing it down for the world to see, but it’s true, and so so helpful. It started when I was teaching the craziest course load ever at a university in the Dominican Republic, and realized that my attitude really does change everything. I easily sway towards the negative (and very dramatic), so I need a good kick in the pants to remind me that I might have messed up 3 mugs in a row, be exhausted, and covered in spilled confetti, but it’s all okay, because I get to do what I love for a living, have a wonderful bed to sleep in at night, and am covered in confetti. 

You're My Person travel mug via @glitterandbold
{ You’re My Person travel mug }

Sami: The best entrepreneurial book or podcast?
Brittany: Being Boss! You (Sami) got me turned on to this just a few weeks ago, and I’ve already listened to about 20 episodes. I’m obsessed. Even coming from a product based business (versus their client based businesses), their advice is just so spot on and motivational. Plus, it makes me feel extra productive to listen to while I’m working. 

Nama Stay in Bed mug via @glitterandbold{ Nama’stay in Bed mug }

Sami: What TV show/music are you obsessed with right now?
Brittany: Working by myself means I have A LOT of time for all of those, so this is a pretty tough one! I’d say it’s a tie between Dr. Who (which is my go-to favorite on Netflix when it’s time to look up from whatever is on my desk) and my Lissie/Carla Bruni station on Pandora (it’s like girl power and music from a French cafe all rolled into one and THE BEST work music).

Pablo Picasso quote painted wood tree sign via @glitterandbold
{ Pablo Picasso quote Tree Slice Sign }

Sami: If you could invite 3 people (alive or dead) over for a picnic, who would you invite?
Brittany: Audrey Hepburn, because she seems badass. Jen Gotch (of ban.do) because she also seems badass, and wears a bubble yum hat. Don Featherstone, because lawn flamingos. 

Custom hand painted mug via @glitterandbold
{ Custom Quote Mug }

You can grab all of the above Glitter & Bold goodies in Brittany’s Etsy shop. Want something super special? Order a custom mug or pillow. Brittany’s so cool, she’ll even create a hand lettered logo for your business! Oh, and read the Glitter & Bold blog for even more glitter, confetti, and “general boss babe-ness.”


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