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Uncustomary Art - Snail Mail Game Show - Round 3 Feature via @poorandpretty


One of the fun ladies I met at Monarch Workshop this past March is Mary England of Uncustomary Art. She bounced into the room with tons of energy, sparkle, and color, and I liked her immediately. Her mission in life is to “make the world a brighter place on my own terms, full of fun for everyone.” And one of the ways she’s doing this is through her Snail Mail Game Show.


The Snail Mail Game Show consists of quirky artsy challenges that arrive by mail and must be submitted back to Mary by mail within a certain period of time. I entered a bit late, so I just barely made it to Round 3: The Evolution of Man Challenge.

Uncustomary Art - Snail Mail Game Show - Round 3 Materials via @poorandpretty

Mary sent out a printed copy of the Evolution of Man chart and asked for players to create the next stage of man. Mary’s instructions read “Your submission can be done with a ball point pen, glitter glue, or you can scan in your image and mess around in your Paint program!” I’m not great at drawing (physically or digitally) so I called upon my rusty collaging skills and started cutting up old issues of BUST Magazine

Uncustomary Art - Snail Mail Game Show - Round 3 Evolution of Woman via @poorandpretty

When I was finished, I arrived at a pretty hilarious Evolution of Woman, featuring a monkey head key decoration, a bunny mask, an overlarge hat and dress, and a pajama-clad Wonder Woman. It’s pretty bad, but I love it. It’s no world-class art installation, but it was fun to cut up magazines and make ridiculous art. Anyway, I’m fairly certain Mary will get a kick out of it.

Want to participate in Round 4? Sign up here!


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