Outfit: Snow White & Cranberry Red

Snow and Cranberry outfit feat

Snow and Cranberry outfit jump via @poorandpretty

I am feeling pretty pumped about 2015. I haven’t declared any “official” resolutions, but I want to focus on two things: networking and my relationship with Stan.

As far as networking goes, I can’t wait for Monarch Workshop in March! The women behind it are such an inspiring group of female entrepreneurs. I’m so looking forward to chatting with them and soaking up their collective knowledge.


Snow and Cranberry outfit 2 via @poorandpretty

The tricky part is balancing more networking and social events with, well, less networking and social events. I do a lot of things. My full-time job, this blog, and the Poor & Pretty Apothecary take up most of my time. Often, they eat up too much of my time and I forget to take a night off to do something special with Stan. This year, I will make that happen!

Snow and Cranberry outfit with ModCloth coat back via @poorandpretty

Stan certainly helps me with all of my crazy extra-curricular activities. How awesome is he for stomping around in the snow with me to take these photos?

Snow and Cranberry outfit with ModCloth coat via @poorandpretty

And speaking of awesome: check out my new coat! Eeek! I received this from my Dad for Christmas. You miiiiight have noticed that I’d been wanting it for a while. It’s the Haven’t Seen You In Ears Coat from ModCloth, which is 70% off right now! I’m so in love with it. I’m really picky about coats and this has everything I wanted: peacoat style, pockets, cute color, hood. The adorable ears were a happy, happy bonus. Another bonus? I got these pants for only $6 from Avenle. Win!

Snow and Cranberry outfit via @poorandpretty

Alright, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me being a ham for a day. I hope your new year is off to a great start!

Outfit Details: Haven’t Seen You In Ears CoatModCloth, gift. White Cable Knit Sweater: Target, $25 (similar). Crimson Rose Pants: Avenle, $5 (similar). Brown Boots: Cliffs by White Mountain, Marshalls, $40 (similar). Striped Infinity Scarf: Gift. Watch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex.

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  1. Deborah Ranger   •  

    I like Snow White and Cranberry the best!

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