Road Trip Update 4: California

From Moab, I drove northwest through Salt Lake City and spent an uneventful night in Elko, Nevada.

Road Trip Day 7 - Front bumper damage

On Thursday, June 26th — just before making it into California — a strong gust of wind blew a huge chunk of shredded tire (I suspect from a tractor trailer) into my front bumper. It actually tore off my front plate mount and left a nice big scuff and a crack down the middle of the bumper, but no major damage. I was upset, but recovered quickly. If that was the worst that would happen to my car during my two-week stint on the road, I was lucky! I made it to California a few hours later.

Road Trip Day 8 - Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Friday was a very busy day. I woke up early and took a slightly roundabout route into San Francisco so that I could cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently, I found myself in the middle of “June Gloom,” which is what locals like my uncle call the early summer fog phenomenon in California. Fog will roll in for a day or two and settle over the costal cities of California and just hang out, making it near impossible to take good photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. :(

Road Trip Day 8 - Pier 39 Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

I paid way too much for parking, then walked to Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf to eat and browse through the stores. It’s a nice area, but crowded. And the clam chowder is not nearly as good as Boston!

Road Trip Day 8 - Alcatraz San Francisco

I didn’t have the time required for a proper Alcatraz tour, so I admired it from the Pier. See all that fog? Gah!

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop San Francisco

As a Brit + Co freelance writer and avid maker, I had to stop at the Brit + Co MakeShop, right next to their headquarters on Sutter Street.

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop art wall San Francisco

Such an inspiring and crafty space!

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop ceiling San Francisco

Just look at that ceiling!

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop bright ideas San Francisco

You can buy handmade goodies from local artisans…

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop Brit Kits Bar San Francisco

… Or make your own jewelry and other neat things from the Brit Kits Bar.

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop 3D printing San Francisco

They even have a few 3D printers!

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co Makeshop painted tote San Francisco

I couldn’t resist painting a tote bag while I was there. (It also held all of my purchases ;)

Road Trip Day 8 - Brit + Co office San Francisco

I even got to tour the Brit + Co office and meet Brit Morin herself!

Road Trip Day 8 - Pacific Coast Highway California

Then, I hit the road again — the Pacific Coast Highway (“Highway 1″), to be exact. Even with the June Gloom fog, it was still a really beautiful and scenic drive. I listened to John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars the whole way down the coast, which made driving the windy road even more dangerous because I was bawling my eyes out.

I spent Friday night in San Luis Obispo, then drove another 3 hours south the next day to my uncle’s house in Los Angeles. Having visited LA twice before, the only thing on my to-do list this time around was to see Buffy’s high school:

Road Trip Day 9 - Buffy's High School - Torrance California

Yes, that is a wooden stake. Didn’t you know I’m a gigantic nerd in a tiny body?

Road Trip Day 9 - Tesla Third Street Promenade Santa Monica

My Aunt Irene fed me my first home-cooked meal in over a week, then we walked around Third Street Promenade (and eyed the Tesla) before seeing the hilarious and heartfelt Turning Thirty at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Road Trip Day 10 - Farmer's Market

Sunday morning, we walked to a farmer’s market near my aunt and uncle’s house, where I had a delicious savory crêpe and homemade rosewater lemonade before heading back east.

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  1. David Jensen   •  

    Nice post Sami.
    Irene and I love having you visit us.

    Come back (with Stan) real soon.

    Hugs and love from LA LA land,
    Uncle Dave

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