Juniper cupcake fail: We’re bound to make terrible cupcakes sometimes


Despite my and Suzi’s good intentions, we discovered that not everything makes a delicious cupcake. This month’s cupcake recipe was supposed to be inspired by my Aloe, Juniper! Cupcake Soap, and we definitely made cupcakes. But they were awful.


Turns out juniper berries taste a lot like eating a Christmas tree (I imagine). In searching for inspiration, Suzi and I grew skeptical when we saw that juniper is used mainly to add flavor to meats, but we were slightly encouraged by this recipe for Chocolate Juniper Cake from bon appétit. We opted for a juniper-infused buttercream frosting instead of the milk jam crème fraîche, which was the only thing that was remotely edible. We really wanted to eat them — they were chocolate! — but we just couldn’t. We gave as many as we could to Jon’s bandmates, but even they weren’t in the mood for evergreen cakes. (Sounds like something Hagrid would bake.)

Well, I suppose we’re bound to make terrible cupcakes sometimes. Take it from us: don’t bake with juniper berries!



  1. Kate   •  

    Sounds like something Hagrid would bake completely cracked me up. Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale!

  2. Sami   •     Author

    Ha! You’re welcome, Kate! :)

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