Snapshots & thoughts from Florida

Hello friends! Stan and I are having lots of fun in Florida this week ~ you may have seen some of our vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s another one for you from Seuss Landing:

You need a thneed - Seuss Landing Islands of Adventure

Escaping the increasingly cold and wet Connecticut weather has been wonderful, as has stepping away from the computer. It’s allowed me to do some deep thinking about where I’m spending my energy. Since beginning the Poor & Pretty blog in 2009, then expanding it into a small business in 2010, I’ve found myself constantly trying to balance these two passions along with my relationship with Stan, family, work, and for a while, school. And as much as I want Poor & Pretty to succeed, I’ve realized I’m dedicating more time to the blog & business than I often am to Stan and even to myself. Being together this past week has been amazing, and I want more time for just us.

Universal Orlando

So, I’ve decided to start blogging just twice a week for now. This will also allow me more time to focus on creating amazing content for you, rather than trying to scramble to meet my own deadlines. I may still write a third post here and there as an added bonus, but for now ~ beginning next week ~ look for new posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We’re headed to Disney today! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Speaking of which, did you see the costumes we wore to my friend’s Halloween party?

Halloween 2013 - pinata + birthday boy!

We went as a piñata — inspired by the one in this DIY costume roundup — and a birthday boy. Every time Stan whacked (just kidding! He politely tapped me :) with his piñata stick, I tossed candy in the air. It was so much fun! We took home the Most Original Costume award again!


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