Kitchen inspiration: Pops of color


I’m slightly embarrassed at how little remodeling Stan and I have been able to do since moving into our condo this Summer. We have done small things here and there, but the only room we’ve painted is my office. It’s technically still unfinished because we haven’t done my washi tape wall, hence the lack of photos (I take full responsibility). While we work on our game plan for remodeling, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration I have for our kitchen. The photo above is a major source of inspiration (thank you, Apartment Therapy!)


The basic idea is: white walls, light wood cabinets, and pops of color here and there. Above is another example, from a Norwegian blogger’s kitchen.

Of course, we’ll need those pop-of-color kitchen tools, furniture, and decor, right? Here are a few on my list:


1. La Frutta art print by anek.

2. Dip-dyed barstools from a spring 2012 photo shoot (via Glitter Guide). There’s a great DIY tutorial here.

3. Dip-dyed wooden spoons via Leif Shop. We’ll probably make our own from this tutorial.

4. Color blocked chargers/wooden plates seen on The Every Girl. Here’s how to make them.

5. Fizz and Swizzle Glass Set via ModCloth.


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  1. Suzi   •  

    Those plates are awesome!

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