Is it really Fall? ‘Cause this outfit thinks it’s still Summer

blue & gold outfit 2 - poorandpretty

I can’t believe it was warm enough on Wednesday to wear this outfit. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the unseasonably balmy weather, but that crisp Autumn air is one of my favorite things about Fall. Maybe this is just preparation for spending the last week of October in Florida? Our Universal trip is only 25 days away!!!

blue & gold outfit top - poorandpretty

I so can’t wait for our vacation. Work has been a bit stressful for me lately, but nothing a good getaway with my favorite guy can’t mend. I’m trying to decide whether or not we should do a dinner and a show (most likely the pirate one). My mom took us kids to it before and it was a lot of fun and the food was great, but it’s a bit pricey and we’d have to get a cab there and back. Hmm…

blue & gold outfit top back - poorandpretty

blue & gold jewelry closeup - poorandpretty

The heart necklace and opal ring are from two of my favorite women: my Nana and my Aunt Kathy. Funny story about that ring: When I was maybe 5ish, I was sitting with my Aunt Kathy, who always wore this beautiful opal ring that dazzled in the light and shone all different colors. So I asked her, “Auntie Kathy, when you die, can I have that ring?” (Hey, I was 5!) Don’t worry; she didn’t die! Shortly before my 16th birthday, she had it resized and gave it to me as a present. I rarely wear it because I’m so afraid of losing it!

opal ring - poorandpretty

By the way, this is the same Aunt Kathy who gave me this lovely butterfly necklace, and she used to pay us $1 to call her “the most beautiful, elegant Auntie Kathy.” I slept over her house all the time when I was little, and she’d give me snacks before bedtime and watch movies with me. Best aunt ever. ♥

wrist closeup timex + bracelets - poorandpretty

blue & gold outfit - poorandpretty

Outfit details: Aqua & Beige Tank: T.J. Maxx, $13 (similar). Polka heart tank: H&M, $8 (similar). Mint Jeggings: LuLu*s, $42 (similar). Stripey button wedges: Roxy, Famous Footwear, $20. Wooden ring: Helveta Vyotlag, $35. Watch: Timex Originals Classic Round, courtesy of Timex.

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