Friday Faves: Alt for Everyone goodie box #2

Alt For Everyone 2 goodie box - poorandpretty

I spent most of last night cramming so many great tips from amazing bloggers into my brain during the second Alt For Everyone online blogging summit. From Chris Gardner’s (ManMade DIY) session on important Blog Documents to the super cute and spunky Alison Faulkner’s (The Alison Show) tips on using Illustrator for blogging and Photo Styling 101 with House of Brinson, it really was a lot to take in! Not to mention, I received another fantastic goodie box from all of the fab sponsors. Check it out:

Alt For Everyone 2 goodie box open - poorandpretty

Alt For Everyone 2 goodie box contents - poorandpretty

So many great & funky things! A few of my favorites are:

Alt For Everyone goodie box - Kluster bracelet - poorandpretty

The handmade Banana Split Bracelet in Yellow Magnesite from Kluster. Not only do I love the quality and beautifully bright color of this bracelet, I also love the company’s motto: happy jewelry for happy people. :)

Alt For Everyone goodie box - ever so lovely earrings - poorandpretty

If I didn’t have orbitals for earrings, I would totally wear these sparkly little things! But, I think they would look super cute on Scarlett, too. They’re handmade by Brandi Bowen of Ever So Lovely. Visit her Etsy shop here.

Alt For Everyone goodie box - Good Home dryer sheets - poorandpretty

While opening my Alt for Everyone goodie box, I knew something was making it smell like a beach house. Turns out it was these eco-friendly dryer sheets from The Good Home Co. They’re made in the USA without parabens, phthalates, or sulfates.

Alt For Everyone goodie box - capsule wallet - poorandpretty

Then, there’s the capsul. It’s a durable,  minimalistic wallet made from recyclable & non-toxic polypropylene. I’m currently using it to hold business cards (it holds up to 50), but I will definitely slip credit cards and an ID in there on days when I need to travel lighter (like, for instance, when Stan and I go to Universal in 32 days!!!!)

Alt For Everyone goodie box - mustache! - poorandpretty

Despite my better judgement, I was somehow convinced to wear this Mario-esque mustache for the Alt for Everyone Pajama Bash meet-up last night. I can only say that it’s because I love the Alt community so much, and it was far past my bedtime. If you want to see the horrifically embarrassing photo of me wearing it, you’ll have to check my Instagram. Let’s just say, I am decidedly not one of those hipster chicks who can look cute while wearing a fake mustache.

Happy Friday!! xo


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