Yesterday’s Threads: The high-low skirt

the high-low skirt - front - poor and pretty

Yesterday was one of those magical days where I woke up late and still somehow managed to throw together a really great outfit during my rush to get ready for work. I knew I wanted to wear my new high-low skirt. Then I grabbed my go-to pink v-neck tee. Nude tights? Boring. My diamond-textured turquoise ones are bolder, more daring!

the high-low skirt - bow belt watch ring - poor and pretty

I pulled out my yellow bow belt to divide the skirt and shirt and strapped on my bright, chunky, Timex watch to match the belt. My geometric wooden ring from Helveta Vyotlag is the same color as the tights, so I slipped that on, too.

the high-low skirt - matching headbands - poor and pretty

Not one, but two headbands to match the black and white stripes in the skirt….

the high-low skirt - back - poor and pretty

… And my Mary Jane wedges to give me a little height. It was fantastic, especially when I twirled:

the high-low skirt - twirl - poor and pretty

Outfit details: Headbands: CVS, $6 for a pack of 5. Pink v-neck: Bozzolo, Marshalls, $6. Striped high-low skirt: Poof!, TJ Maxx, $14 (similar). Yellow bow belt: Forever 21, $5 (similar). Watch: Timex Camper, courtesy of Timex.  Wooden ring: Helveta Vyotlag, $35. Turquoise diamond tights: Marshalls, $4 (similar). Mary Jane wedges: Bongo, Uptown Consignment, $6.

I’m kind of embarrassed that the most expensive part of my outfit is a wooden ring. In fact, it’s almost half the cost of my outfit. Without it, the entire outfit cost only $41! Oh, and big thanks to Dave for the photos. :)

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