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Be Loving: Five years of Stami*

Yesterday was my and Stan’s five year anniversary! We spent most of the day napping and reading Harry Potter (more on that later…) before having dinner out, so I don’t have any exciting photos to share. Instead, I thought it would be fun to share the very first photo ever taken of us (flanked by our former Apple co-workers Amanda and Marty):

Our first photo

This was actually taken before we started dating, but only by a week or so. It’s crazy how it simultaneously feels like we’ve been dating forever and also like we’ve just begun our lives together. I love him so ♥

I remember being teased in the beginning by friends and family who said I chose Stan because he looks like Harry Potter. I’m sure it came as no surprise that we went as Harry and Ginny for our very first Halloween in 2008. Stan was a very good sport about it, even if he does look a tad uncomfortable here:

Halloween 2008 - Harry & Ginny

So I think it’s only fitting that for our five-year anniversary, we celebrate here:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Photo credit: Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

…At Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We’re going the week of Halloween! Eeeeeee!!! I can hardly contain myself! We’re trying to get through all seven books before the trip. We’re on 3 right now, so it’s not looking so great, but we’re having fun psyching ourselves up for it.

(And yes, I know they’re currently undergoing major renovations, to be finished next Summer. Guess we’ll just have to go again next year! ;)

*In case you’re wondering about Stami: Very shortly after Stan and I started dating, our then-co-worker Jeff coined our collective unit as “Stami” — you know, like Brangelina. We liked it too much to object.

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